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So.... here i am 00:44 in the night remenessing about how it was a long time ago in a torrent forum not so far away. I ben thinking about people that changed over the years that i knew and still know of but not talking to almost at all these days becasue of various reasons. You see there was almost no signatures at all not that i could see anyways it was mostly some text with meaning to it that the user liked or it was maby some smiley or so but not real digital art with effects in it like most people have today, there also was not any real direction to were to go when you needed something strange like books of anime or music genres and all that, it was only "movie" - "music" - "books" and "tv" and some thing more but not a hole lott extra like today. I came to think of how much this plase have develloped and it has much indeed and some things for bad and some things for good but mostly good.

Poeple were useing the little that they had and made the best of it and that was so much fun, they made these strange japanese smiles with the key emblems to make people know the emotion they had at the time witch was rediculusly hillarious to me ^^because i never understood them and they mostly looked mentally challenged. Now though we have many smileys to chose form and i like the drunk one the most, maby because i most often am and i think it looks more mentally challenged then drunk.

I also remember people with not so much skills compared to today wanted to make signatures and they did there best and it did not take long before people wanted one for them selves so a section started with signatures requests so people whom wanted one could aske for one and with a bit of kindness and gratitude they got some thing special just for them, it was a new thing and many liked it including me. I still have all my signatures i ever gotten from people saved and i smile every time i see them and i feel nostalgic indeed it mey sound stupid to you that i do that but i feel good doing it and i belive some people here do the same when they look throu the archives of what they have done here on KAT, if you have not then maby you should and see if there is some memory you like the most and perhaps share it with us.

I cherrish this signature made by Smittech141.42K , do you remember this one? it is so darn cutechuckleshy

One time during "the depression" here on kat our verry own radio station came around and it was great and many was exited about it and wanted to listen and make song requests and it was genious! some thing really new no other site ever had a fucking pirate station were all the stolen music was played for free can you belive that shit! :D Also the own IRC chat was on so people from kat could talk to the show host aswel as others that was tuned in, i loved when the show host mentioned my name as the song i requested came to play and i felt so special i remember how cool it was and i think the ones that was here during that time remember the same thing when your song came up to play. All this coolness was thanks to HTorr3ntz11K and if he(you) read this then thank you for the great moments of Katradio boo, Chew195.12K was also helping out much with this ^,^

This is what the first logo looked like from the katradio
(it was bigger but i made it smaller so i could use it as signature)

I also remember many people that changed there user names more then one time and now i might not remember them as there new names i do not know so tell me/us your first username you had here and see if we recognise you and remember you, some times people stop talking to eachother because they do not know who the new username is so saying the old one would be good, atleast forme :) I had the same one all the time i ben here, i changed it onse to "Psh!" for abot a moth then i changed it back again that is all.

Many years ago things was also more lose here nothing was that much established and the rules was not really that strict eather so if some one posted a thread askeing "what is for dinner" in the tech talk and help thread people knew it was a joke and they had fun about it for a while and people liked to goof around like that some times, now though we can not wich is not so fun... I still remember users that was all about goofing around especially aSBo14.83K i really miss that spoof and he was liked by many. Hope fully some people here still remember him and know how he was, also JimBeamLean5519 and hes drunken angry outbursts about everything, sharing hes tattoos with people and even posted hes dick in a private community here HAHAHAHAHA he was a fun hardass indeed and you should go to hes profile and sheck out hes albums :D Do you miss a special someone?

Darn look at the time it is 01:25 so i ben at it for a while now but i got my mojo on so i just keep wrighting, i am a bit tired but i have some snacks and tv in the back round so i just taking my time doing this my way :) Anyways, i also thunk about how peoples messages dissapeared from them and it was a bit of greaf in the threads about this, lost emails and other things you found important and i am the same but i was a bit prepared so i have a text file on computer with peoples pictures, emails and real names and there was a time were i stole all the mug shots of people and named them after the username on my computer and then when i got to know them verry good and considered them friends i added the real names and email if they wanted to share, i suggest you also save information you think is important because PM's does NOT last forever on this site and you never miss any thing so much before they are gone and so think about it and be prepared it is worth it!

