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Question 87

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`Rather dead than red´
Communism (from Latin communis - common, universal)


Imagine your self in a society where everyone was equal. It does not matter if you have lots of money or none at all, you are looked upon the same way. No high class nor low class, no one is cast out or left behind. Kind of like one big family where everyone is taking care for each other.

The hammer and sickle are a symbol of the communist movement. The hammer stands for the industrial working class while the sickle represents the agricultural workers, together the hammer and sickle represent the unity of these two groups (can be woman and man aswel) .

In ww2 the communist women were fighting for there country when the "free" was a nurse or at home doing the dishes. Today it has changed and now everyone has to fight (if necessary) but the majority is still men, thats not the point in this so never mind that.

I was going to ask a question about this but i already know what kind of answers i will get.
Therefore i ask you this: What type of shoe brand(s) do you own?


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Blog: Question 87

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I don't care about brand names,If i see something i like and its good quality i buy them ,i think family's are under so much peer pressure these days'Kids must always have the latest trends ..
You said something very important there....nice boots
I know your question is about shoe brands but do you think the olden days of men working to support his wife & children was such a bad thing?
Obviously women needed to be granted more freedom & rights, but look at us now. In most families both parents have to work in order to live, especially if they want to buy their own home. Women have had the freedom of choice to stay at home taken away from them, unless they're prepared to live in poverty.
Then we have all the single mothers that have had children with multiple partners that have deserted them, those men have no morale compass.
I'll have to stop as this is going to turn into an essay, sorry.
I have Reebok/Kappa trainers, Kicker shoes, Timberland boots & Harley Davidson motorbike boots. Plus lots of other high st branded footwear.smile
Women it is the opposite. Start at your feet and work their way up. I can't tell you how many times my 3 year old daughter got "complimented" by women on her "pretty" shoes more than her dress or hair ribbons.

And yeah I am kinda bitter cause I work so hard on the dress and hair ribbons.huffytitter

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Oh I love thigh high boots! not for me to wear but....ummm....yeah....ummmm.....you understand?
There's no end in the concept of numbers, you seem to have lots of questions in your mind waiting to be asked so, no mean to be disrespectful towards you at all, but I want to start a guessing game: let's all try to guess at which number your quest for answers will stop! SO I start: 324758992948590693
Asics running shoes for 4-5 years and ventilation holes have appeared and are getting bigger! Good as my feet stink real bad.....badder than bad actually. But I can use a hammer with my right or left hand and it's useful.
A pair of DC sneakers (White), Portland Relax Walkers (Black) for work, Human canvas slip ons (Camoflage print) [kinda like Vans with elastic sides instead of laces], North West Territory leather sandals (Brown), Black Scuffs from Kmart (on my feet now), Rivers suede moccasins (Steel Blue), imitation Crocs (Tan), Blunstone canvas and leather steel caps (Blue and Green) and leather Hush Puppies lace ups (brown) and 3 pairs of flip flops [called thongs in Australia). Only some of which I wear often. But bugger me, that's a lot of shoes shockeddizzy Maybe I need to get rid of some!
adidas shoes and timerland work boots
I don't wear shoes when naked, it looks ridiculous!
...not if you wear socks as well....keep it formal....

I don't wear shoes - just flip flops (Aussies call them thongs)
I want my feet to breathe.
-1 for making me picture your "feet breathing" (shudder)

I don't, I carve sandals from wood and create leather strips from leather obtained from rabbits from the strips. Best flip flops ever.
Also, people who following the pandering, gibbering corporations and their petty labels need to reconsider the important things in life, not materialistic crap.
adidas and rockport
Rockports are so damn comfy.....i like to wear them while i'm pandering to corporate America hee hee

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