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A special thanks

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Mr.Black approved thread

I would firstly like to thank my good friend Mr.Black for contacting myself a few weeks back to take part in this special event of Happy Torrents Day 2016, but I declined as my life is in a different direction and does not include torrenting for the time being.

It was hard to say no to my good friend on and off the site, how know how passionate he is about his baby, HTD WS an idea he came up with and I was glad to help to kick-start the event.

Over time I did a few albums where users requested and had their name added. To the new folk who don't know me, I was an active moderator/staff here at KAT from Nov 09 to recent times, in my time in the early days as a moderator I came across a little different, moderators are meant to be Stern afterall if needed. I wasn't like that, in 2009 I set out for this forum that having powers doesn't mean abuse powers. People found me very easy to talk to and I was not judgemental my aim was to show the world that someone with my high profile as a music uploader was to show I am a human. I feel today my efforts spilled over to other mods to follow. I'm proud of that, in my early days there were a lot of nasty mods and high profile uploaders who thought their shit didn't stink. In saying although not active anymore, I can see the love flowing through this site. Proud of you all.

To the folks who know me... Blaaaah blaaah blaaah it's bloody bubanee that lunitic Aussie lol.

Anyway a big thank-you to sirseeds for doing the album, I picked you brother. Always saw potential in you. You deserved this moment.. Anyway everyone, enjoy your one special day.. Happy torrents day 2016.
Until we meet again :)

Avvy for respect to Smittech

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First and foremost, please visit the thread created by our good friend Mr.Black206.9K to give condolences

Thread: The Loss of a Dear Friend & a Legend. For the whole community. Please Read.

To keep it short against the rules of posting. If you would like to use the avvy listed below or create your own and post here in this blog.



You'll sadly be missed, you touched so many hearts.

Christmas Collection both FLAC and MP3.

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With Admin approval.

Some of the comments are priceless lol :)
Cheers all..
and to the 'rule' that is posted, one oversite ain't gonna hurt. That's why i asked Admin first. :)
For Christmas really and the fact that these are not recent torrents i'm not really promoting them for myself as these torrents did well enough last year anyway. Just thought that a collection like these people can pick and choose from.
At least you'll know there good rips afterall :)

Last year or so i created two offerings of mixed content. Because there is so much to choose from and thought why not give them a run.

Just now i turn the seeding on for a few days, so if anyone wants to Leech lol or Seed and grab some or all, help yourself.

Torrent: VA - Christmas Xmas 320mp3 Collection [Bubanee]

Torrent: VA - Christmas Xmas FLAC Collection [Bubanee]

Update: TheLocalBay and (New) Ultimate Torrent Grabber

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For those of you who follow me and over the years some of you have enjoyed the working of the TheLocalBay for whatever reason you use it for.

As most know it's a copy a Torrent Info hash code and hit away to get either a magnet or Torrent..

That's the basic side to it..

Proving very popular with Requests section here at KAT and a few other forums around the planet.


Now what i have added is 3 cache service providers, nothing new really as most know Torrage, Torcache the like.. take a look. basically 3 caches in one spot..

side note: looking for extra trackers.. upload to torrage and btcache, click the link and add the trackers...


2 reasons i added this, for requests we come across a lot of torrents elsewhere that are not stored in cache holders and some folks complain on Magnets because they can't select individual files, although there are solutions out there but a few people don't like magnets period. So if i come across a request and find it on some small site and you'd be amazed what you find out there that isn't on major sites.
I download the .torrent file only and then upload it to a cache service.. like Torrage and then give the 40 character torrent info hash to the requestee and send them to the first page and tell them to use the 1st box (which is torrage) or the 4th box which is the magnet... Works a treat.

Also i have been known for creating torrents in the seedbox and don't download the .torrent file to share but actually use the 40 character torrent info hash straight from the Box !!! Sneaky ? nope, genius actually.. but sometimes i do this and get requests for torrent only, so i do this and download the .torrent file and then use a cache service and then give the torrent info hash and send to the thelocalbay..

So a few of you are thinking.. but you can do this straight from your desktop using utorrent.. yes you can if you already have what someone is looking for.. but 99/100 times most things come from private via link to the box and then create a whole new torrent from there..

Now some of you are thinking, why not use the link from a cache service or magnet link. I'll explain, from my own expierence. I do a lot of sharing to Social Media and as soon as you add either a torrent link or magnet link. it's dissallowed ! and this has happened on a few forums and even some email providers as well and mind you all the requests are for legit content but the sites have a block regardless of legit or so called copyright content or stated in their FAQ's for not allowed.

so it's easy for me to do this..

xxxxx40 charactersxxxxxx...
thelocalbay dot com.


xxxxx40 charactersxxxxxx...

Anyway it's there to check out the new cache section (link above)

Now The Ultimate Torrent Grabber is actually a Magnet or Torrent grabber.


The first version was a stand alone crx file but Google blocked it because of the 3rd party rule in the standard versions of Chrome

So it's a Google Extension that sits nicely doing nothing until you highlite 40 characters and right click and select either a Magnet or Torrent..

