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Pringlescan Anime Recommendations Vol. 1 Shuffle!

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So I watched this anime now 4 times. Each time it get better. It's odd, usually shows I watch over and over get harder to watch. For this show I couldn't walk away.
What it's about?
Well it's about a high school boy named Rin who lost his parents in an accident. He lives with his childhood friend Kaede, who lost her mom in the very accident that Rin lost his parents. One day two new transfer students come and they are announced as potential partners for Rin. He has to choose between those two, Kaede and whoever else shows up.
Why I recommend it?
The story may seem corny at the beginning, but the story becomes deeper as it goes. The character development is great and you get a feel for all the characters. You learn about them and their pasts. There are so many emotions that hit you in every episode. You can laugh, cry, get angry, sad and all the above from one episode to the next. In the end you'll be happy about what you have watched.
What I wish it had
Honestly I wish it had more seasons. Yes it had an ending, but they could have at least pushed out one or two extra seasons or even a few OVA's. For me I like complete endings, marriage, being together, having kids, "where are they now" scenarios. I'm not in any way saying this anime is incomplete, just how I would like things to be.
A solid 9/10
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Blog: Pringlescan Anime Recommendations Vol. 1 Shuffle!

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because of your review on this series I have pick it up myself ...
post when done to compare notes biggrin
finished it great anime ...biggrin
I didn't love the ending that much ... but the ending was more dramatic then other harem/ecchi anime biggrin

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Another of my all time favorites. Was very cute, and the last episodes were truly great.
Yeah. I liked the ending even though 99% of people hated it. I got why it ended like it did.

Never heard of it, downloading now. Thx for the tip!
Hmm... harem,ecchi,comedy; sounds good.biggrin
Shuffle! Memories - a sequel?
It's more of a rehashing of the series broken down into each main character.
Oh,it's a POV of the different characters.
Not so much. Basically the Main male Rin is narrating it. He talks about there parts in the series and what not.

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