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Bubanee Rant #9

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It's been awhile since i've posted one of my rants and this one doubles up actually as a link to certain people..
I'll explain something, since well fuck since, i'm getting sick and tired of peeps offering me their sites to upload too, for one i'm public and i'm going to remain public full stop. my solution and i have mentioned this over and over, snatch my uploads and upload the fkn things yourself, once i create and upload and it's seeded i couldn't give a rats about it, done and dusted move on! so you folks asking me to join private sites.. two words.. fuck off. lol
On a lighter note since my site yes you know the one had it's struggles last month and seriously i have not recovered nor has the site, when i check the stats i think to myself, well is it really worth the trouble doing this anymore. not fkn really but i did manage to smile afterall because i decided to check the thelocalbay.com it's got steady traffic and i fkn freaked.. the site at one stage had double the visitors (in a day) then my highest day with bubaneemusic. now this has me thinking actually that i'm on the wrong path.. i should be promoting thelocalbay and not myself. awhile back i was talking to a few folk that i should turn it into a torrent site based on the hash box.. that would fuck up every prick trying to shut down sites because thelocalbay is fkn full proof, no links anywhere just a hashcode, long letters/number of written text don't rock any fkn boat and dmca wouldn't apply.. fuck 'em! This is a serious thought actually because i am going no where and i have nothing left to prove, i set out goals when i first started and every goal met.. except one actually, but that's another story.. thelocalbay torrents... sounds good actually
Now as some of you might know that i do a little work with TXE TheXerovyExpress and lately i've been fuck arsing around with Pink Floyd songs..
here's a few..

and i included 2 songs in the Extra folder of my latest USA Top40 27-july-2013 No it's not a sales pitch for the torrent it has plenty of fkn seeders and also track 39 in the Top40 is my doing :) Tom Ford by jay-Z and who the fuck is Tom Ford anyway lol anyway of track back to Pink Floyd and yes i'm deciding to release From The Vault with proper .cue and flac... In due time of course..

Also follow TheXerovyExpress and with that download (Sales Pitch)

Tonight while mucking about with shit i upgraded the hash box on bubaneemusic... go paste a hash code in the box and see what writes up in your client! fkn cool hey lol does work for utorrent, thats what i use why use anything else (i lie i also use rtorrent lol)
... Cheerio


and whats with the green platypus!!

Alright, let me know what you think of my Pink Floyd songs and yes even Tom Fkn Ford, i'm new to this mixing shit... Cheers!..

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Blog: Bubanee Rant #9

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you can fucking swear here... tittertitter
of course i'll be public.. :)
what's the best thing about public... A public toilet, it's one place you can piss everywhere except in the bowl.. tittertittertittertitter
I fucking did lol

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How is incredif*cking Pink Floyd related in any way to that noisef*cker Skrillex?
Go to Bubanee Profile page > Uploads.... The first page includes the current US Top 40, New Kids on the Block, Kylie Minogue, Suicidal Tendencies and Kenny Rogers. Wow, you really have a wide selection of music. Well done.
That's me!, don't follow any piticular genre :) i'm all over the place :)

The Platypi forgive you...now go away!
No.... I'm committed. titter

The best thing about public is that it's rated E = for everyone smile

I have 5 words for those who spam their shitty private sites in a public forum (or via PM):

I happen to like Pink Floyd so go bubs. wink

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Yes... for the public... This is a public website too is it not? Just blow off the wanks who ask you to do those things, eventually they'll start to get the hint.
Swear as much as you fucking want because when you rant and bitch about things most of the time it is fucking hilarious to me... Sorry but it is...
Oh, about public toilets... for every one of those stalls I have walked into like that can I blame you?tittertittertitter

I don't use the local bay much I use the tool-bar its the only tool-bar I use, great links and the hash box never has cache crap errors!
I'll have to update that someday :)

So I guess you don't want to join my pt site up in the year 3400? It will be a clown porn and duck porn torrent site, becaquse everyone loves some clown/duck porns mmmmm
Platypus porn and you'll be minted
Platypus the 13th pt. XIII titter
gotta love that clown porn eh

thelocalbay is a great site one you should be proud of,i have used it several times so thanks for that:)
Good man biggrinbiggrin

Well, this is as interesting as a fart with no smell... :/
unless you are into that sorta thing... i love bubs rants, sometimes i have no idea what im reading but i still enjoy it because of all the swearing and brutal honesty thrown in.
so annoying! lollol
my rants are getting lamer and lamer titter

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