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Question 80

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The Little Things

We all have moments in our lives when we do something that is quite small but that we feel proud about what we did. It might be something as small as bending down to pick up some litter that we see blowing down the street or a time when we went out of our way to help someone we could have ignored, maybe picking up a hitchhiker standing in the rain.

What small thing have you done that made you feel proud?

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Blog: Question 80

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I made a wooden cane for an elderly woman that couldn't afford one. She was walking by leaning on trees and buildings as she passed by them. This good deed did not go by without reward...when I gave her the cane...she started to cry and gave me a big hug.
I did a little thing the other day, I did what I thought was a kind favour. There was a big boxing match on & I posted a few users links on friends walls so they could stream the fight live for free. Unfortunately this resulted in me getting in trouble for Sports Spamming, so sometimes a little sharing/caring can get one in trouble.sad
I can't say the real ones but I gave this older woman who lived in a very poor part of Wash DC a ride in my car and I opened the door for her. She told me no one had ever opened the car door for her before. I still find that difficult to believe. If she was lying just wanna smack that old face up hee hee
I removed a kitten's head stuck between two bamboo plants. Brought the kitty back to Nemo [the Mum's name].

I remember when I was 5 or 6 I convinced a man to put out his cigarette because it was bad for his health.

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I gave awesome acid to the lost, then guided him through the journey... Seriously life changing stuff for him.
Thanks for the answers every body. :)
Saved a child from drowning and rendered first aid to someone who became a quadriplegic after going through a car windscreen in a car accident...
Focus more on the saved life and less on the car accident victim. You saved two lives...I wish I could say the same. Hats off to you!
Thankyou, my friend. It wasn't really a conscious thing though. It was like something else took over and I was just there for the ride. Surreal kind of experience...

when leaving work i saw somebody running to the bus stop trying to make it in time...the bus didn't stop for the poor guy...it was 39°C outside..so i turned around and picked him up and drove him to his house
Stumberlin onto a web page called kat were i new nothin not even how to d/l look at me nowtitter
I once turned down the opportunity to go to bed with a girl I liked who was quite drunk (we were both quite drunk) because I didn’t want her to make a decision without being in a fit state to do so and I didn’t want her to regret it the following day. It is only a small thing but it was difficult at the time and I am proud of the choice I made. (I would make the same choice again)
You are a man of honor. We could only hope that more men such as yourself continue to walk the face of this earth.

This is a true story; one morning I was out, just before sunrise, and saw a cat staggering around, obviously disoriented. He had a chip packet (foil plastic bag) over his head, and he couldn't get it off. As these packets are airtight, there was a possibility of suffocation, or the animal could end up being run over by a car later.
(the packet wasn't mine, nor did I cause his head to be trapped inside it)
I managed to sneak up on him, gently pinch one corner of the packet, and quickly (and gently) whip it off his head. As soon as I did this, the packet came off, the cat bolted at incredible speed. I had saved his life in a way. He may have been a feral/wild cat, but he was more frightened than anything else. The chip packet went into the nearest bin.
As I said, true story. You had to see it to believe it.
As a taxi driver I often help passengers especially the foreign ones who need guidance or simply a point toward where they are looking for...
Sometimes...a CABBY is a great teacher...he listens, offers feedback, and can often steer someone in the right direction. Be very proud of who you are.

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