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uploaders and downloaders and the Mighty Duds.

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After dropping that last pack of a manga compilation it seems that pack has had more hits alone than any other uploads I've done. So after talking it over I've decided to do a steady stream of manga and comic scans as well as my usual epub packs.
Now after talking with a few people it seems that most have no idea how much it takes to make a 39MB manga book. As I received a request for all of One Piece in cbr format to be uploaded by Friday.....sorry not going to happen.
I see this alot from uploaders and really I didn't think much on it. I understand what my friends meant by them saying they were getting burnt out by uploading constantly. See it takes ALOT of work to make these uploads. In 1 days time I get 2 manga books scanned and made for upload. That is say about 70MB for you. So you download it in a matter of minutes yet it takes me a day to make.
Now I'm not getting all pissy on anyone I'm just stating I understand why uploaders get pissed.
One thing I've noticed on kat is not many leave feedback. This is crucial for us as uploaders. If we know you like it then we will upload more, if we don't see any feedback then we just move on to something else. STOP BEING SCARED TO COMMENT!

For instance I'm going to bring bubs in on this topic. Bubs does some insane music uploads, he spends hours on those making sure the tracks mesh right and nothing is messed up, not to mention another few hours in description. He tracks down music art, info on the band, cd tracks, uploads it and leaves it seeding for days. So for him its almost a week per music upload. For the user you click download and if a matter of minutes you have it. Wow that was hard work downloading right? whew, must be to exhausted to say thanks and give him creds on that WEEK of making it, no you need to relax don't want to hurt yourself clicking that one button. -.-

For uploaders it just doesn't seem right to not make everything perfect, full descriptions, covers, screens, page count, synopsis, all this centered and aligned perfectly, upload files in order, make the layout the dler sees in his/her client look good and in order, spend a few hours on an nfo, find working trackers to add, uploaders do a lot more than you think.
For those who want to become verified look at how Bubs, tNe, Acen8s, HiGH-RG and Piratepedia do it, They add their blood into these. These guys deserve to have that title because they spend so much freakin time making these uploads perfect so you can download them. So if you are looking to become a VUl follow what they do. Don't upload complete crap with a 3 word description and a broken payimage site link. I see that and I want to come to your house and beat you to death with a frozen trout.

Cheers to all the uploaders who spend so much time in making these so you can download.

2nd topic:
So zombi is on a steady manga, comic, and book run for a good while. Is there any manga you want? I thought on doing a request thread for manga but seeing I'm the only manga uploader for zombi it will get really chaotic. I'm doing all genres, not just horror.
If you do have a request you can get my attention quicker by hopping in our RG chan:
efnet server [same server kat chat is on]
/join #zombiRG

REMEMBER show uploaders that you enjoy their uploads and the hard work they do.
Also go grab Bubs aXXo pack it is epic as all hell.

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Blog: uploaders and downloaders and the Mighty Duds.

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As a fellow uploader who creates what she uploads as well I agree most people are completely clueless to how much has to be done. It's one reason I don't upload what I create more than once a month.
My biggest peeve though is the jerks who vote it down and don't post a comment as to why. Backup your statement, don't just click 'Bad' and run!
beat you to death with a frozen trout tittertittertitteroh my that's so funny.
I think people don't comment because most don't see the uploader or the work involved only the torrent....and once they got it they move on.Ah well that's life....even when it hurts sometimes.
Notice though they do comment on the torrents when they want a reseed tongue
600+ Star Trek books in one pack, yeah I feel your pain sweat
I have yet to break the 250 mark on book packs. The scifi pack took me almost a week to make and there is only 250 books in it.
Seeds like mangos? Mangos good?titter

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I completely agree with everthing you said but i wouldn't have use a trout (good though it is) i would have ripped their arm out and beaten them with the soggy end, but first i wuld have asked if the were right or left handed to make sure that they could still give positive comments in the future.tittertitter
I simply hate to say something so trivial "That was a great torrent /or something to that effect " So , instead of commenting , I rate the torent I just happened to download . smile
That's why I upload every 2 weeks. Gives me a chance to take that full 2 weeks to get everything nice and tidy as I can before I up.
I also wish more people would comment about things I up or what other people up. Sometimes I get a little down when no one says anything. I mean I guess them not saying anything means there is nothing bad about it, but a little thx or even it looks great would go a long way to me and many others. I guess it's the little things we want that make upping fun for us.
Nicely fucking written!..
Thats the one thing i hate about mininova and btjunkie going south... the comment sections were fucking awesome! TPB used to be but they have died in the arse... Community Spirit is dead and gone...
Don't making fun of him, kangaroo

OMG !!!!!
Who is gng to read such long description Mate !!!!!!!
I am Not gng to read tittertitter
Where's the idea ? and where can I thumb up ?
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