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Question 84

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You wake up drugged and find yourself in a basement of some kind somewhere, all filthy and gritty. You look around with dizzy eyes and you find to the right of you, you have a elderly woman with two grand children (there is pictures of them beside her on the wall) . To the left of you, you have a 25 year old woman with no family what so ever and no friends. These two people have one key each.

You soon realise that you have a big chain hooked in your neck so if you yank it or move to quickly you will brake your neck. I put it there as a precautionary so you don't escape.
In order for you to get out of there and escape you need two keys so you can turn the lock at the gate witch goes out to freedom. You already have one key on you so you only need one more.

The elderly woman are sitting in a plastic tank thats slowly fills with water all the way to the top so she will drown.
The other woman is straped in those old electric chairs that you yanks used to kill Ted bundy with. You on the other hand have the ability to move around but if the time runs out you will be trapped there, you have ten minutes then i pull the switch to kill those two and you are stuck forever. (i like to play games my way)

You can choose wich one to save in order for you to get the second key to freedom, but what you don't know is whom of the two ladies holds the key to your chain. Every thing is open so you can save the two but when you have open the lock to one lady, the other is locked forever.

And no, you can not drop the chain and get yourself a real job!


God (me) is looking down on you with frowned eyes, its not about whom to save! its about solving the situation. I will reveal whom holds the key to your freedom at the end of this day since it has not occurred to you. Muhahaha

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Blog: Question 84

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I'd save granny b/c the kids need someone to look after them but there's no telling who has the 2nd working key so I guess we are all screwed. I'd also ask for more drugs....and a cigarette. And a sniper rifle....and some pork chops in case the 25 year old is too skinny. Then I'd ask for my laptop and Internet.. Maybe order a pizza.
Another moral dilemma but this time it is not a case of sacrificing one in order to save two but simply a matter of years. It may seem as though it is a better choice to sacrifice the young woman because she is alone and has no friends or family but she is only twenty five and has her whole life ahead of her. Nowhere is it stated that the grandmother is responsible for raising the grandchildren, they are mentioned (I believe) merely to indicate that she has family who care and love her. I have no way of knowing which of the two women has the key to my freedom so I can only make my decision based on who I believe would be best to save.

I would save the young woman because she deserves a chance to have the life that the elderly woman has already had.
The young woman as well would in all probability one day meet someone, fall in love and have children (more women have them than women who do not) so by saving her you also save the lives that she will create.
PiratMas20.68K is the 25 year old so if you don;t save her you die!!!
I would save the granny because she has a commitment to look after those little kids ,but i'm very sad for the poor girl !!

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You'd have to save granny & the 2 kids, that's 3 lives. Unless the young lonely woman agreed to have sex with me then things might turn out differently.titter
Didn't Ted Bundy died by firing squad?
Darn it, the anwser was below all the time.wink
no i am sur it was elecric chair i watch the crime channal on skyhuffytitter

Time for my uppdate that i was talking about. The grand mother had the key so she died.
...I want to play a game...
Ok i gonna go with the young lady cause the granny was in on it the pics was a decoy to make u feel sorry for her an chose her its the young lady for metitter
I would snap my own neck like a chicken. I hate being put under pressure. Im no leader sad
the awkward moment when u read everything in Jigsaw's voice...sweatsweat
What i would do in a situation like that, is to try and stay as calm as possible and ask wich of these lades had more than one key on them without telling them that i was the one that could free them (i dont want them to shout that they both have it so it confuses me to make the wrong choise) . The one with "my" key would i save in order to free my self. I would do this if i was the victim but in this case i am not.
tl:dr. I assume this is another morality question. Save the younger person.
I would save the granny because she has a commitment to look after those little kids ,but i'm very sad for the poor girl !!
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