I come to think of conteksts i ben through while having the most fun here on KAT, when the anounsement of katradio was popular i remember the hot summer and the coca cola drinks stoped making vanilla coce for a while and i hated it, i drunk it at the time the radio was being prepared and then they just took it away because i belive a old lady died or some thing and one of the factors was the vanilla drink, now though it is back again but not so much of it as it used to. I also have flashes in my heads like images when i think about conteksts from kat but i can not explain them or know really what they are but they are still there, do you have those? i am serious becasue i made a question about melancholly if people felt the same after movies or music that was emotional and to my surprice many here felt the same as me so maby you feel the same about this contekst thing aswel, i hope so because even we are different on here we are also verry much the same.

I have seen many many times here people posting things on there own like a blog or a thread but i also wonder when there is some kind of image to it, if they(you) make them your self... When i make a blog or thread i want to add some "taste" because to me it feels more content that way when i make them and i try my best to find images related to what i write about or what the thread mey be about, like my blogs for example, when there is image in them i take what i find fun and i edit them to my own style, adding some thing that i think is amusing that fits the picutre like a text or another image to add to the old one, it is verry fun to do and i really feel like i am doing some thing productive with my time maby you have notised that or maby not but i do have done it before quite many times. As a matter of fact RoughJustice51.04K just talked to me about a 80s blog he made that he sayd i inpired him of and that feels good to know i have a possitive impact on people and he also made a image of hes own to hes blog HERE and it does look alike the ones i made for my 80s blog aswel and they are the two ones bellow rock


We can also not forget this one that is about two years old titter
It is TheShow15.73K and ausy50.96K

O my GOD! I just exidentally back spaced the page and lost everything then when i clicked the blog tab again to re do every thing that took my out most brain cells it letted me chose the draft that was saved thank god for that! Pheow darn i felt really stupid there for a while but lucky it got fixed now so i am on track again.

I have seen many users rise and fall here in titles and also new titles is here now that was not before, there only was Staff,Super moderator,torrent moderator,super user,verified uploader,and only one person had "assistant site builder" he is greek. Now there is ex prime ministers and every thing and i wonder if they are as corrupt as the real oneschuckle

Well it is 02:14 now and i am tired so i better go thank you for taking your time to read and hope fully you have enjoyed it as much as i writing it, it feels good to let this random ramblings out that only me thinks about ^,^, "Stay tuned for more in same time, same blog roll" i might not be able to stay to read/reply to what you say(if you say anything) tonight, but will see to it asap.

Question for tonight is: Do you have the same way of thinking of this site as i do some times?

It was not so bad in the-

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Though the earlyer decades had there own style of things with swanky jeans or huge set of hair the 90s also had things of its own that maby you do not think about to much. For us were i am it was lots of leather jackets and things looked tided up from the other decades as if you just cleaned up after a meth party or some thing, still looks like hell but its organised more.. ore less. I think the style poeple wore was bad indeed and i did not like how my parents looked at all and i hated the square cars and the only thing little round was the saab dizzy not even the frensh soccer mom cars was round then! If volvo made a air plane it would be square have you ever thunk of that before? It was also much plastic on things, plastic panels plastic handles plastic everything, from crome style to plastic is some thing i have seen much between 80s and 90s, look at the cars from 90s and look at them from before it much more plastic is and the only thing that was a good kind of plastic was the tits. Not sure how well it looked in the 90s if they were square to but the thought was nice(in my head).


The music also changed much from key boards and drums to beats made by machines that was desinged to make that kinds of sounds, the music is verry diferent from today and i kind of like it. When i listen to music from 90s i remmber the "good old times" when i was actualy alive and not remenessing about a decade far better before i was borne(80s). There was kids bands when i grew up doing funny music and i loved that, the groups was funny and strange and even now when i am 24 i still enjoy puting on some childish stuff from when i was 7 years old. People also started to use portable CD players insted of walk-mans and every time you took one step the CD skipped so you had to be care full, this was when it was brand new and only a upper class kid could offord one, you did not have to reweind or fast forward any more it was the future! it felt like it must feel for you when you have a new cell phone were you can put it in water and not break, log into 2000 media sites at the same time, take a selfie or two maby three in the mirror with the flash on so you can not see jack shit but your new leggings and the fake blonde hair due sticking out, some snaps on your "poon" for the boyfriend or to get some likes on facebook. That is how exiting it was to have a new CD player back then hahahaha

I do not know how old you are when you read this but if you are young indeed i am sorry about that because i had some thing called "cartoon violence" when i grew up and it was awesome, tiny critters plotting and beating each other to death on tv was the best thing in the world! Tommy and Jerry was funny and the road runner to plus the tazmanian devil i loved those shows but now every thing is just.... humanitised, fake and gay titter.


