A New Chapter...

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Sorry again for the somewhat depressing subject matter. Some people read my statuses...statussss...statusesese...stati...current situation, and, well, here is the slow and skinny of it:

In March, I had the tumor that people read about. Well in the last month, it has threatened to come back, and now my other leg is showing signs of it as well. I am rather worried, but I will fight through that. Here is the new bullshit I am dealing with: The Wyndham Hotel, in Gettysburg, PA has stolen about $2,000 from me. They took the money, claim there is no record of it, and won't give it back. I filed a lawsuit already, let's see if that goes anywhere.

The big deal is; that was all of my money until January. I am now completely broke, and I am about to be evicted...leaving me homeless 1600 miles from my home in Texas, and this is expected to be the coldest winter in Pennsylvania in a long time...so that'll be fun eh?...well...here is the best part, no one will help me...all of my "friends" disappeared when I called upon them.

Luckily, I did have a few friends who told me about an online thingy where you can get donations and whatnot...kind of a personal tragedy charity of sorts. So, I did that, and they gave what they could...I am very appreciative of that.

BUT, if I am homeless, I cannot finish school...I don't finish school, I don't get my money in January....last night, I looked up at the sky, and said something similar to Bret Maverick saying, "Lord....whatever I did to piss you off, if you could let me know what it was, I will try and rectify the situation."

And that is the reason for my absence lately, as I embark on my 3 year mark with KAT....

I have been asked by a few, and given advice to add the link, so here goes: http://www.gofundme.com/save-drew

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Blog: A New Chapter...

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Wow. I remember you telling me about the hotel business. That hasn't been sorted out yet??? As for your friends, they've shown they're colors. At least you know where they stand now and you can cut the dead weight. Keep the faith and keep your eyes open. Somehow things will work out.
Anyone who quotes Bret Maverick can't be a bad person! I'll guarantee there are only a handful of people here who know that name, but I grew up with Bret & Bart. smile
Now on to the important stuff; would love to hear more about the hotel stuff since I'm originally from that area. Seems you are well liked by those who have posted here and I would be willing to help another KAT family member. Is the site you mentioned GoFundMe?
I won't speak for the others here but will say I'd be willing to help out if you tell us how to do that. Stay strong mate. smile

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My house is empty with heat and electric if you want to stay there for a while. It's about 45 miles from gettysburg.
I hope your situation improves, and that damn hotel gets slammed. You should post a link to your donation site, I'm sure this community would help you in anyway they can. *hugs*

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Thank you everyone! Thank to my KAT family and some anonymous offline donors, I am able to pay the rent until OCT. and feed myself for at least a month. I am so grateful for everyone! :') I actually cried tears of joy today, and that hasnt happened in a long time. Thank you so very much!
Sorry DS/Drew that I wasn't able to roust up a bit more urgency among the KAT'ers. Please let me know by PM how this plays out. I wish you all the best my friend.
Its good mate, the help I have gotten will keep me fed for 3 months. I am very very appreciative of my KAT family! Thank you

hope everything gets sorted out soon hang in there buddy
If I could pirate Health then I would surely upload alot of health to you,
That is so sweet, thank you. :)

OK, this will probably be the last you hear from me about this issue. One of my ALL TIME favorite flicks is Pay It Forward. It hit me real hard back then and that is exactly what I'm doing here, so think about it. You could be doing that too. Don't know the movie? Google or Wiki it.
better yet, download and WATCH it! really made an impact on me too and I live by it!

man, what a situation!!!!!
wtf, and what about family?
may all the good vibrations rest upon you.
I have been losing all of my family to cancer lately...All I have left is me mum and dad, and me mum is being forced into retirement, so she is having issues too, and me dad wont answer

BTW, doesn't PS make dorm rooms available for Masters students? Are you doing the work in State College?
It does, but theres none available. I am on a wait list. In January I should have a place, unless someone drops out soon. There is hope, I just need to make it a thriugh October November and December

My house is empty with heat and electric if you want to stay there for a while. It's about 45 miles from gettysburg.
That is fantastic! What city?
I would recommend PM for the rest of this conversation! for privacy sake.

Donation sent, now waiting for more KAT folks to step up and help out, any amount is welcome. They take CC's & Debit Cards. At the very least forward the word by using the Power of Numbers theory. You tell 6 friends, they tell 6 friends, they tell 6 more, etc. IT WORKS!

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Thank you so very much for your contribution. With my KAT family behind me, nothing will stop me.

ever had a drip leaking from a rain? until the leak is repaired the solution is to place pots and pans under the drip. one drip at a time and you'll soon have to replace the pot. if everyone added a drop into the bucket, problem would get solved. working together, we can help our KAT brother! no-one needs to take on too much, but who can't spare $5 or $10 bucks?
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