A very special thank you.

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I love books.

I enjoy providing high quality uploads for my fellow KAT users and I want each package that you download from me to be the best package it can possibly be.

I collect and sort files, add any extras and special features, check each file for content and quality, properly order and label them, create the packages and collections, scan each for viruses, place that collection where I know it will not be disturbed so the torrent will remain valid, create and upload the torrent, properly advertise it on its KAT page, include helpful user information, and send it out to you.

However, this is only the "behind the scenes" to the front end of this process. Without seeders, this amounts to nothing.

Each and every person who downloads and seeds these torrents - sometimes indefinitely - is the unsung hero here. You free my bandwidth to create each new package, and you make and keep these files available for others. Your role in making this work is crucial and you are appreciated.

Thank you.

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Blog: A very special thank you.

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TimeBandits74.59K • 21 Sep 2012, 10:41
Very nice to see an uploader thanks his downloaders.
You can use this graphic if you like in your torrent descriptions to encourage feedback.biggrin
Pick_n_Roll21.13K • 21 Sep 2012, 10:44
You're welcome mate, though I have downloaded not much of yours but I have seeded 7-8 torrents of yours, thanks for the good work you put in :)
ausy49.63K • 21 Sep 2012, 12:12
well done and your uploads are very much appreciated,those that seed are truely unsung hero too many people hit and run and it pisses me off more so now that i upload myself

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SaMeep3220 • 20 Oct 2012, 02:25 Show comment
no need to thank buddy...
your parties are enough for us...biggrin
Oh YEAH...Lets PARTY....
GenX5809 • 19 Oct 2012, 03:35 Show comment
Kitteh says HI :)
crackerjax4211918 • 22 Sep 2012, 04:09 Show comment
Very nicely said, thank you! biggrin
GenX5809 • 22 Sep 2012, 04:47 Show comment
You're very welcome! Thanks for dropping by and interacting with us here, and nice to meet you. ;)

pbs4134983 • 22 Sep 2012, 03:52 Show comment
Comment is deleted
GenX5809 • 22 Sep 2012, 04:48 Show comment
I'm so pleased you found soemthing you like! May I ask which book (or books) you liked?
pbs4134983 • 22 Sep 2012, 04:49 Show comment
Comment is deleted
GenX5809 • 22 Sep 2012, 04:51 Show comment
Yeah that's a FUN package. I mixed the books into the collection, using older books, modern books and even vintage books. Did you get a chance to look at the books yet? (I had so much fun creating that package lol)
pbs4134983 • 22 Sep 2012, 05:02 Show comment
Comment is deleted
GenX5809 • 22 Sep 2012, 05:21 Show comment
You can let me know what you're looking for right here

Sylar739301 • 22 Sep 2012, 03:43 Show comment
Your work is well appreciated. Seeding is a very important job on which the torrent community totally relies on. So its our job to give back to the community as much as we can! And we are proud of it!
GenX5809 • 22 Sep 2012, 04:49 Show comment
Thanks, Sylar, and nice to meet you. As an uploader, I agree with your sentiments regarding our seeders here. Are you an uploader, a seeder, or both? (I wish my internet was fast enough I could do both! lol)
Sylar739301 • 22 Sep 2012, 17:31 Show comment
I upload very rarely, but seed quite often. I wish my Internet was a tad faster as well...

Flash4505281 • 21 Sep 2012, 19:17 Show comment
Thanks For Your Efforts, Here's Another Gif To Use..
GenX5809 • 21 Sep 2012, 20:52 Show comment
And thank you, Flash!

Silent_Seeder2848 • 21 Sep 2012, 17:53 Show comment
I couldn't have said it any better.
The people that hit and run don't understand that there would be no torrents if people that downloaded didn't take the time to seed it after for others to finish and enjoy it; and then after that seed it themselves!smile
GenX5809 • 21 Sep 2012, 20:55 Show comment
At first I felt that way too, but lately I wonder if it's not that they don't understand but maybe they just don't care. (That's depressing huh?) Sorry lol) It just seems like they're attitude is "Well I got free stuff for ME so see ya! Which makes what we do even more crucial. We have to get the best packages out there and keep them there even more, just to counteract that attitude. So yeah, I get where you're coming from and great name btw lol

CBR9291145 • 21 Sep 2012, 17:16 Show comment
Thanks for the kind words, you can always count on me to help.
Caring is sharing, if you can not give back what you take or help members seed their torrents, then you have no business here on Kathuffyhuffyhuffy
GenX5809 • 21 Sep 2012, 20:56 Show comment
Hello CB, one of my loveliest and loyal helpers! How are you? Thanks for showing up on this thread it wouldn't be the same without you, and thanks for helping me (and many other people) provide the best quality content we possibly can to our fellow KAT users. You're a doll :)

Ankans1970 • 21 Sep 2012, 15:23 Show comment
Thanks from me also.. Too those who are seeding my or anyone's torrent.. We don't know their name but I am really thankful to them..!!smile
GenX5809 • 21 Sep 2012, 20:57 Show comment
Great attitude, Ank! Nice to meet you. :)

Stargazer10169.05K • 21 Sep 2012, 15:04 Show comment
Nice uploads mate.You may want to refresh the outdated trackers thoughwink
GenX5809 • 21 Sep 2012, 20:59 Show comment
Thanks for liking the uploads and for the heads up! I've been using these for the past few days but I'm not sure how refresh the trackers o older files I'm no longer seeding. How do I do that? Thanks for help.

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