Question #93

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Question #93


No, not a cold. I’m not sneezing but referring to Kat achievements, especially those only designed for 1 recipient like these ;

Official Kat Troll - Darius19543865

Linux Wizard - r00tH4cK3r47.16K

Kat mom - hunniboo11.5K

Captain - Geo G. Darren9643

Thor - LRS25.04K

Kickass Designer - wrong user link


But I want my own.. Yeah yeah, well what have I done. Fuck all. But there must be something I can have that is unique. Coz, well I am unique..

I have already been referred to as Kat Mistress, thanks Smittech141.42K , Kat Dominatrix in the Indian thread and also desperately tried to grab the Kat whore achievement although not officially aimed at me, I had one made and it was on my wall for some time.. but Eppo77.17K said no…


So todays question is easy.. Well sort of.

If you could have your own unique Kat achievement, what would it be and why?

(And you obviously can’t have the ones already taken, or the 3 I am lusting after… )

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Blog: Question #93

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I agree that you should get the KAT Whore Chevy. You are the best whore anyone could want to know. You have whoring down to an art and if you could get it into a torrent, it would be the most downloaded torrent on KAT. If anyone ask me how to be a whore...I always send them to you. Now....enough about the me.....I am not nothing special like sexy or a hunk....but I have good skin! Wanne seelollol
Kat Super Sex God
cos i am a Super Sex God
George0 should get Kat Fantasist as he has delusions of being a sex god tittertitter
thanks hun...CUNT is suffering from a hallucination and sometimes needs to be reminded about the FACTS OF LIFE! lollol

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KAT Smartarse. And that's "arse" as in what Aussies/Brits/Scots call it, not "ass" like all you other clowns!

(And thus, I have proven my cheevo is valid! lol)
Nothing for me, thanks. (I had almost asked the question a few months back on one of the "Need help" threads about how to have/get all achievements either hidden on or removed from profile.)
But since I don't know how he did it and have been wondering —it must be a trick, but nonetheless— I'll nominate CoBane for a newly-minted KAT Lowest Reputation Score achievement.
KAT Sweetie lovelinesslovelinesslovelinesstongue

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I'd say getting a KAT Purple Heart...yep...or KAT Pog Master...perhaps a perseverance award lol
The 'Bit liker' cheevo obviously.
Yes...that says LIKER.....not licker...filthy perverts.
Kat Bits Appreciation Award!

You wrote a question blog about unique achievements but left out PiratMas20.7K 's achievement as KAT's questioner which she got for the three hundred and sixty five question blogs.titter (And which is probably the hardest achievement to gain)
I suppose if I was going to get a special achievement it would have to be a duel achievement that acknowledged my mightiness as a hunter of zombies but also made mention of my truly formidable skill with tiddlywinks.

Some time ago I did actually create a special achievement called 'The Level 11 Thorn Award for Creative Wall Spam' So far I have only presented it to one very worthy KAT user (As seen in the image) but I am sure in time there will be others.
image image
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It might be achievable for someone else but it is so hard it is almost unachievable. If even one day is missed then the challenge fails but I hope you do manage to do it.
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No it's fine for more than one person to do the questions, (As long as the majority are done by one person) but the point I was making about why it's so hard is because if even one day is missed then the challenge fails. (Something PirtatMas used to really panic about) It's not three hundred and sixty five questions in total, it has to be three hundred and sixty five in a single year.

It is damn hard to keep coming up with interesting questions and the temptation when tired at the end of a long day to simply write a couple of lines can be pretty strong. You are writing some really interesting blogs though Eccles and far from simply being questions they are full blogs in their own right.

I've been frequenting KAT for 2+ years and this is my 4th or 5th account. Needless to say, I couldn't care less about silly achievements or points.
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lol no, deleted all em prior accounts.

Kat Future Rehab....Ughhh
Kat dark mourns image

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