Question #94

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Question #94

You paid how much?


Well we are all pirates, that’s why we are here, but just how much money has being on Kat saved you.
And not all the movies you have downloaded, I’m talking just in one torrent. Like I have got the Microsoft office, which saved me $169 AUD.. And to be honest I would never of gone out and spent that much money as I simply don’t have it.


I also have picked up Metallica 24 bit vinyl pack

Which is 11 albums plus some extras and this is bought individually in vinyl form would of cost $493.85 AU plus shipping, thanks eBay but I’ll pass. Not to mention the fact that I would then have to buy a turntable to play them on. Rather than just getting it all in one amazing torrent I can play with the push of a button..


Had to re-install Windows 7 onto a wiped laptop… with a little help, and this torrent saved me another $149AUD if I was to go out and buy it..


But as we are all pirates and save ourselves thousands of dollars, pounds, euros, Krona, Rupees, etc, here it is -


Todays question

What do you think is the biggest money saving single torrent that you have downloaded?

(Include it if you can find it.)
(and yes you soppy gits can include a song that got you laid without having to buy a dinner)

some silly question blog got knocked off and thanks to Kosjeyr19.27K for the idea.

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Blog: Question #94

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Pirates don't look at price tags, we justs takes what we wants....ARGGGG!!!!lollol
Almost everything I have as software is free. I could never buy it without trying it, but now that I have tried it...I gonna keep it.titter (Free!!!) I am not as lucky as George0 ....I have been trying to find a free cunt torrent....but with no luck.sad But at least I am friends with KATS WHOREtittertittertitterlol

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i once had a hooker female companion that cost me about 300$ a i have CUNT...its nice to be a pirate lollol
the contents of my media player :P

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My cable bill actually. I still buy movies and go to theaters, and buy my games. However I dont have any channels at all. No cable bill means no 98.00- 200$ cable bill every month. When I only watch like 4 shows every few months. Thank you KAT, one more reason you kick ass. Yessirwink
I would have to say it's a tossup between the Game of Thrones and all of the BBC bits that are not available where I live. When you fill up 10 - 4 Terabyte hard drives with your viewing choices, one begins to realize they can cut the cable TV habit and put a lot of green back in your own pocket. Life is too fast with too many demands to allow network schedules to dictate my time. To all those who take the time to encode, rip, or just plain make available these bits, take a bow, as we raise our glasses to you.
Never missing an episode of anything anymore... that's priceless for me.
Where is the time where I had to watch the reruns and then missing the episode AGAINmad
true for me to

Photoshop 999USD thanks KaT
Oh I downloaded 50somot gb of dr who 4th dr took 2wks 4days
And in total kickass saves me so much money. Thanks to all uploaders I've downloaded off:)
Pirate and seed
To be good Pirates indeed
To help each other in need
That is what I think
KAT Pirates should be...ARGGGG
Pirates like their stuff for free,
pirates just like you and me,
through that internet line the torrents get sucked,
and if you dont like it - you can get fucked!
passes the GOOD rum to *CHIROX*8296 lollol

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ahh the sweet taste of the good stuff.......

saved a bit on software costs,dont think much on movies cos I wudda just waited till they were on TV,but I loved the movies and the documentarys more than the software smile
omg i love this site for the movies i do sometimes go to the theature with my son but comin out he will say at the top of his voice as well titter you goto download that mum to witch i hush him out real quick like so in all fairness i have saved hundreds of quids by being on here an to be honest i dont like d/l from anywere else i will if i have to but my home base is on here loveliness
I was once missed a date because I was waiting for a torrent of Poets of the Fall discography to download. So, I saved around $50 taking the girl out. But made my night listening to all the PoTF songs! biggrin

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