Take a look

At the Google Store and free of course.

With the original i had a lot of UK friends who were having troubles with proxys and shit with sites and pasting a hash code on social media was a breeze, haven't told them yet of the upgrade. but some said they didn't like using the beta devolepers chrome editions but rather a official one... Well it's here for everyone now..

Now the pictures you see when clicking the link maybe a little misleading.. as you don't really need to use it for KAT, Extratorrent but TPB don't have torrents ! (unless low in seeds) and if they are cached with the two cache services (most are due to some sites index elsewhere) provided it's a bonus for loyal TPB users..

Anyway, grab the extension let it sit and if ever you share via facebook a 40 Character torrent info hash.. bobs your uncle because your friends should have the extension ! hint hint.. tell a friend..

In the meantime, i'm off to a few russian sites that don't have magnets that have plenty of free DJ music and use the ext.. see ya's...

(p.s... SirSeedsALot was the first official person to grab the extension)

VA - HAPPY TORRENTS DAY - Official Soundtrack 2015 (NOW AVAILABLE)

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It was fun gathering all these tracks and discovering some new tunes along the way and some of the usual standards we have grown and love.

The argument of V0 and 320 well i did it in 320 as it was the clear winner in the poll.

So without raving on to much and for myself to wish you all a Happy Torrents Day

This is my gift to you as chosen by you !!!!