Some hits was in order here for a long time back then and i still like the music the groups was also higher on the spot light list then the music is today. I am going to give you some examples on hits that we liked much were i live in the 90s and hope fully you like them aswel and remember way back to that time and feel good(the 00's & 20's still suck ass!)


This was one of my favorites to dance to it was so much fun and we even did it in gym class, i want you to stand up now and try this if you complete this you are simply awesome biggrin
Los Del Rio - Macarena

Up next was a bit of a sexual song for those who was adults back then but for the kids it was all honest fun without enuendos at all.
Aqua - Barbie Girl
(lots of people made there own lyrics to the song)

Also from the UK rose a group up and exploded with fame and the first time they got heard by me i felt like i wana i wana i wana i wana ... really wana zig a zig aahhh

These were some of the girl bands but there was also much more to listen to then pop but it was one of the greatest genres of that time(verry much still is today)

The boys who grew to manhood wanted something harder to listen to something that represented what they liked the most, you know what i am talking about you just wanted your baby to got back!

I think most of you remember the music but it is fun for me to listen to even if we have much more to chose from today many genres did not exist eather and some should never ben invented(dubsteb) i wonder what youre classic is who you really liked and still do but you rarely listen because for a moment you forgot about it.

Actors also rose to the top in the 90s and one of the funiest and badass'est i know use to have a hit when i grew up and every one loved that song he made and today every one loves the movies he makes, maby not you but the friends i have and whenever i see him i get such good vibrations but not from hes brother who is also a actor and used to be in a group making music(google him) I think some of you did not know this that people use to be musicians and now actors and some times the other way around but rarely indeed.

Get ready for this when i was about 8 years old i saw my first cell fone and it was god darn ugly it was a motorola with this plastic cover you fold up that protects the key notes and it was this stupid looking antena aswel and just about every one gotto have that brick and it was costly to use it and people only complained but it was still a new "invention" i mean how many of you today can say you witnesed a invention? everything exists already that you like(so far) hehe!

Some new movies came out reguarding fighting and we came to know of jackie chan, i know he started before 90s but for us who was born then did not know that so he was new and cool, also yellow so it was interesting to see(hehe!) people talked about him all the time and pretty soon after every one saw hes movies every body was Kung Fu fighting! biggrin

Also no one from my generation listened to music that was "one sided" witch means it goes on and on and on over and over with no change.. un till the "Doop" song came around, thanks allot cunt! ^,^ but it was still funny to "sing along" and we kind of looked like donald ducks kids on crack.

One of my favorite songs from 90s is the The key, The Secret with Urban cookie collective i still remenis about the good times as i am listeing to it now, aahh sweet history i think i tell a view other ones i like aswel now that i am on a roll, you got some place to be? did no tink so so just enjoy and be like me born in the 90s loveliness

I also like mambo 5 and it bring me to good mood and i like to sing along to it aswel as OMC's How bizarre they are not pop or so but calmer and it was good to back then i think, nothing to fancy just smooth and there are a fiew to chose from. Also reggae like music and similar got quite big, remember Inner Crcle? i never forget that song and neather Eifel 65 that shit was so cool! and they still make remixes of it today.

Some of the more childish music i liked, groups made for younger crouds more to say was vengaboys with Boom Boom Boom and superfly slick dick, but it didnt take long before we got older and realised it was not so childish as we thought(evil grin inserted)

I like western so ofcourse we had a swedish "kid group" for that called Rednex and i am sure you remember them they were awesome aswel and reminds me of the dixie people here on kat Te-he some of the songs are "Mary Lou" "Hittin' the Hay" "Old pop in an Oak" and "Cotton eye Joe" and i laugh my ass off when i listen to them but i can not stop listening its so funny titter i love this dixie shit!

We soon got interested in culture and the east so all of a sudden Dr, Bombay came along making hits to the left and right like a snake charmer, our verry own hindu lol every time i listen to him i think of the indian community here and vice versa HAHAHAHAHA! Hes classics was "My sitar" and "Girlie Girlie" who remind me of the kat user "CrackUC"(the infamous unibrow here on kat)titter we can not forget "Rice and Curry" and that hit makes me hungry even today. The second biggest hit was "S.O.S" (al-qaeda took my familylol) and the first is "Calcutta" witch basshunter made a pretty food remix out of in 2008. After a while of fame the hindu dissapeard into the tiger land and came back as Gynter, it was the same person we later discoreverd.

