Question 220

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Hello all. JimBeamLean filling in for PiratMas here, and had an interesting night last night. I got wasted, of course. Would you expect anything less of me? Worked out a mutually beneficial deal with the bartender at the bar that's closest to my place. Movies for drinks. I love the barter system.

Anyways, my buddy Brandon and I wound up shooting pool and hanging out with these two ladies that were probably around my Mom's age LoL! And one of them had a badass Dodge RT Challenger. I wanted to ride in that thing like nobody's business. And of course, I generally always get what I want. I'm just fuckin' cool like that.

So the lady gave us a ride home, and she wanted to smoke some herb. We brought her in and blew her mind. Chick had never even seen a gas mask bong before. Luckily I hit that thing a couple times and it made me pass out, cause otherwise I probably would've banged her. And it's not like it would've been difficult to accomplish, I think she grabbed my ass about 20x while we were shooting pool at the bar.

But enough blogging, on to the question. I have strict rule that I wont sleep with any girl more than 10 years younger then me, it's just fuckin' creepy. On the other side, I'm 34, and I don't think there's any problem with sleeping with older women. Not to mention, most of them; or the ones I've been with at least; are pretty freaky, so they make it fun. Other than one girl, the next two on my list of "best sex ever", were like 20 years older than me.

MILF..... it's what's for breakfast.

So that's my question......

What are your age limits on having sex?


Question 200 (Last)

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So my fists got away from me last night. There';s many things I can deal with in this life, but child molesters aren't one of them.

Probably going to have a couple more felony charges on me as soon as these worthless fucks catch up with me, Most likely is going to be a prison term.

Just wanted to say that I love ya'll before I leave. Be good kids

And my question is.....

What was the last thing you did that you regret?

Question 199

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So much for rolling the time back of posting these a few more hours today, got smashed last night. Nearly fell asleep in the Del Taco drive-thru on the way home too LoL! And speakin' of Del Taco, why the funk does my mouth always taste like I've been suckin' on a battery every time after I eat there?

Anyways, on to the blog. "Yeah baby, you know you want some of this fat juicy blog" LMAO!

So we're about to get a little sexual here in today's question, but I'll try to keep it somewhat clean. And as you can already see, there's a poll (pole lol) included in today's, so vote! Unlike you President Obama "supporters". LoL! Sorry, that was a cheap shot..... but not uncalled for.

So I passed out with one shoe still on last night; no idea how I got my pants off over it lol; and forgot to sign-off from KAT as well. But I guess all's well that ends well, and looks like we just got a new member who hit me up that seems like she'll fit into the Beam Team nicely. Or at least she's not so insecure that she can't enjoy some good porn LoL!

I've been wanting to do one on this for a little while now, but kept having other things pop into my head that I thought would either be more interesting, or at least, more widely accepted. Huh-huh, "widely accepted" LoL! Yeah, I'm fuckin' on one this morning.

So let's talk about porn from different regions real quick. Of course the US & UK have the most well known pornstars, enveloping all genres, but we can't forget the other Countries providing to our pervacious appetites either.

Italian and French women seem to be stuck in the 70's, or just don't have access to a good razor. Indian and Arab porn is generally some homemade garbage, that just shows people making stupid faces LoL! Japanese porn gets too far out there for even my crazy ass most of the time. Czech girls, "WOW", and that's all I have to say about that. But my favorite has to be Russian porn. Mainly cause most of them have pale skin, which I love. Kinda funny since I'm a tanned Californian, but in general I'm just not really attracted to women with dark skin. That's not to say I never have been before, but it doesn't happen often.

Before I post this question, I feel I should state the obvious. All KAT rules still apply here. Don't post any nudity, or disrespect anyone personally. Just share your opinion. I'm watching you Seeds LoL! For those who don't know, SirSeedsAlot supposedly doesn't watch porn, but I sure as hell do!

Okay, on to the question.

What Country or region do you think makes the best pornography?

O-fuckin-kay, guess I don't have the option to add a poll to my blog any longer, so just comment.


Question 198

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Well it's several hours before I should be posting the next question, but due to my irregular schedule it's slipped beyond asking a question each day by at least half a day, so I need to start rolling the clock back a bit. So here we go....

This one popped in my head rather easily, as I've been blazin' most of the night cause I finally feel better, had the munchies, and I started thinking about Italian food. First thing that popped into my head was lasagne, and then of course pizza. And theeeeen lasagne-pizza, and started thinking of how I would make it.

I only know bastardized American versions of either dish, as I've never been to Italy, but I think this still sounds good. And of course you can't just make it as lasagne on top of a pizza crust, cause that takes about as much ingenuity and creativity as tracing someone else drawing.

Toppings that would be already implied are noodles, Italian sausage, ricotta cheese, and sauce... but how do we put lasagne noodles on a pizza without layering it and creating an unoriginal fallacy? I'll come back to that in a minute.