1. Wayne G (Bubanee) - Twisted [Original] [07:47]
2. Nonpoint (Mr.Red) - Alive and Kicking [03:54]
3. Joe Eposito (Mr.Pink) - You're The Best [02:54]
4. Corroded (Mr.Blonde) - The One [03:54]
5. Pink Floyd (Mr. Gray) - Another Brick In The Wall II [Mr. Gray Remix][05:03]
6. Nalin & Kane (Mr.Gooner) - Beachball (Extended Vocal Mix)[07:23]
7. The Xerovy Express (Rhodes) - The OFFICIAL KAT Theme Song [2015 HTD Remix][05:34]
8. Blue Oyster Cult (Keka_Umans) - (Don't Fear) The Reaper [05:04]
9. Motorhead (saimondean82) - (We Are) The Road Crew [03:06]
10. America (BeanDip43) - A Horse with No Name [04:04]
11. Hilary Duff (D.Lion.King.) - All About You [02:36]
12. John Legend (Xer07) - All of Me [04:24]
13. Dream Theater (TheLemur) - Along for the Ride [04:39]
14. J. Cole (JayAce95) - Apparently [04:47]
15. Five Finger Death Punch (Red) - Battle Born [03:38]
16. In This Moment (Celery.) - Big Bad Wolf [05:06]
17. Lana Del Rey (WrazyGirl) - Blue Jeans [03:23]
18. Bug Powder Dust [The K&D Sessions] (SirSeedsAlot) - Bomb The Bass[07:15]
19. Underworld (UltraRound) - Born Slippy [11:34]
20. Sam B (ChasingCoyote) - Break It Back Down [04:55]
21. The Corrs (jazzy4kat) - Breathless [03:20]
22. The Foundations (Dreamy.) - Build Me Up Buttercup [02:51]
23. Joni Fatora Featuring Stephen Swartz (Pahly) - Bullet Train[04:00]
24. A Tribe Called Quest (Blunt3d_Monk) - Can I kick it [03:29]
25. Ghulam Ali (mAngerdAi) - Chupke Chupke Raat Din [04:54]
26. Coldplay (nilekada) - Clocks [05:01]
27. OneRepublic (zombie_rox) - Counting Stars [04:11]
28. Metallica (Xetron) - Creeping Death [06:31]
29. Arctic Monkeys (rathlucas) - Dangerous Animals [03:25]
30. Lady Bee ft. Rachel Kramer (Maraya21) - Drop It Down Like[05:13]
31. Visage (mischaone) - Fade To Grey [Extended Version] [06:11]
32. Phish (CaseybPoole) - Farmhouse [03:56]
33. James Vincent McMorrow (pityrules) - Gold [02:54]
34. Chris Farlowe (MisterGaga) - Handbags & Gladrags [03:53]
35. Flobots (methadone4me) - Handlebars [03:21]
36. Blondie (CindyKAT) - Heart Of Glass [05:42]
37. Focus (1914) - Hocus Pocus [06:37]
38. Drake (ms5d) - Hold On, We're Going Home [03:42]
39. Woodkid (CancerKilla) - Iron [03:18]
40. Live (tRgtopgun) - I Alone [03:45]
41. Rare Earth (Itzy) - I Just Want To Celebrate [03:38]
42. U2 (Gryffon) - I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For[04:35]
43. Toto (BuzzB2K) - I Won'T Hold You Back [04:51]
44. Robbie Robertson (madpenguin) - In The Blood [04:29]
45. Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! (WelcomeToMars) - Insanity [03:34]
46. ACDC (dollybird) - It's A Long Way To The Top [If You Want To Rock'N'Roll][04:41]
47. Queen (Mertado) - It's Late [06:21]
48. Rage Against the Machine (p1cass0) - Killing in the Name[05:08]
49. Sixx AM (Spectre) - Life Is Beautiful [03:29]
50. The Kinks (PXgamer) - Lola [03:59]
51. Eminem (ArchMichael) - Lose Yourself [05:14]
52. The Who (Orwell84) - Love Reign O'er Me [05:45]
53. The Pretty Reckless (DanteLi007) - Make Me Wanna Die [03:50]
54. The Alan Parsons Project (Debrisay) - May Be A Price To Pay[04:55]
55. Janis Joplin (DawnStar) - Me and Bobby McGee [04:25]
56. The Art Of Noise (dragan09) - Moments In Love [10:10]
57. Boston (sum1_here) - More Than a Feeling [04:39]
58. The J. Geils Band (ZombieQueen) - Must of Got Lost [05:01]
59. 50 Cent (Evil_Assassin) - My Life [03:54]
60. Dream Theater (Infinity) - Odyssey [07:54]
61. Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band (MG.) - Old Time Rock and Roll[03:10]
62. Pink Floyd (Crazy_Horse) - On The Run [03:29]
63. DWB ft. Fade (gazza-911) - One Reason [04:16]
64. The J. Geils Band (XMSC) - Peach Tree [Bubanee Remaster 2015][01:42]
65. The Xerovy Express (TheLocalBay) - Ratning Ratning [Edit][02:31]
66. The Rolling Stones (RoughJustice) - Rough Justice [03:06]
67. Van Halen (ROBBREDD68) - Runnin' With The Devil [03:31]
68. Awolnation (Panther) - Sail [04:13]
69. Laura Marling (Beolab1700) - Salinas [04:31]
70. Grateful Dead (Gr8fulDawg) - Shakedown Street [04:53]
71. Three Dog Night (DerekM0623) - Shambala [03:20]
72. Peter Gabriel (TaipanBlue) - Solsbury Hill [04:16]
73. Blur (steveosafc) - Song 2 [01:56]
74. Led Zeppelin (Ascetic_trip) - Stairway to Heaven [07:56]
75. Ben E. King (Dr.Cooper) - Stand By Me [02:50]
76. OneRepublic (Nightmare) - Stop and Stare [03:38]
77. The Rolling Stones (PastaSafarian) - Stray Cat Blues [Live][03:39]
78. Gerry Rafferty (qtwigg) - Stuck In The Middle With You [03:20]
79. Charli XCX (Smittech) - Break The Rules [03:18]
80. Janis Joplin (KVAL3) - Summertime [03:54]
81. Joe Satriani (Sir.Wolf) - Surfing With The Ailen [04:20]
82. Tim Curry (Justin Bieber) - Sweet Transvestite [Rocky Horror][03:13]
83. Guns N' Roses (TimeBandits) - Sympathy For The Devil [07:30]
84. Lorde (horrorhound) - Team [03:07]
85. Eric Clapton (AgentEncore) - Tears In Heaven [Unplugged][04:34]
86. Electric Light Orchestra (Dr_Stanley) - The Bouncer [03:09]
87. Pink Floyd (Anette14) - The Final Cut [04:51]
88. Chuck Billy (ScubaLoo) - Thriller [05:07]
89. Pink Floyd (johnno23) - Time [06:51]
90. R.E.M. (vahgar) - Everybody Hurts [05:13]
91. Run-D.M.C (ShadyThGod) - Walk This Way [05:04]
92. Black Sabbath (stuffytick9) - War Pigs [07:52]
93. Hammerfall (Psycho) - We Won't Back Down [04:14]
94. Jefferson Airplane (RedBaron58) - White Rabbit [02:25]
95. John Legend (X-min) - Who Did That To You [03:43]
96. The Who (nhubi) - Won't Get Fooled Again [08:27]
97. Stevie Wonder (Onchu) - You Are the Sunshine of My Life [02:52]
98. Bon Jovi (IRONy-MAN) - You Give Love A Bad Name [03:37]
99. ACDC (Firestorm.) - You Shook Me All Night Long [03:24]
100. Lana Del Rey (MobileManiac) - Young & Beautiful [03:50]

LAST CHANCE !!!! Have you submitted your Request YET - HTD volume III

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So far so good with this collection for the Official Soundtrack for Happy Torrents Day volume 3 or III

Incase you have been sleeping under a rock, i ask members to submit a request to this thread..


Here !!!!



Tagging needs to be done, not a final list.

