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Question 75

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The last question was about shades. This one is about what you wear on your "underbody" as we call it.
There are so many different styles and fabrics its almost rediculus. I actualy think this pair looks quite confortable.

The Q' today my friends is: What is the best pants you like to wear? and as usual explain why, please.

i have ben awake all night so my spelling might be wrong.

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Blog: Question 75

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If that's your butt, you're lucky I'm a married man!!wink
Gonna toss her into the chamber of punishment....
I Am More COmfortable AS " A Boy In A Stripped Pajamas "lollol
PJ bottoms if im being a slob at home. If im out, jeanssss!

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Thank you for the answers ^^
When I go outside I'm usually wearing my Rustler jeans, but inside I am ( no I am not gonna say naked) wearing my "Mountain Dew PJs"! What ya think of that Bum!lollol
Very trendy smitty. lol

That is an incredible butt!shocked......what was the question again? Something about a butt?dizzy
Thank you, yep!

If you click the link Calvin Klein Boxer Shorts when you see the Pirate Avatar give him the old +1, he needs your help.tongue
Thanks for your support.biggrin
Jeans. The same pair for months, and washed only when they get dirty.
College/Uni people understand this.
Obviously they don't need washing until they can walk to the washing machine themselves.lol
My brother says that when he served in Afghanistan, you would sweat so much that the starch in your sweat would make your pants stand up rigid when they dried out. He took pictures. It's fascinatingly disgusting.

I don’t wear pyjamas so sitting around in the house in them is not an option. Jeans are pretty much all I wear and I don’t really understand why people wear other clothes to feel more comfortable to be honest. I do know that girls seem to have oddly sensitive skin (Just try suggesting to a girl that she puts on a woolly jumper without anything on under it and see how she reacts) The only time I ever wear trousers is if I need or want to look smart (which is rarely because I am naturally very scruffy) I suppose trousers they are quite comfortable but for me jeans do everything I want them to do. They have pockets and they cover my bum, job done.biggrin
Gonna toss her into the chamber of punishment....
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