As on my lasagne, I would also put fresh basil leaves and portobello mushrooms. I'd also put some diced red onion, mozzarella cheese, some asiago and parmesan cheese (that will be sprinkled on last over the noodles), and I would add a little bit of the oil from the sausage to the sauce and then simmer and reduce it.

As to solve the noodle problem, which is required to make it a lasagne pizza, this is what I'd do. I'd use a thick fettuccine noodle, broken into 3" segments, boil it in water till it became slightly pliable, then transfer the noodles into a skillet to cook the rest of the way in a garlic, butter, herb mixture. Then just lay the cooked strips on top of everything else except the asiago and parm, which would go on top if it, as stated earlier.

I would call it "Pizzagne" LoL!

So this is the question I have for you....

What kind of mix & mash (like mine), or completely original type of pizza would you like to make/eat, and what would you call it?


Question 197

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"Lions and tigers and bears, oh my" Too many things on my plate for today. Figured I'd get this out of the way while I stopped back at home to get cleaned up for my monthly probation appointment.

In regards to the quote above, from The Wizard of Oz (in case you've been living under a rock for the last 70+ years), it struck me that here in the US, most of our sporting teams are named after animals. And yes, we have the Detroit Lions (NFL), the Detroit Tigers (MLB), and the Chicago Bears (NFL), so that quote fit nicely.

We have several other teams named for different things more specific for their region, like the San Francisco 49ers (who were named after gold miners, and because the gold rush started in 49'), the Dallas Cowboys (pretty obvious since they're from Texas), and we also just have some plain nutty ones, like the San Diego Chargers (lighting is their symbol, and makes no sense).

So my question is.....

What are the most common names for sporting teams in your Country; i.e animals like in the US; and/or what is the name of your local team, and what does the name refer to?

Question 196

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Thank you Smittech for taking care of the blog yesterday, once again. Still feeling like ass, but at least I'm not all nauseous. Guess that's what I get for running around in shorts and a t-shirt when it's cold out. Oh well

******WARNING: Spoilers for last weeks episode of The Walking Dead******

So last week Lori finally frickin' died! (And the masses rejoiced!) I don't know if there's ever been a character on a show I actually like to watch that I despised more than Lori. The term "worthless" took on a whole new meaning with her.

Obviously I wasn't the only person who thought this way, as I came across a poll after last season of The Walking Dead that had her listed at #1 among all characters, on all TV shows, that needed to be killed off.

so my question is....

Who was the last character on a television show that you couldn't wait until they were killed off, and/or who are you waiting to be killed off still on one of your favorite shows?


Question 194

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So for some reason I dreamed last night that I was at the old roller skating rink in my town that was tore down over two decades ago. I can't remember what was happening in the dream, but just that I was there.

All the local area kids went there, and I could never understand why they tore it down. That lot of land is still vacant to this day even.

I got in my first little scrap with another kid there all those years ago, and was the place where I held hands with a girl for the first time too. Funny that I can remember the first girl I held hands with, but not the first girl I kissed LoL!


Nowadays there really isn't anything for the youths to do in this area. There's a bowling alley with a video game arcade, both are in need of an upgrade. There's a nice movie theater multi-plex that was renovated a few years back. And there's like one all-ages pool hall where teenagers can go to play billiards, but it stops being all-ages at 10pm, because they serve beer in there as well. Other than that, there isn't really anything for the youths in my area to do. Most just sit at their house playing video games, or get involved with drugs and/or gangs. As seen by the sky-high juvenile crime rates in this area.

Sacramento is only about a 40min. drive from here, with plenty of things for youngsters to do, but most teenagers aren't going to go that far just for a night out, or only on pre-planned occasions with friends, and the younger kids, without driver's licenses, don't really have that option.

If I were going to start my own business, that's definitely what it would be. I'd rent out a large warehouse, have a go-kart track, one of those massive trampoline areas, batting cages, an arcade, a lazer tag course, and possibly an indoor heated pool or a couple water slides, or maybe even one of those "lazy river" type things that would circle the whole place for kids to lounge and catch their breath in. Probably have a couple other things too, but that would all depend on how big of a business loan I was able to obtain. There may even be some type of government grant for such things geared toward youths for additional funding. It's all pretty much a pipe-dream, but who knows, maybe someday.

So my question is.....

What did the youths in your area do back in your day as one, and/or what are the youths doing in your area during this day and age?


Question 193

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"I'ma chuck a dead body on your muthafuckin' lawn, till dusk from Red Dawn nigga be ready the funk is on"


So I was stopped by the cops, for no reason of course, last night. There are few things in life that have me so on edge that I'm ready to start letting my fists fly in a moments notice as being harassed by cops. Especially when I'm coming back from the store with ice cream, and it's melting from them keeping me held up for an hour or so.