0000 - Angel Of Death - Slayer.mp3
000 - Alive and Kicking - Nonpoint.mp3
00 - You're The Best - Joe Eposito.mp3
01 - (We Are) The Road Crew - Motorhead.mp3
01 - Hocus Pocus.mp3
01 - Solsbury Hill.mp3
03 - All About You - Hilary Duff.mp3
03 - Stop and Stare.mp3
04 - Along for the Ride - Dream Theater.mp3
06 - Apparently - J. Cole.mp3
07 - Big Bad Wolf - In This Moment.mp3
08 - Born Slippy - Underworld.mp3
08 - Stuck In The Middle With You.mp3
09 - Break It Back Down - Sam B.mp3
10 - Breathless - The Corrs.mp3
11 - Bug Powder Dust - Bomb the Bass.mp3
12 - Can I Kick It - A Tribe Called Quest.mp3
13 - Chupke Chupke Raat Din - Ghulam Ali.mp3
14 - Creeping Death - Metallica.mp3
15 - Dangerous Animals - Arctic Monkeys.mp3
16 - Fade To Grey [Extended Version] - Visage.mp3
17 - Farmhouse - Phish.mp3
18 - Gold - James Vincent McMorrow.mp3
19 - Handbags & Gladrags - Chris Farlowe.mp3
20 - Hold On, We're Going Home - Drake.mp3
21 - In The Blood - Robbie Robertson.mp3
22 - It's A Long Way To The Top [If You Want To Rock'N'Roll] - AC-DC.mp3
23 - It's Late - Queen.mp3
24 - Killing in the Name - Rage Against the Machine.mp3
25 - Lola - The Kinks.mp3
26 - May Be A Price To Pay - The Alan Parsons Project.mp3
27 - Me and Bobby McGee - Janis Joplin.mp3
28 - Moments In Love - The Art Of Noise.mp3
29 - More Than a Feeling - Boston.mp3
30 - Must of Got Lost - The J. Geils Band.mp3
31 - Odyssey - Dream Theater.mp3
32 - Old Time Rock and Roll - Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band.mp3
33 - Peach Tree [Bubanee Remaster 2015] - The J. Geils Band.mp3
34 - Sail - Awolnation.mp3
35 - Salinas - Laura Marling.mp3
36 - Shakedown Street - Grateful Dead.mp3
37 - Song 2 - Blur.mp3
38 - Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin.mp3
39 - Stand By Me - Ben E. King.mp3
40 - Summertime - Janis Joplin.mp3
41 - Sympathy For The Devil - Guns N' Roses.mp3
42 - The Bouncer - Electric Light Orchestra.mp3
43 - The Final Cut - Pink Floyd.mp3
44 - Time - Pink Floyd.mp3
45 - Walk This Way - Run-D.M.C.mp3
46 - Who Did That To You - John Legend.mp3
47 - Won't Get Fooled Again - The Who.mp3
48 - You Are the Sunshine of My Life - Stevie Wonder.mp3
49 - You Give Love A Bad Name - Bon Jovi.mp3

HAPPY TORRENTS DAY 2015 - Official Soundtrack Volume III

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Here !!!!

To the new users of KAT and old alike

It's time for Volume III and Requests are welcome.

and to put simply, click the link above and read and be apart of history.

Solution to your DMCA removals...

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Call it something like: Did You Miss these Releases....

anyway... over it all...


88F581F89A325EBBA8147E201E447AD91754485A - Sam & Dave - Greatest Hits Soul Definitive
6026FCD456C62091C80B7975CFD24B347E7F1281 - ABC - Absolutely Best Of
37F9C3B39F1314F4DF2845197EE04ABADF0C4398 - Go West - Aces and Kings Best Of
6CD7CB4FB5F871D42531B795C10EC8A960224E29 - The Rolling Stones - GRRR! Super Deluxe Edition
D5256F57E2CBB8A72EDCB5D8B9BACB3A98875BB9 - Megadeth - Anthology: Set The World Afire

---------------------------------------- - -----------------------------------------------

