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The Peril's of Drinking and Driving - By wheelman0-0

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I was asked to post this for a friend...

The Perils Of Drink Driving

by wheelman0-03282

Ok so here's the background to today's topic. Back in the early 80's shortly after leaving school my best friend (one of the few i had) was walking his girlfriend home after a night at the youth club that was situated on the bank of the canal that ran through our village the unusual thing was the road and canal were not fenced off as it was a relatively quiet village for traffic and the powers that be didn't think a fence was needed.
On this particular summer evening a car came speeding round a blind bend about 500yards ahead of the couple the driver lost control on seeing the couple and ploughed straight into them killing my friend instantly and pushing the girl into the canal as the car also went in. Now i wasn't there that night but from others there the driver managed to leap from the car before it hit the water the police fire and ambulance were called and the driver was breatherlysed and found to be 3 times over the drink drive limit and was taken away by the police .2 firemen jumped into the canal to try and save the girl but found she was trapped underneath the car and of course took the rescue service 3 hours to get the car and the girls body out of the canal .according to the local paper the driver was found guilty of causing death by drunken driving and sentenced to 18months borstal as he was only 17 himself.
now i have always been against drinking and driving since my dad was convicted of drink driving back in the 70's and lost his job and license as a result plus a hefty fine meaning that Xmas was to be a Xmas of no joy as money was tight and all the big presents we wanted my parents couldn't afford.
People say "I've only had 1 drink I'm safe to drive" in my opinion even 1 drink is too many and to this i say tell that to the family of those 2 16 year old's killed by a drink driver.
in some respects my dad was lucky somebody in the pub reported him and he was stopped before he could injure anybody but that doesn't make it right.
after the accident that fateful night the road alongside the canal was closed to through traffic and to this day still remains closed. so you say that will never happen to me I'm still able to safely drive after a couple of drinks but really is that true or is it just your perception altered by the alcohol? i personally i believe there should be a zero limit on alcohol and driving if you have a drink don't drive get a cab or walk its for the majority of drink drivers in accidents don't even think anything of the people they injure or the families of those injured. Lives and families are destroyed by drink drivers on a daily basis and all the drivers complain about is how its going to affect them.

This is just my personal view and i now live my life with only 2 major rules drinking and driving is a big no no in my book and i want nothing to do with those that think its OK to do so

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Blog: The Peril's of Drinking and Driving - By wheelman0-0

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He should have served way more that 18 months regardless of age. Life sounds about right.

I despise drunk drivers. My dad use to do this. He'd go play poker and drink at least big bottles of jack mixed with coke then drive home. I lost a lot of respect for him because of that.

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Serious sh*t. Good blog Wheel
You need to include idiots that use their mobile phones whilst driving. Just as deadly huffy
i agree but back then the law in the UK for drink driving was a joke not that its much better now

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I couldn't agree more. personally, I don't drive if I have had even one drink. I don't want to live with the thought that if I get into a accident, I maybe could have avoided it if I hadn't had that one drink... Drunk pedestrians are a danger too. My husband and I were driving home with our two infant daughters from visiting my parents on a holiday weekend when a drunk walked right in front of our car. When the police came, the first thing one officer said was " oh yeah, we have pulled this guy out of the road many times..." It was so traumatic for us to realize that someone was dead because we hit him with our car, even though it was his fault entirely. It turns out his blood alcohol level was .25 and he had been in the local bar drunk for the past three days. Besides the trauma and PTSD symptoms, our car was ruined and some shyster lawyer sued us on behalf of the pedestrian's estate, even though he had no relatives and only his limited possessions to his name. We as young new parents, had no money and our car was our only asset. It took a long time before we could even afford to replace it with a used car. On a side note, three days later, our infant daughter was hospitalized with a nearly fatal case of meningitis. I had to beg for rides just to be able to see her. This is why I feel that drunks, whether in a car, on foot or horseback, can cause serious damage to innocent people. Looking back, I can honestly say that that is the worst point of my life and it will never leave me. Even though it happened some years ago, I feel the wounds as if it happened yesterday. As a result, I didn't drive for years and even now, am never entirely comfortable behind the wheel....
I can just hear fakekillermac420 saying: Why drink and drive, when you can get high and fly!

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I find it stupid, that in America, where they create all kinds of laws for our own good, they have yet to ban parking lots at bars. No this will not fix the entire problem, but come on. They want us to not smoke outside anymore, to save the helpless passers by, yet parking is still legally allowed at bars?! Sure, one can argue that they are there for the designated driver, but far and few is a designated driver ever parked there. The logical reason for allowing parking at bars... would be the convenient stake outs that happen from time to time, just up the road from these bars. These traps, as I like to call them, are designed to make easy convictions. While the time between stake outs, nothing is done and the public at large is subject to death... so the police can once in a while make an easy arrest. Now! That being said... it's time for a drink, here at home.
It's bad to drink & drive, especially on real bumpy roads as you tend to spill your drink & that's just a waste.sad
I don't know who -1 this comment but this is the funniest damn thing I've read all week!shockedshockedlollol
It's just a light hearted joke, but some users take themselves too seriously at times.
wrong user linkbiggrin

A very sobering story, Thank you for sharing.
Could somebody please get this guy (waves at wheelman) some blog rights already!biggrin
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Yeah and those bastards are the same ones that do it over and over again.
in my area even if you are on a bicycle drunk you will be convicted the same as if you were in a car. someone on a bike could swerve into traffic and cause tragic pile-ups and driver attempt to avoid them.

You need to include idiots that use their mobile phones whilst driving. Just as deadly huffy
I'm very sorry for those people that lost their lives and all the others that have and will lose their life!
I assume you're from America? Or are there other countries in which you're allowed to have a driver's license before you're 18? .. because I think it's bullshit to allow people to get their license when they're not mature according to the law -_-
well, I completely agree with you about the drunk driving
my mother made me promise never to drive when even drinking 1 drop of alcohol .. and I'm keeping that promise
My eldest brother seems to think it's ok to drink and drive .. I really do hope he'll never be in an accident or cause harm to others

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in the UK you get your driving licence at 17 and are also classed as an adult in the eyes of the law
alright, that's 'better' :)
my idiot brother has been caught drunk driving about 9 times in at least 4 states. he finally quit getting behind the wheel because his mommy is his personal chauffeur. whatever keeps the rest of us safer - I am all for it!!!!

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