The danes also had a funny group called "Cartoons" and i love the hair style they have and the acapella music some of the hits you might have heard of if you are european is "Witch Doctor" aswel as "Doo Dah" and big coconuts song is not to be forgoten that easy! (hee Hee)

On a more serious note a artist came around with a grizly voise and people liked him right away he was Shaggy with the top hit Boombastic and what happend to him any ways huh?

After all these musics it is a ton more to listen to that is good and maby you are starting to listen to some of the old stuff now i know i have all day. I hope i am not alone in this way of thinking and hope fully one of you think similar and feel a little bit good about what you ben through growing up. I am rusty at this so you have to beer with me so no gramar nazis please, i thought to dust off the old blog roll with some sweets for my sweet. inlove

Europe through Swedish eyes

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Hello my friends, it was a while sense you saw me here did'nt you. Blog wise i mean and i have to admit i am a little rusty and i do not really know how to start nore end this so bare with me.

Today i thought i would talk about how we see the european countries in sweden. I have to say you gona read this with a little bit of salt and a pinch, some things might be a surprice to you. (no my english have not improved hihihi)

Okey how do i begin hummm... oh yes. Every nation have some kind of "cheap labour" and here all the cheap labour are balticums, everyone from the balticum is cheap labour eccept from finland(yes they are balticums). I do not know how many times i have heard that in my life but i can not count them on my hands or feet that if for sure. We hear different dilemmas of things they do(steriotypicaly) in different jobs. They can be painters carpenters and fondation leyers for buildings and over all construction and they come here for work but we know a thing or two how to handle this "cheap labourses" and so the bosses and the government have apolicy on them sort of.

Lets say someone from Latvia is going to plant 100 trees in a weekend, he gets 200 plants of tree because it is common and proven that they toss every second plant out in the woods so it would look like they have done more then they really have done, many people have found these boxes with plants behind stones and such after hireing someone from that place, this have happend for over 30 years so that is how we know all this things about some people. So whenever we need to have something done in our forests we say "you want things done right, hire a swede, you want things done fast hire a balticum"

It is the same with polish people, they are usualy painters and carpenters. Do not get me wrong, these people do there jobs indeed and so this does not apply to all of them but it really does to some of them and that is how they have this rumors about them. Anyway, they do not know swedish nore english and so you have to gesticulate to make them understand what you want them to do for oyu if you need them to do somehting, it is kind of funny actually and we have three that is painting the neighburs house as i am typing this, you talk verry formal with them and use your arms much so they know what to do and then they say "oh yeees i siii" and then they do the exact opposite of what you told them to hahahaha and sometimes they argue about things and they use there arms then to and it looks really funny. Usually when i am going out and i look at them, they sit drinking coffee all day not doing so much and they are not saying so much eather when we are around them.

I remember when i was a kid and asked my parrents how they know so much about were people are from and my daddy said "If they look russian, but smile. They are polish" and did not understand what he ment untill a fev days ago when the polish started to paint haha! (No offence, im just saying what he told me)

Some of these people does not do a good job at doing things, this applyes to all that comes here for work not just balticum-ers or how i should call them. Sometimes houses leak water and things break in winter storms and such so the quality of cheap labour is not good at all, you are allways taking a risk when you hire someone like that because it is common things break sooner then they should and i am not surpriced eather, people come here to make money, why would they care so much about how things are when it is finnished right, i mean when swedes go to norway to work we dont care about the country, we just want the green if you know what i mean hahahaha Serves them right sense they come here to buy cheap bacon!

So over all the way we see people from balticum is cheap unreliable labour, i am sorry to say. I understand that people from balticum reading this are not pleased but i am just expressing the harsh trouth about how we see people in europe, me my self, i do not care. Be as cheap as you like and do what you want, be happy!

So now that we have balticum shecked off we move on to a little something else. Lets say summer tripps. Every summer people here go south to "explore" they say but no no no they are not. It is nothing they want to see in EU at all so let me tell you how we do here in swedish land.

We start of by going on the bridge to Danmark over to germany and more south and east, till we hit Holland and the neighboring countries to that land. We eat cheap food and have a look around thinking "what the F- are they doing?" with a pompus attitude haha, then we the dinner and sightseen is done. We move little back to Holland again, to buy drugs sex and party all weekend long. Why would not we, its legal and still cheap! so after a weekend in holland with a swell head and throbbing scrotum(yes it throbs on ladies to) we go to germany and have a look around onse again. It is interesting because many things look like sweden but yet different. And we also like to see Hitlers old shit to with some nice sour crout and bratwurschscht ;)

When the belly is full we go and buy a hole lot of beer and booze, germany to us is a land of cheap alcohol so that is the main purpose for visiting because its more expensive here then it is there. We have this mini vans and little Euro trucks they have in france so we can fit as much as we can and then go over the tull, hope fully not to heavy or we can not take everything back with us.