98AC99B1817D12B42A6748511B4EEFFF025DD7A7 - 10cc - The Very Best Of
3E68587E7A3BF4B2D1220F595A55BB98F7D5BD31 - 2Pac (Tupac) - Greatest Hits 2CD
029DF190D880EF059712B5464BE1F3AE5A02C625 - 3 Doors Down - The Greatest Hits
10EF71EC127F2FB0611CEEFBC564268F792EB4EA - ABBA - The Definitive Collection
770066D814E30EF4D3FC40488BED1D178EE32EAC - AC/DC - Their Greatest Hits 2CD
7F9E55139CAE4453A54B8E2981417553EB3DEFA5 - Ace of Base - Greatest Hits 2CD
A2C0CC1C19A178DAFB210DC2D25E707F8DA7EDA9 - Aerosmith - The Essential 3CD with eXtra
414D691776936ABF4AB7CD2C6F30163E57DBCE91 - Air Supply - Greatest Hits
2429C5F5647C775064511E128C3A7CDC2091DF08 - Al Green - Greatest Hits
C1177E8C21A9350F1129BA1079EAD5F3C4DB95EA - Alan Parsons Project - The Essential 2CD
6AE600C86366A1B7094D5B585C4B9C52A85857F6 - America - The Definitive Collection
4BD23611F5483BFADF915729BDB4342AB3F83C65 - Animals - Most Of
00D59812FA0449A57D22BA7A9E8FF293C1F68A2F - Anthrax - Madhouse Greatest Hits
C9A013B0B09D3737863A2C1E2044FB5769B774B1 - Asia - Then and Now Greatest Hits 
33D9C77425FFBFA76610132421CE7DCECAEA7E9C - Australian Crawl - Crawl File
A614B493C77F92996DE9B768A283FEFF422A1E5B - B.B. King - The Ultimate Collection Greatest Hits
01FBB57109E37CBEBFC19DD75388F8A482181A49 - Bachman Turner Overdrive - B.T.O's Greatest
1617BE17CA4497AB70C16F1673DE4F1B9021C64F - Backstreet Boys - Chapter One Greatest Hits
124308AF7D6FA473E8186BF055A73649A3717C40 - Bad Company - 10 From 6 Greatest Hits
BD72C5D3E36EC24131B2356D2443A09A8CB6E8CF - Bay City Rollers - The Greatest Hits
2F265EDAEABBAB36D958F9227DB9B673FD9A7612 - Beach Boys - 50 Big Ones 2CD
DBE44ED5CA9F7B0E354B1E8EC617B9F888118563 - Beatles - 1 - Greatest Hits 2011 Remaster
7DB9557A92DA792F578BA86463C7210632577881 - Beatles And Solo Greatest Hits Collection
8C735035B1ADDF84A9BACE96020E338E4E8ED066 - Beatles The Orange Album (Greatest Hits) 24/44.1 FLAC and MP3 
8374497C735AF6D82DDCE44BD74A0669DF7F72DD - Bee Gees & Andy Gibb Greatest Hits 2CD
673da6490bf16837dd050cc7f927a2c290b99a48 - Bee Gees - The Number Ones
37E9A4A39750BC02AAF62AE7B78437B4FD9421B6 - Belinda Carlisle - Her Greatest Hits 
AD5B8F838BB859B0CD254C17EBCC25853B0AEA41 - Bette Midler - Best Of Greatest Hits
F3A0A6746D7ABEE7D9FFFC2DCAC1FB84162789E6 - Billy Idol - Essential & Vital Idol Greatest Hits 2CD
08e5d81d178397646680ff60f4a27b87ca0d4a21 - Billy Joel - Greatest Hits - Ultimate 2CD
936ACADA53DD1995C927795119B462E80E6230B5 - Billy Ocean - Best Of Greatest Hits 
478413172401D6A9B2E09E114E83339CA47EE918 - Blackfoot - Greatest Hits 
3EC04F9A32A4C26627ED43925B6BDA4E44F07308 - Blink-182 - Greatest Hits & eXtras
23D7810E8ECE5FD38B85B975EC1309D47887E811 - Blondie Sound And Vision Greratest Hits
DB6D1E0674517B765348657718363423380EEFD3 - Blue Oyster Cult - Essentials Greatest Hits
99E36534A5B805D2C06A1B6EF087C6220A6704B6 - Blur - The Best Of 
BC91CEA5E9119A167681B0C0D77D45037C0854B9 - Bob Dylan - Essentials 2CD
3b34e34dd054dac7888ca2d5bb93c9e39e54870a - Bob Marley - Legend
25ceefda7816ccca050734a29965faa16eb0e124 - Bob Seger - Greatest Hits
2B25C55144AFBD5EFC8DADDF4CC1EFFAD4EFF27D - Bon Jovi - Ultimate Collection 2CD
B2DDF107C2BB113F3D7C5175AD489CDC2976DC3E - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Greatest Hits 2CD
d8365bcd263fd1777dcb82dfd299eee951830d88 - Boney M - Greatest Hits Collection
45060C8A02AFEAD4B4732E1B165C51F340D52A2F - Boston - The Greatest Hits
15B678AF48C1CC31E4EF6DD4F9A463D6FF411755 - Bread - The Best Of Greatest Hits
A2F1AA564AFD481EFA3B89BCDE6C372ABB46C569 - Bruce Springsteen - Greatest Hits