I am currently on felony probation though, so I have to act with some civility, unlike them. Disrespectful little fucks. There's maybe two cops I've came across in this area that could hang with me one-on-one in a fight, and without their weapons. Guess that's why I've been jumped at least 4-deep by them on 5 different occasions, including twice while I was already handcuffed and posed no threat, and one of those handcuffed times resulting in a shattered wrist that put me out of work for 3 months. Yes, I have no love for the police. Guess the motto "To protect and serve" doesn't apply to people with tattoos and piercings.

Now I've got to call my probation officer and explain to him what happened. I'm required to do so within 24 hours after any run-in with the police. At least I don't have to worry about him showing up to my house afterwards though, cause I know he's out of town at a training seminar right now. So I'll just be leaving him a voice mail.

Nothing wound up happening with it, as I was doing nothing wrong. Just the usual, where are you going, where did you come from, what have you been doing tonight, are you under the influence of any drugs or alcohol, search me, search my vehicle, and blah, blah, blah, blah.

So my question is....

When was the last time you were stopped by the police, and what happened?

*Guess it's another "bacon" blog LoL!*

Question 192

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Bacon. Who doesn't love bacon. Even vegetarians/vegans have a synthetic type of bacon they can eat. And of course a staple bacon lovers everywhere is the B.L.T. sandwich. If your not familiar with this, B.L.T. stand for bacon, lettuce, tomato, and generally has mayonnaise and toasted bread.

I've seen people add a lot of other things to a B.L.T. to spice it up a bit, or just kind of make it their own style. I like to put red onion and avocado on mine, or every once in a while some green chiles.

So that's my nice and simple question for the day....

What other ingredients do you add on your B.L.T.?


Question 191 (Obama Voter Challenge)

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Oodey-oodey-ooooo, I voted, but did you? So this blog is going to be some political fun. No, not a fuckin' debate, and mainly because every argument I've offered up is based on facts and reasoning, and other than Bayfia, I've received nothing but mindless drivel in replies from the rest of you, or no reply at all. Sorry to those that actually did offer a mindful reply that I may have missed.

So this is going to be a question and a challenge blog. Are you up for the challenge gloater's and congratulater's?

This is what you'll get if I lose: I will write I "heart" Obama on my forehead with permanent marker, a "Sharpie" to be exact, and I can't start to wash it off for 24 hours. If your a dick, like me, and party your ass off, like me, you have probably drawn on your passed out drunk friends with a Sharpie before, and know that even after someone starts to wash it off, it doesn't completely disappear for at least a few days. So I'll not only look like a complete fool for having something drawn on my forehead, it will burn me twice as bad, cause I will tell people about the bet I lost when asked.

The only thing I require of you President Hussein supporters to do, is produce proof that 20 of you actually voted yesterday. This shouldn't be difficult at all considering the outpouring of support for our re-elected President here in America, and that there's something like 2 million + users here on KAT.

These are the rules: You have to take a picture and post it to this blog in the comments section with your "I Voted Today!" sticker, and a fork, in the palm of your hand. (The fork is just a random thing, that everyone has, to prove the picture's authenticity, and not just some picture of the voter's sticker that's pulled off the web.) The voter's sticker also has to be in somewhat good shape, to ensure it isn't from an election of years passed. If you have put your voter's sticker on something, and don't want to peel it off, I will accept a picture of your hand holding a fork next to the sticker. ANY ATTEMPT AT CHEATING WILL INSTANTLY NULL & VOID THIS CHALLENGE, AND RENDER OUR SIDE THE WINNER! Not to mention prove the overall superiority of our standards compared to yours. I will discuss with and allow any person posting to state their case for authenticity upon suspected cheating. The time frame for posting your pictures will be 24 hours.

The purpose of this challenge, in my eyes at least, is to prove that with all the support for President Barak Hussein Obama on KAT (which completely dumbfounds me due to the fact that his major financial backers are from the entertainment industry, and are the same people that want to completely and totally shut down P2P sharing), among 2 million + users, you can't even provide proof of 20 actual people that voted for him, which would pretty much nullify every single statement that has been made by an Obama supporter on this website, and prove you all to be ignorant, ill-informed, and worst of all, people with no conviction. Basically, that you talk a big game, but can't back it up.

So my question is..... LoL!

Are YOU up to the challenge?

There's your example if your learning disabled or something, and if you voted for ..... I'll just stop there. Anyways, the authentication should be no problem, as there's a dozen or more pics of myself on this site, plenty of which with the Irish Flag on my right fist (American Flag on my left) for proof.

It's not difficult people, if you support President Obama, prove you did. Show us you voted. Cause if you didn't vote, your words mean nothing. All you "supported" was your couch.
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