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Question 26

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This one is about meet.

I have ben wondering what different kind of meet taste like, the once you normaly don't eat.
Like zebra for instance, i think they taste like a horse.

Question is: What kind of animal would you want to try to eat?

My answer is: Giraffe.

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Blog: Question 26

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celebrity meat, like Bambi or Old Yeller
I used to live in Scotland on a small holding (like a small farm) where we used to keep chickens, pigs, cows, sheep and goats. (All free range in the fields) We ate all of them except for the cows which were raised just for milk and the market. Goat is quite a strong flavoured meat and can be a little bit tough if not cooked properly. (Goats milk is even better than cow’s milk) It is very good when slow cooked in a stew or casserole. We also had rivers full of wild salmon and the hills (mountains really, but in Scotland we call them hills) were covered in red deer and so I used to eat venison very regularly indeed. Venison is a game meat so like pheasant or rabbit (which I have also eaten) it is quite a strong flavoured meat but is very nice indeed. I have eaten venison steaks that were too big to fit on the plate without cutting them in half!

The ultimate meat of course is long pig. (human) Called long pig because we are supposed to taste like pork. (No I have never eaten a human being, well not literally anyway.titter)
I have not eaten any reptiles so I would like to try snake or lizard meat. There really is only one meat I dream of eating though; Unicorn, I imagine it is delicate and coloured like rainbows, I think it would be like having fairies dance on your tongue. Hmmmm mythological creatures, delicious.
Thank god there is no country were it is illegal to eat meettitter

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I have eaten Dugong (manatee). Didn't taste that good.
Personally I have always wanted to eat 'the last of something'. Like if there was only one of those animals left in the whole world.....I would eat it.biggrin
Living here in China, i have trid a lot of different meats....not dog though.
one thati really liked was Donkey meat, i thought i was eating corned beef until i was told otherwise, it is a little stronger in flavour and very lean....yummmy
lol dog is very tough
meat is not good for you! but it does taste good
I'd like to try dog. Just because everyone in my country (UK) thinks it's a terrible thing to eat but surely all those Koreans cant be wrong. Probably just tastes like chicken anyway.
I'm a sissy when it comes to stuff I accept to eat so I'll say horse but that is as far as I will ever go.
I'm partial to eating the occasional human female...lol
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lol, the more you post the more I want to visit your country :)
Awesome phrase!

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