3CE6D980FD075A1E082568F86265EC49B485A3FA - Bruce Springsteen - The Essential 3CD
3E42559A9B48BF6819C3FFAD781C44644598A9D5 - Bruno Mars & Friends - Greatest Hits Thus Far
91AAAC811B65F1B66A233FE65B1A31CAC137AFE0 - Bryan Adams 2CD - Anthology Greatest
F0EF4898CD3734005916A6763F1E6AE69C844EBA - Bryan Ferry Roxy Music More Than This: Best Of
5E3F46008828825245C75FD8EB7C627058A4D00D - Buddy Holly & The Crickets - Definitive Greatest Hits
3B1D7201F0A9EF4F0E959AD41E8231BD0FF333DB - Carly Simon - Reflections The Greatest Hits
04EC303203FC34349F7356819C425020CB6C6940 - Carpenters - 25th Anniversery Greatest Hits
22a8c3a24a379db851091f8f61694017efd50f8d - Cars - Very Best Of
381c1424596308b2171939732477c52b78d82dc1 - Cat Stevens - Remenber: The Ultimate Collection
6F2EFC70BDC8C1FAE64E7CBD725EF1A99EF8A407 - Celion Dion - Ultimate Essentials Greatest Hits 2CD
F239AEAC76E990A442E884B9FFC80725EA6A7937 - Cheap Trick - The Greatest Hits
4E4A2189EE3F42B78997FBB4E9DF7F57F05F97A6 - Cher - Greatest Hits 
A7D753250864419E5E03CFA1B02D5B12FE2C6AC9 - Chicago - 40th Anniversery Greatest
C24D3B9C4F74AE02484CA7CF1871A00140EECEC1 - Chris Isaak - Best Of
95e983f28b26fb78113f550a9e7dff0a7ec9148d - Christine Agruliera - Keep gettin' Better: Best Of
20321D8038B58BEE3904FC55AEC3A1FA7C778435 - Christopher Cross - Definitive Greatest Hits
6E1C9C61788C3471F06358EB461032070D67F1AF - Clash - The Singles
681C24096D76631F7F4E37F023024A101A346730 - Cold Chisel - All For You: Best Of
a874f2fa77df5ba3a6c857deb156606f74773af1 - Cold Chisel and Jimmy Barnes 4CD
0FF8134407A917AEA5950C676ADF700F587BA692 - Corrs - Greatest Hits Best Of
BA833A4709AF4AE2211A7D6A608E1A05AB4C0DDB - Counting Crows Films About Ghosts Greatest Hits
60e4cd4a7d8b48ac2717d0e2fb2e1a75c77d630d - Credence Clearwater Revival & John Fogerty - The Long Road Home
AA3660EA3FE6D4C7324D2D6E596213E1F033353E - Crosby Stills Nash (Young) Greatest Hits 
6CA8ED803D6ADB1CDDC47EAF23964E009DAF0E8B - Cult - The Singles 1984 - 1995 Greatest Hits
AAE9A11437E8071CEBE06D333D261C829FF7BEAF - Culture Club - Greatest Hits
0EFA8D6C12CD19A859EC561357FC0C99B67F4301 - Cure - Greatest Hits
C30E9F11D03A3598D7F1B7BDBDA5A481480E1C65 - Cyndi Lauper - Essential Greatest Hits
9dd01c4a0986a79eee40bbadf0de3574b6dc6b85 - David Bowie - Bowie: Best Of
5430C2C79D6AC9DDB298BFF06FDAF79D43936D6B - David Bowie - Greatest The Platinum Collection 3CD
CB17A60073F1651A79E998E0405C30F369D291D9 - Dead Kennedys - Milking The Sacred Cow Greatest Hits
dac2c402f66ab720c691600e619f750eecf8ef84 - Deep Purple - 30th Anniversary: Very Best Of
D9D9873A136853CC9797579A76771C576BB987CC - Def Leppard - Vault: Greatest Hits
060CB5F962033580001F1B5A83F58EF74823DABE - Depeche Mode - Very Best Vol.1 with Extras
8FF5A9739A102F57A88680733ABF161CD7FACC8B - Destiny's Child - #1 greatest Hits
605066E8E7019A1AEFFCD1C560106C07C4C3740F - Diana Ross and The Supremes Greatest Hits #1s
45B6AF6751FD8A66D678999671A3BE6BE118590D - Dido - Greatest Hits 
4B84488E9B5416AB92EDECAE47EE82FAD49266A5 - Dire Straits Greatest Hits Essential Album Songs
7D2625A76FB7235A8E93DB1AC1C2AB10C162878F - Divinyls - Greatest Hits
100262325EA10FDAC13B1C254297D93EEAF99DEC - Dolly Parton - The Essentials 2CD Greatest Hits
734CBFBF3B16C4DAE4383038313D8ED2904D0089 - Donna Summer - Icon Greatest Hits 
A880DD7137FB69A3BBE91947061049623B066291 - Doobie Brothers - The Very Best Of
1a1c13c3ce4c61703d9429a95412bff524e719ff - Doors - 40th 1CD: Greatest
42E934AAA6A030E45103E330810E297749D80B7A - Doors - The Greatest Hits 2CD
6351D66CFF95E2EF90F514398816872AF0C22550 - Dr. Hook - Greatest Hooks