After smiling thinking we got away with more alcohol then allowed we party like it is 1999 in Denmark raising hell ! getting into trouble and as usual telling them we are better at them at everything with a slap of Ikea sticker to every car we can find. We also laugh at the stupid monopoly money and some of us have tryed to con some people with them but it allways fails hahahah we are so stupid. :D

When we are back in sweden we settle down with a great big smile on our faces. Europe is the place to sin we think, looking proper as fuck so no one knows what we did in the vacation to europe hahaha

So in conclusion, we go in Euro trip to buy whores, cheap beer and cheaper food living the dreams sort of because its legal there and not here so we are more of exploiting, using those lands for our own gain without even seeing a goddamn thing actually like you are suppose to when you go on trips seeing things. I love to go hiking and see strange things in nature and such and it is so much good things to see in Europe and real chocolate from swiss land or whatever they are called and just enjoy life with expensive champaigne in france or something, i think that would be fun but some of us does not care at all and just want the bad things, we really do think prostitution and drugs are bad so we use others for that i am sorry to say, so others does not have the rumor like ""france is so beautiful this time of year"" no, it is more like "when the fuck is the wine good" or "a new beer have ben invented, lets go to germany and get it cheap and GTFO" it is unfotunately those rumors the others have from us and i do not like it but at the same time i see why they think that.

Some of us does not say eastern Europeans ether, some say western ex commies instead witch is a bad thing i think and i suppose it can not be to appreciated to hear.

Some people does not think of the UK eather when they are planing a trip through europe, they think its raining all the time with bad food and worse beaches and marry fucking poppins(hahah) and things are so expensive there, Pounds are worth more then any other currency in the world so going to the UK, you better save money for 2 years or so or you wont get far, that is what we think of the UK, we do like there drinking though and the irish dancing on the bar tables witch look really amusing and fun, i would like to do that one day drunk as a kite offcource.

We want and see cheap alcohol and hookers and drugs with a little hint of sight seen when we go to Europe, we do not have the best view of it i am so sorry to say so if you meat a Swede in your European country, its most likely he/she does not give a damn about your land, he/she just want your perks that is not allowed in Sweden.

So folks there you have it, how "we see you" and i would like to say i do not think bad of anything, i am just saying what is common for people here in the customs and what i have heard from many people. I am sorry if i hurt any ones feelings with this blog, it is not my intention at all, i just tell you how we think (Not me my self, i think you are not bad)

Ufff!! what a long blog, it was a while so i feel strange and kind of nervous, So with all of what you have read us swedes think of you Europeans, i have a question for you

What was the... Fuck no, im not going to aske anything again! :D


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Goood morning Vietnaaaaam!


It was three hundred sixty five days ago today that i started to aske away, I have been doing it in ups and downs but definitely with a raised smile so may i introduce to you the final question for this year. Question number 3 6 5 ! With PiratMas’s last of question blogs I hope you will enjoy this blog, PiratMas’s last of question blogs sit back and let the question go. It’s wonderful to be here it’s certainly a thrill you are such a lovely audience i like to take you home with me yes i like to take you home. I don’t really want to stop these blogs but i thought you might like to know, the blog that’s gona be asked today it’s gona be a personal one.

Oh boy, three hundred and sixty five days. What can i say what a journey indeed. One year ago to the day i had an idea that i would aske people things because i was curious and wanted to know. Little did i know that it would go on and on and on for one year, i did not know it would last this long but it did what a joy and relief, how great and awesome, right now i do not know what i feel, i feel good inside and i have now completed my goal, i have accomplished my mission and now im done, my duty is over and i can sit back and think “you did this, and now you deserve to feel good”. That is exactly what i am doing right now, i feel so fucking good indeed and i can not believe it. I sit here thinking about what to type but i have no clue, i have ben ready for this day for a year now and now that its here, i simply don’t know what to say or do. It is like i am on stage performing but i don’t do anything. This is a strange feeling i have and it is good aswel, a great feeling!

