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Question 97

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wrong image

I have ben thinking (again)

All the "gangztah" rappers brag about how much drugs they sell and how many bitches they fuck, all the money they have. Even the people the have "killed" in the hood(i think that is a getto)

All the uzi's they have and the AK is so fucking cool(its old and boring to me) They are real badasses and you need to watch out for them so they don't bust a cap in yah ass, Aight!?

After all that, they still get mad when you pirate there music. I does not matter what they do we can still get there music for free, i think that is pretty fucking gangztah!

My question for you playaz is dis, What the fuck do you brag about?

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Blog: Question 97

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i brag abt why my ass is never get tired of shaking ...loveliness
You make a good point. Rush Limbaugh and Michael Moore are entertainers who are in it to make money. They don't even necessarily believe in everything they say. Good find on the fake gangsters....even pics of Eminem as a youth show how full of shit that guy is....I think Tupac was real and he's dead like a bitch..
I never actually brag, I know that anyone who has ever read any of my blogs would find that hard to believe but quite obviously when I am saying the kind of things I do there I am doing it to be funny. (Or trying to be funny) Real bragging though is not something I have ever engaged in, if anything I am far more likely to try to downplay how good I am at something. I would much rather people are surprised to discover I am better than I had led them to believe than to discover I am actually worse than I had claimed at something. Except sex of course, I am genuinely awesome at that obviously. biggrin
I don't brag. Why bother? To me, bragging is nothing more then showing your insecurities to others. I let my actions speak for themselves.

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I have a curse, actually born with it. I'm incredibly handsome..
I don't mean to brag... Really.. It haunts me titter
I used to brag that when I was 18, I used to screw 2 40 year old MILFS....and they liked it!!biggrin
I brag about how much I can brag about bragging :P
:) i brag i am 45, with a 26 year old wife and a eight month old son :)
I don't brag. It's not bragging if you can back it up.wink
I don't know if it's bragging exactly, but I was the BEST trash talker on the basketball court. I loved it, it made the game so much more fun, not only for me, but if I went up against someone who could dish it as well I could....oh, that just made the game uber fun!

There was definitely no subject off limits. I'd talk about your momma, your sister, your father, your sexual orientation, the size of your....hat, and your game. Oh perish the poor player that I scored upon cause that would be ALL he would be hearing about for the rest of the night.lol Those were the good times.smile

Then I got fat.cry
I know what u, PiratMas20.7K , could brag about.......The ability to come up with a whole loada random questions, but ones that usually make ya think bout things. Always enjoy fiinding out what the days daily question is biggrin
There is nothing for me to brag about - I just know I'm better than everyone else, so there's really no need to.
I brag about how many "gangstahz" I kick the crap out of.
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