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I'm sure that we all think about it sometime, and some of us think about it all the time!

Just like most of you, i too have plans to travel and see the world, or just move to another country where it might be a better place, or just traveling for fun.


today's question is again an easy one:

If you could visit any country in the world, where would you go


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Blog: Question #50

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(Cliche but-) Japan. I'd love to go see the cherry blossoms and try the food, shop, and just mess around there :P haven't really thought it out much hehe
Eriador, or more precisely Rivendell
Iceland for the epic scenery tho the food looks aweful,Norway and Alaska for the same reasons,Venice,Egypt,mexico...quite a list actually..
Where my heart takes me !!! So you know where it could be, holly's bedroom :D

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Egypt looks a fun place to be at the moment, NOT!sad

Tonga...I would love to visit Tonga and sip a bit of rum...
A "real" country : Japan, because to me it seems to be the complete opposite of the "Old Europe" civilization I've always lived in (I'm French).
A "less real" country : the second moon of Endor, to meet Ewoks, of course.
Bora Bora islands!
They are literaly in the middle of the pacific ocean, completly isolated and extremely beautiful.
I have a long list of places across the world I'd like to visit. But, before I start doing that, I want to travel around my country (US). I'd like to take Route 66 and start in the east and take it straight across to the west coast. Spend a whole year just traveling, getting lost in small hole-in-the-wall places, trying foods specific to that area, etc. Afterwards I'd like to see Alaska, then do a world tour. Not asking for much am I biggrin
I'm with PhatKoala19.09K and LordofKarma1813 . One day I plan to visit Japan. I want to try Yakiniku, travel the countryside and explore Tokyo. Many things I want to see and try actually...
i wish ... i was born in the usa -- the land of coca cola , life savers , lady liberty , big suspension bridges [ ny, sf, ]nice people , gay marriages , hollywood , springfield , where bart lives ...
Egypt - but lately every one is fighting every one else .. not safe but imagine just to stand by the sfinx and stare out over the nile ... like thousands of others must have done ... but not me ...yet
I'd like to go to Sweden, more precisely Malmö... I've been there once, but it wasn't enough. The energy, the parks, the people, the food, the aromas, the flowers... Such a nice place...
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