48A93AA6496EFCA3AF59FF801DFC6FF70AEE627C - Duran Duran - The Greatest Hits
d8d35472358e8f3f3d742a6e8837e3851ca56cee - Eagles - Greatest - 1972 - 1979
3FFF360206E46F562C8C0B202E864E5CDF70B6CA - Eagles - Ultimate Greatest Hits 3CD
85B5F62C2D548CC54C5FA960911F6AFF038077CD - Eazy-E - Eternal E & Extras Greatest Hits
7019DAF078194782F77B198841A093A2DA00187B - Eddie Rabbitt - Platinum Collection Greatest Hits 
63648ec7a11f2408d18daf5f293c91474ad376b6 - ELO (Electric Light Orchestra) - All Over The World
DA42CBA2F7D04B9CB00B5756841AC78423B9C9AA - Elton John - 1970-2002 Greatest Hits 2CD
E10ECFCE62C3DE6983D1A107347874110FE002DA - Elton John and Billy Joel 5CD - Elton 1970-2002 & Billy Essentials
D2E4AD9D0A85E38859E63675A31506501455461B - ELVIS - The King Greatest Hits 2CD
A7F8B4A70C0B873B8238BD02DEF5D797C7BC9276 - Eminem - Curtain Call 2CD
A7F132AE03DFAB0C8DEBEBC9BAF3FA8136733A1E - Eric Carmen - Best Of Greatest Hits 
85D8140A6D6DD94F64C0B89DA7828E23CE393AAD - Eric Clapton - Cream Of Clapton & MTV Unplugged
4BBD37833A5AE305F3F46E544B1AF6085FE74BEC - Eric Clapton - Icon Greatest Hits 
E2B1BFC7D4D5D7D75D200CA2D0145B5886305AE9 - Europe - The Final Countdown 2CD Greatest Hits
9C0A87A8C05CDAF85C86048DC6C7EAD708D657C9 - Faith No More - Who Cares A Lot Greatest Hits 
94dce2e4c18501b05c75245615c5a1c18a98fd9a - Fall Out Boy - Believers Never Die
94058C3D7014B655CFB8D0D7952379D1FAFB6812 - Fleetwood Mac 2CD - Very Best Of
EB3FEFA135584789281F3372AFFA8B1A7CBEDB2E - Foo Fighters - Greatest Hits
8D54DD1E2C108E15F1A5938F7007B1E414F0CE3F - Foreigner - The Very Best And Beyond
E732E8BA061B5E9C87AF2288F642EDDA325299FA - Frank Sinatra - Sinatra: Best Of Greatest Hits 
D84251BBB209756B693F748FA7CBF806FA840AB3 - Franki Valli & The Four Seasons Best Of Greatest Hits
058C5A1E0DA362C19B46F869B6437DD407BDFAB2 - Garth Brookes - The Ultimate Hits 2CD
04B3A0ADA9E86CF4293DB9D54027B2C2D2789F7D - Gary Moore - Out In The Fields: The Very Best Of
DC135412DE4DEAC9D2A858B62D76E90AD331F011 - Genesis - Greatest Hits Turn It On Again
3D509C8EB595553864519EBA94601D6643915EAF - George Benson - Greatest Hits Of
CC97C4CD11CFF254FEA914D2CB965913FE7B33F3 - George Michael & Wham! Greatest Hits
EC66B2C3318AA697F2267767279B7570F9A9B3F9 - George Strait - 50 Number Ones Greatest Hits 
91fe11cfd49cfdd76e047294bbbeb66ce117020b - Grateful Dead - Very Best Of
6A485CD1CFB33557423463B2C3AD63E22314DA4E - Greenday - A Little Taste Of Punk: Greatest Hits
178F08DC1A932CD9C5B3F9D94566088F01FB057B - Guns 'N Roses - Greatest Hits
0AC85D42DEADF85A94380CBD87830FCA624B9465 - Hall & Oates - Singles Greatest Hits
8D437360DF679472C5A0368C5ABDE1189A771D9D - Hank Williams - The Absolutely Essential Collection Greatest Hits 
698EC99639BF6D8DF1921987283C5A3C2207794D - Heart - These Dreams: Greatest Hits
12A7561E71FF4AD0FB563DC0E635CE80752879B9 - Herman's Hermits - The Best Of Greatest Hits 
39F076B9619E567ABA036DBC9D9F379511721159 - Hollies - Very Best Of Greatest Hits
499A498A2DA70A4DA4153CE585B5DE7F73DC5240 - Hoodoo Gurus - Gold Watch 20 Golden Greats
9277FF360ADDC729AE593065C9AA045F76377423 - Hot Chocolate - Their Greatest Hits
14D0DBB47D4ECBB7D5AC46566A6E26CD1CBBE2E5 - Huey Lewis and The News - Greatest Hits
4C9A50DA7BF1547BF482E076A371C4F862356312 - Icehouse - White Heat 30 Greatest Hits 2CD
9CAD4CAF15B771F473E02691924D479829EB7210 - INXS - Greatest Hits Collection 
742378EFE71D84D7D6422A5FF1F55C93A8871F30 - Iron Butterfly - Light and Heavy Greatest Hits
FE109D776C5AF2808442A80C021A7DCA60343D1B - Iron Maiden - 3CD 1980 to 2010
