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Currently Working On (Coming Soon)

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BubaneeMusic can now be found: Here!


Here's a crew that i have had some involvement with, some of you may notice a track called Tony Got Stoned (Full Session) this track is the long version of the KAT Theme, the original short track was named that. But the original name has been re-added. This is a free 100% download provided by TheXerovyExpress I'm credited to a few tracks. Enjoy!.. Do seed or you'll be banned.. lol
it's seedboxed by the way.. This is the VBRV0 version not the same as the V2 version from the latest USA Top 40 that i slipped it into..

Currently working on
Greatest Hits: nil
Releases: nil

Completed and Coming Soon! or Arrived!
Torrent: Kylie Minogue - The Best Of Greatest Hits [Bubanee] Torrent: New Kids On The Block - Greatest Hits [Bubanee] Torrent: Suicidal Tendencies - Prime Cuts Greatest Hits [Bubanee] Torrent: Ratt - Ratt and Roll 81-91 Greatest Hits [Bubanee] Torrent: Blue Oyster Cult - Essentials Greatest Hits [Bubanee] Torrent: Backstreet Boys - Chapter One Greatest Hits [Bubanee] Torrent: Anthrax - Madhouse Greatest Hits [Bubanee] Torrent: USA Hot Top 40 Singles Chart...Debuts 6-July 2013 [Bubanee]

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Blog: Currently Working On (Coming Soon)

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i'm getting used to you stealing my mojo, bearbernee, beibernee, hollywood star man!!tittertitter
Cool. Packages like this are great. Value added.
looking forward to it Bubanee187.64K thanks in advance wink
naaaa it would be Bub.kat titter

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One of these days this blog will be off the blog roll. I'm sure of ittitter
Comment is deleted
I love you titter

Well, whatever your working on, at least I know the quality will be there, so keep 'em coming,and MANY thanks!!
next: VA - Greatest Hits Of All Time [Bubanee]
I'm long overdue for one of my collections.. done enough Greatest Hits for now me thinks biggrin

You know i have to edit this Blog again don't you?
To add the USA Top 40 of 29th June which you can find here
Torrent: USA Hot Top 40 Singles Chart 29-June-2013 [Bubanee]
But i'll do this later..
(Did bubs just do a sneaky advertise in his own comment, you say)
cheers mate, snagging the depeche mode best ;)
snagging, is that a term for leeching titter
well seeding now, and kudos for including the Stargate Remix xD
Had to add the extras to keep inline with 2013 biggrinbiggrin

Comment is deleted
i think that ronthepirate sayd that, not bubanee XD
"abuse" of editing a blog is not cool...that applies to the abuse of any privileged here at KAT. Now mute yourself bubas!!! heehee
I tried muting myself, but this protection privileged box surfaced.. titter

Comment is deleted
YOUR WELCOME! biggrinbiggrinbiggrinbiggrinbiggrin

Kenny fucking Who?? Hold that bearded wanker and get me some Leo fucking Sayer!!
already done leo sayer!
oh FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!! madmad

I fish tuna too!loveliness

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