This journey was so long and so many things have ben asked indeed, i can not think how i could have even comed up with them eather, so strange thoughts that i have had during this year and i just had to aske things to get some knowelage of things, this was so much fun(and hard to). I really do not know why i had the thought of asking things eather it just sort of happend, i can remember i wanted to know what you thought about time travel(Question 1) and it was so short and so stupid indeed it makes me laugh when i think about it. That question is were it all started and i just kept going, i did not think anyone would answer eather but you did and that is great! People wanted to answer me and i enjoyed that and made me want to aske you people more things. Back then i did not put any thought behind my questions so much and did not explain them eather, i did not have any beginning or so you could read to get the hang of why i aske. I started to do it later though and im glad i did, it made them more interesting it appeared when i read your answers and it was more fun for me aswel. Hot damn what a ride this year was and i am so glad i made it to this day, im smiling all the time and i could not stop thinking about it when i was at work eather, i just wanted to quit so i could go home and aske the last question. It is so energetic what im feeling, i fucking did it!


I think this is the best thing i have ever done on this site, or on the internet over all, asking this questions, also helped translating it. But this is greater and better to me. It is so goddamn hard after a fev months to figure out things to aske and to want to know things to, some days i did not even want to know things but i asked the most interesting thing i could for the day, i also asked questions for others, i did not always want to know things when it was so hard keeping this up but im glad i asked anyway because i got interesting answers indeed. I have gotten so many different answers i can not believe it, every type of answer a person can get is what i have got, how cool is that, not every one experience this in there lifes. I am so grateful of all the answers i have gotten over this year, thank you so much indeed my friends!

I have saved a fev answers from a question Sir AhrimanThorn29.84K asked a while back. Today i am going to answer them and i find it interesting to see the other side of the field now, it is not so often i have answed the daily question but this day is one of them and i enjoy it.

Okey the first one is from DeletedUser20.51K and he asked: Would you like me to do yet ANOTHER round 365 questions???. My answer is two words: Fuck and No! Hahahahah it is to hard to do it and i am done now, thank you for asking.

The next one is from wrong user link and he asked: 1) Would you try whale ass if it was cooked for you?
2) What will you do with your time now that the daily question is over?

My answer is 1) i started with the whale ass when it was cooked for me, so yes i would try it if it was cooked for me.
2)I do not know what i will do with my time now that this is over, i have not thunked so far. The first thing im going to do is relax and feel mighty good about my self for a while, taking the day as it comes and still feel mighty good about my self hehe :D

This one is from the kat troll Darius19543865 and he asked: Are trolls REALLY as genitally gifted as rumors have indicated?

Well my answer to this is no, there is no facts that this have ben a suitable indication that will be troue at all and it is just wishful thinking because trolls are clearly the slower life forms amongst us, its sad i know because im half troll my self but you goto embrace the trouth and move on (hihihihi)


I still can not believe how many different questions i have asked during this one year of questions blogs. They have ben funny, serious, emotional, aggravating and stupid and all round crazy and some of those is because my mind was fried form all the questioning. I have asked at least one question that have involved every human feeling known to mankind. One of you have felt at least one of those things when i have asked a question intentional or not. I have felt them all during this hole year and it have been an emotional ride indeed for me and right now i am really emotional even if it is just a blog to you it is something special to me, i feel like i have completed my goal i have crossed the finish line now i am done i do not have to do it anymore, my dream has come true for me and it means an awful lot. Imagine your self trying every single day to try and come up with something to aske you people for one hole year, not just for me but for some other people to. I might not be so interested in knowing something i have asked but other people have got answers to and not just me, you people have given each other answers and hopefully you have gained some knowledge or just right stupidity i don’t know(hope fully knowelage), i have gained both and now it is done, it is finally over now i did it. I can not believe i have done it, i remember one year ago to the day, i asked you people if you thought i could aske one question for one hole year, some of you thought and believed i could do it and some of you doubted it, who is laughing now? (hahaha).I did it first as a joke, something to try but did not really care so much for if i could do it or not. Then i started to aske more and more and more and it was no joke anymore, it was real and serious to me.

