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Question 68

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The Air or The Sea

Welcome to the future, technology has advanced now to the point that you can be enhanced by science, given wings on your back (like an angel) or gills and webbed feet. You can have one but not both and whichever one you choose will be for life.

Do you take to the air and fly or explore the oceans?

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Blog: Question 68

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I will go with gills and webbed feet. Wings would be to hard to wear clothes with. Now, if I could be naked then........................biggrinbiggrin
You’re not falling anyone here Mr Shirtless, we all know you are probably halfway naked already.lol
Red Bull already gives me wings so i have to go with world wide web feet
It's about the journey not the destination :)~

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Wing Coz In Wings I May Look Like An Angel ...lollol
As a scuba diver and skydiver, I would have to choose WINGS!!! you can always put a tank on your back (even with wings) and explore the ocean (to an extent), but to truly experience freedom, wings will be needed!!
Remember, if going in a boat isn't swimming, then going in a plane isn't flying! biggrinlol
I'd take to the skies...mostly coz I have a unprecedented fear of the deep ocean......boring but true!!:)
explore the oceans...i might ended up finding a pirate treasure chest
your pirate treasure chest is all i need hee hee

It's the wings for me as I'm a bit of a land lover anyway, I easily get seasick. I also love to watch those flying base jumpers & that guy with a jet wing strapped to his back.biggrin
Wings for me... don't wanna risk another BP oil spill
wings please! I wanna be able to look down and watch the scenery go rushing by. smile also, it would make stalking folks easier...
lol death from above!!

you couldn't explore much of the ocean because of pressure.... so I'd have to pick wings though it would take me a while to get used to the thin atmosphere...
given the state of tech in that future why couldn't I get something else done? I'd like to shape shift or blend in like a chameleon... honestly though I'd prefer an extra pair of hands...
There is a peace and tranquility that comes with being under the water that I think I would like. Much more than being airborne. My only fear, is similar to TheShow15.73K in that I really don't want to get eaten or stung or have any bad things happen, I just wanna explore and be at peace. So in short, gills, definitely gills.wink
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