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Yahoo Message Scam!

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Dear KAT Users!

This is a spam message which you might find in your emails.
If you see a message in your email saying "Congratulations" and when open you will see a
download file.(DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE FILE!)
This file is a treat to get you to revel your personal information.If you do this means that your identity and real life info will be given to hakers and wicked individuals(BE CAREFUL!)

this message was sent to a few people i know including me! so please people this a safety tip,BE CAREFUL ON THE WEB!.

The download file from your email looks like this:

Take a look at these Threads for more Spam Notice!:



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Blog: Yahoo Message Scam!

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I agree that everyone should know about these scams by now, but the fact that they still exist suggests they still seem to find the ignorant ones who fall prey to them, otherwise, they[scams] would cease to exist.
The scams also seem easy enough to trace/prosecute, funny that they dont seem to warrant international attention. JMO.
I agree. It kinda sad when people fall for these. I found a list of common scams on Wikipedia.

Great Blog Info
Here's a link to some more;Hotscams
Now if I were to send out a similar mail saying you had won the latest 5 blockbuster movies and you had to pay 1 dollar for the link I would have the FBI up my ass faster than I could fart......but the fact that criminals troll the nets hoping to find suckers who then have their bank accounts depleted is nooo problem.
I wish i could upload 20,000 thousand volts and electrocute them.
thx for the info!
I got an email once, from a Mrs Jennifer Rogers, widow of the late Mr Kenneth Rogers... Wrong thing to do! Poor woman must've been severely dehydrated after I'd ripped the pish out of "her" for that one alone, never mind her lung cancer in her brain!! I'd posted it as a thread on my mate's website, but since he's revamped it, it sems that the thread didn't get carried over, otherwise I'd have posted the link so that you can all see. It's probably not the best reply I've done, or indeed seen on the web, but when I'm in the mood for them, I don't hold back! titter
anyone else here know about scambaiters?
have read some great blogs/sites on it. Awesome stuff.
Thxs for the info
the worst thing about this all= when you acctually win something one day day you're probably going to delete it, thinking it is spam titter

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