The first couple of questions was not much to read at all compared to now, i feel like a little kid when i read them, cute little questions about things i wanted to know(you know like kids do to their parents, asking stuff all the time). Then they started to develop into more serious ones with more content and so much more thought to them, i also started to notice sometimes that people told me how good i was for keeping this hole thing up for long, sheering me on sort of and that gave me boost to make more questions and i felt really good about my self. I was thankful of the kind thoughts people gave me(still am) and thought after a while to my self “This is my kind of thing, people blog differently but this is my adventure, and the people like it i want to do it more” I felt appreciated for my questions and thank you all for that, it means alot to me and it is what have kept me going for all this time aswel as the answers. Thank you for answering all of my questions and i have read every single one of them and i have not missed one, even if i do not comment or plus you, i have still read them all. I have been very close indeed to not care about the questions anymore because it was to hard and things in real life got in the way, to stressful and mind scrambling i have felt this was for many times and i have just waited till the last hour(before it was to late) to see if i really should have given up or not but i dared not, i could not give this up on you, not when i have come this far into this, fuck that im going all the way and i kept going because of you people, thank you for that.

I feel sort of powerful right now, like a mighty king that have slayed a dragon or similar. This is my triumph of glory for what i have accomplished, damn it feels great, this is the last time i am going to aske something again ever(i really do feel im not going to aske something again after this) but i probably will someday anyway. I think that i am going to miss this hole thing, asking questions is my expertise and now it is over, it is almost melancholic to me, now what? What am i going to do now? Do i do something else or have i fulfilled my purpose now forever? I don’t know... What i do now is that no one in this kickasstorrent site have ever ever done what i have just done, no body will do what i have done today, completed this with blood sweat and tears(quite literally to i have to say). I think today is my day to feel special really, i have comed a long way for this and now i am going to express it as i feel now. I think that just for today i have that right to feel what i do. I have started something that have never ben thought of before and whom knew it would be asking questions and now i am done, im fucking finished! No one blogged like me before and no one ever will. That my dear friends is because i am simply the best, better then all the rest! I am the question queen and this is my day of glory, this is greater the the queen of englands birthday! Maby not that great but still, pretty fucking great. I feel so good about this.

I will have you know though, that i could not have accomplished this without a little help from my friends, They have made so much deferens to this and made things a hole lot easyer when i needed it. They have ben asking great questions indeed and smart and funny vivid little ones and i hope it was not to hard for them, i bet not. HEHE! I can remember in a blog roll far far away someone(can’t remember whom exactly) asked me nicely and carefully if he could make a question one time and i felt so honoured, to think he would aske my permission to do it and i felt like it ment something when he asked, if it did not then i don’t think he would have asked. I have ben asked by others if they also could do one sometimes and it was fun that they asked me and kind aswel. No one owns the blogs or what to blog about but they still asked, how amasing it is i think and cute aswel “Excuse me miss mas, do you mind if i can aske this one question for today?” how adorable! I think the ones that have asked a question for me deserves some gratitude and they should be proud, just like i am.

I want to thank all these people from my heart and it really could not have ben done without you buys, and now the hole community knows what kind of brave souls you all are.

Thank you Gazza-91127K for asking me if you could aske a question and it was a good one indeed and it was something i could never have thought of my self, well done thank you!
A great thank you to Pringlescan31.87K for asking a dearing question with lots of thoughts and opinions on what you think is important in life, brave of you and well done!
A warm thank you to the one that gives us these cute little signatures Smittech141.42K he likes cars and love Nascar, how can he not when they go really really fast and turn to the left (hihihi) vivid imagination of questions you wanted to get answers to and thank you dearly!
Thank you to the one that have one of the strangest minds on this site, all kinds of things that is very long to read indeed for us slower life forms because he is so awesome he is no other then AhrimanThorn29.84K Well done and great questions!
A great thank you to a feller that is covered with inc everywere and have a huge great smile, he takes no shit from no one and always speaks hes mind, it is KAT’s very own badboy JimBeamLean5519 thank you for keeping this up for a hole fucking month while i was gone, great job and strong of you indeed my friend, if things gets tough man up and just stick it to the man!

If i have forgotten anyone that have asked a question for me, please send me a PM with the blog so i can thank you and add you to this list.

I have to say again im so glad this is over and im so happy it could be done to!!
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes! !

PiratMas’s last of question blogs I hope you have enjoyed these blogs, PiratMas’s last of question blogs I am sorry but it’s time to go. PiratMas’s last of question blogs I like to thank you onse again, PiratMas’s one and only lovely question blogs, it’s getting very near the end.

I am going to tell a little bit to you about who i am and it is really hard when i think about it, often when someone needs to explain little who someone is they need a second opinion of things, a friend or a parent to tell you what they see when they acknowledge who you are. I have given it some thought and this is a certainty who i am as a person, as my self.

I am from Sweden and I am 22 years old, I work in the woods doing hard physical work that is usually done by men.

