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Yep, I'm running late again tonight on the blog, yet again with good reason. But before, oh sorry Smitty, befer I git unto thar raisin, let me just say that if your not going to comment on NCAA Football (American college football) positive or negative, this blog isn't for you, and I don't want to hear from you. I don't want to hear about any other sport in the entire world other than NCAA Footbal. So be respectful, or be disrespected.

So anyways, my Notre Dame Fighting Irish just beat the hated Michigan Wolverines in South Bend 13-6. Yeah, not a high scoring game, but to hold Michigan QB Denard Robinson to 6 points is one hell of an accomplishment for our defense. Think we'll be ranked in the top 10 after this weekend.

Even thought the Notre Dame/USC rivalry dates back longer, I consider the Notre Dame/Michigan rivalry to be more relevant in the last 20 years or so. And since Notre Dame is my favorite team, and Michigan is my most hated, I consider this to be the greatest rivalry in college football. So that's my question for you today...

What two teams are your favorite and most hated in college football, and what do you consider to be the greatest rivalry in NCAA football?

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Blog: Question 146 (for Piratmas)

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dont know much myself mate but if there is an irish connection fuck yah
I can't answer that . you are talking about something out of my world lol sorry mate, I pass this time
Penn State vs. the Prosecutors.
i live in the land of Football (capitalized like a deity) and the only rivalry is Texas v OU down here. personally i don't care, i'm a baseball guy.
Yeah, I'll say it...Boise State.
Their program has suffered since losing all but 5 starters going into this year, but held the Spartans real close in week 1. Not scoring an offensive TD against BYU in week 2 sickened me, but like I said, 17 new starters.
The other team I like to watch play is Florida. Fan response in Gainsborough is amazing.

Don't know if I have a 'greatest rivalry' pick, but every time I see Alabama and LSU face off, I kinda hope a train falls out of the sky and both teams lose.
I used to really like Washington when I had pay tv. How they doing these days?...
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same in NBAtitter
wasted John Wall and Kick Young :P
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Nope, I like NBA and I watch it (stream), 30th Oct is Lakers and Mavs, waiting for it....
No google in sports ;)
and I have played 300+ fixtures in NBA 2K SPorts game for PC
Mostly Lakers :P

USC and UCLA...though most of the time their games aren't that great, sometimes they are pretty epic
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Ya, I'm not a huge college football fan, but there's not much else to do on saturday haha. Sunday's my day for sure
UCLA Basketball, I like that, great players like Kevin Love and Russell Westbrook hehe

When either one plays these guys
Florida State all the waybiggrinbiggrinbiggrin
We have college football of no importance and very low profile and too much not famous :P
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