Subscription + Bookmarks = The New Bookmarks

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We took a bunch of Ideas from our IdeaBox and completely reworked the Bookmarks by merging them with subscriptions. The current version is still a little raw and we'll definitely add some more features soon, but for now enjoy the current version and be sure to leave some feedback in IdeaBox.


Enhanced and improved!

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Blog: Subscription + Bookmarks = The New Bookmarks

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The layout is nice, but... I agree with others about ergonomics. It is slower and more "clicky" to get to. What about making the Bookmark tab open to last position? At least then it would be the same navigation as before, if we are able to always open to the last place we used it. Then it would always open to the TV Show episode page for me. smile
I like what You've done with the place!!!!!
I do not like it. I cannot check the site every day and it was better before. I could see every weekly episodes, now I can only see the next to be aired. Shame...
Get the idea of trying to merge evrything into one place, but
1)All my subscribed torrents dissapeared
2)Made it more difiicult to navigate - "clicks" added to get to what you want
3)How about informing the users about impending updates, and just maybe spread a couple of screenshots around of what it might entail?
Now I'm not sure if you have because I pretty much don't read up a lot that much, but a general message to members shouldn't be that diff?
The way the site grouped Subscribed and Followed Uploaders together was pretty neat as is.
Respekt - KAT biggrin

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Idea: Add trailer for the series
Idea: Create a new Category for parody
Idea: Create a new Category for antivirus
liked the idea is very good
thanks!! will be useful!!
Great site ever!Hail kickass!!!
Nice idea!
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