I am sometimes a little bit selfish and I want things done my way and I don't want to wait. I get a bit moody sometimes and lose my temper and it makes me say things that I later regret. I can be naive and too trusting about things when I should be more careful, it is not always it happens but it surely does more then it should.

I am also strong though and I fight hard for what I believe in and fight hard to defend the people I love and cherish. I am kind and generous and I share what I have with other people and I always try to take care of people, caring makes me feel good inside and like a better person. I am much cleverer than people realise and I learn new things quite quickly if i am interested or if it is important and I have a good sense of humour, sometimes little to silly but that is just the way my funny bone was made.

Who are you?


Question 364

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Well i have never really ben lost somewere before, only dissorianted but its a difference. Today at work i got little lost and i had to walk long and i started to get angry because i could not find what i was looking for to do my job. I walked for about 20 minutes and then i gave up and changed the direction so i could find a walk path and there was none. The others i work with started to get worried because it was quiting time and they was looking for me and i was looking for them at the same time so we both got little lost i think. FInaly though we found eatch other and then the day ended at work how nice.

I have not ben lost like that before and i hope it does not happend again but it might do. So today i have learn that i did not panic and i did not pick up the pase eather as some people do when they are lost, i was not stressed eather even though i was alone in a large area(woods area with no visability to the outside). No i know im calm and angry at the same time, it is better then the other things i think.

How do you react in lost situations?

What do you first do when you descover you have no guidance and not knowing your way around?

Have you ben lost at all in your life?

Question 363

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Antisipation, waiting, looking ahead.

Well, it is not much at all before i reach my goal and i am looking so much forward my eyes are falling out. It is so close indeed and now i am not even sure how to feel about it all. I can feel it on my finger tipps, that is what i can think of now and the rest is not explainable in english, if i tryed it would not be so much for you to understand, maby some gibberish perhaps you will see but that's it.

I feel calm sort of but yet stressed, i dont know why but it is sort of a good feeling but also kind of bad at the same time. Hard to describe really, i know aswel what i am going to be feeling in three days and i often do not know how to feel about things ahead of me that i am thriving for.

I am standing at the front of a big ship and i can see the horizon, that is were i am now and i wonder if i am alone in that, maby one of you are looking forward to something aswel, something you planed or have to make plans for. I hope so because i am interested in what that might be.

Basicaly, i have setted a goal long long time ago and i am almost there, it feels great. Have you set any goals lately that you are antisipating the resault of, what are your feelings about that?
Do you sometimes feel what you are looking for at your "finger tips" sort of when things are close to be completed for you?


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Sometimes when people get news they are not ready for they act in the most strange way. I might be strange in my ways bcause i want to be alone and be with my family if some news gets to me i am not ready for, good news i want to share but bad news is something i do not like to share so much.

I got some news recently i was not ready for at, i like to share with family but no one else.

How do you act when you have news your not ready for? (good or bad, describe)

(sorry this is a short one today)


Question 361

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Some countries have to say "Drink responsably" in there alcohol commercials but we do not. Here we show how fun people have with it and even make up songs for the beer, like drinking songs, it is good i think and amusing to see. We say that the beverage does not harm you but makes you feel good and it does take away your act of caring aswel, as a good thing because drinking beer is something good were i live. Sometimes on the beer cans there are little poems that says it is alright to have a cold one sometime and it brings friends close together, we dont have any dissclaimer at all like "Drink responsably" we have the opposite hahaha.

Anyway, what kind of alcoholic messages do you like to see in the commercials that makes you happy? (this applyes to those that drinks)

Question 360

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This is my blog, there are many like it but this one is mine. Without the blog i am worthless, without me the blogroll is worthless!

I thunk about some movie quotes and i think that this one is the most famous one of the war movies, there are more then this one but this is the most known i think. Offcource i added my style to it and i kind of like it more hihihi

I like a song they sing in the movie "FUll metal jacket" when they are jogging with there platoon and they sing about eskimo pussy, i think its hillarious but i can not find it anywere to save the lyrrics.

What i would like to know is, what is your favourite war movie quote/platoon song?

Question 359

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I have worked hard today and i can feel that i have gotten stronger already, it does not show yeat but i still can feel it. I have done the same as i did today before but this time i felt hardened and i had everything right so i would not hurt my self more then to gain some enurance.

I have experianced this before but with other things but im interested in what some of the people have felt dtrength from when the first time they did it they had no streingth at all.

So from this little explenation of my experiance in streingth, i would like to know what kind of streingthened experiance with endurance do you have had?
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