1AC68E2795BFD5FC6367AA962A2CDE9F7C0696A2 - J. Geils Band - Best Of Greatest Hits
43AFE57644BA53234ABBF7C3692C10FD87C10640 - J. Geils Band Greatest Hits 1970-73
08C6E9EE77C0C853B9DBF83A5E7C8D69EA3782D7 - J.J. Cale - Classic: The Universal Masters Collection
7CA178B51B1656AB3EA54DD53BC803CC83DB44C6 - Jackson Browne - The Next Voice You Hear - The Best Of
03C1CE2957A1EF03EE515A0C9E09B7DC3AF05242 - Jam - That's Entertainment Collection Greatest Hits
28E87A28C65AB8C42A3A9331A69A4BB751843850 - James Taylor The Best Greatest Hits
CD36CD59448A20D1770A103A393E2C094EA9E5B7 - Janet Jackson Design Of A Decade 1986-1996 
042E89EE083662DF8EBBD0C09FD65A4CAEA4FC28 - Janis Joplin - The Essentials 2CD
3C4119BDE68C1152146985AA76A9B6378A40535F - Jennifer Lopez - J. Lo Singles Collection Greatest Hits
6A2862335AAF024BB48E3C7EE6186958E165E146 - Jethro Tull - All The Best Greatest Hits 2CD
F851D388E746D423DD8BBACE8CC8ADDD098AEF47 - Jewel - Greatest Hits
e6a7f50dc797ea9cb136e2ae452337cbbde18e93 - Jimi Hendrix - Smash Hits
4DEB8407BEE46E3026C0D8C0BA2CFD2724D75C20 - Jimi Hendrix - The Greatest Hits 2CD
A2128E58BEECFBFBCECBCF661AD3FB2EBF921F3B - Jimmy Buffett Greatest Hits Songs You Know By Heart 
DBEC98338FE48E26DE4E93379E36E70F8B21A40D - Joe Cocker - Gold Greatest Hits 2CD
2699502A41F24CC9BD905A595D29C52E2E37BEDE - Joe Walsh - Little Did He Know Greatest Hits
72eec54974057d6df8b9e327deb3eae24f4700d6 - John Cougar Mellancamp - Greatest Hits
AB33CA9911326E6B571BB5F5381081B077BED759 - John Denver - The Essential Greatest Hits
D800DF0AC182FB7359E236854C57AAC05CB40492 - John Lee Hooker - Anthology 50 Years Greatest Hits 2CD
fbd2bc3510f9597a83659f6b6344baeef3e3a265 - John Lennon - The Collection
E1A47270C2C1DB43080AC28A9670297EF945697B - Johnny Cash - The Essentials 3.0 3CD
3256087165322D3F7A07617448A2C65ECC21551E - Journey - Essential Greatest Hits 2CD
C3626F6A433E6F4ED95943AE133941EA4C840399 - Judas Priest - Living After Midnight: Greatest Hits
C4122C5760765B427B9A056E3BEE95567D4568E9 - Justin Timberlake - Greatest Hits
EFE0E4153AD54F84BEB6D028478E2E2550B6A730 - Kate Bush - The Extended Whole Story Greatest Hits 
3EB9B8988CD4F6E2857333796760E692630A9E66 - KC & The Sunshine Band - Best Of Greatest Hits
44DD8F602BF0BE86C56F1A2D48A80F72B01ABD86 - Keane - Best Of Greatest Hits 2CD
908B43F7114D65B17A6D97D223FFB0D2CD26B92C - Kelly Clarkson - Greatest Hits: Chapter One
6D058D48C816046F844C41D5667506A8D7956B97 - Kenny Rogers - 21 Number Ones Greatest Hits
D7FFA28C3845050A69B76E307C915F338E5FBDC7 - Killers - Direct Hits Greatest Hits
CB95749FC5607EE5268315FD53995633E5FA4EB5 - Kinks - You Really Got Me Greatest Hits
8BA0A1CB3EFA7271AF3EE6B39DB97A3CD9583808 - KISS - Greatest Hits 2013
81A56054F99A7247EBD23B541E4E0F552097C226 - Kool and The Gang Icon Greatest Hits 
85c2d91997ca4a42665051d233e6428a27957ba5 - Korn - Collected
E45076040894923D61F8D525E669AA6064F0BCA2 - Kylie Minogue - The Best Of Greatest Hits
991F6384B268D9C4D9D6F499EB0BAAB900CE0FD5 - Led Zeppelin - Mothership 2CD
6e13051616755f586d124b6c75d020d74190689b - Lenny Kravitz - Greatest Hits
cc1709da6cc60b0a879ce81bc00ea07371023450 - Leo Sayer - The Very Best Of
50D3091C2F96C601098AEF1471A145978075F1E1 - Lil Wayne - Gold & Platinum Greatest Hits 2013
9C2EF3D522132041891ACBBCB8510FD238B2BFC8 - Linda Ronstadt - Platium Greatest Hits 
A069F9BC485BEF72ECDE7542524F4454372A5CBE - Lionel Ritchie - Back To Front
8B1D507AAE88A204F270D02F7EA104A25B2C763B - Little Richard & Chuck Berry - Greatest Hits 2CD
E99722AE0FE53238209B24EA4F29B45873A889AB - Little River Band - The Definitive Collection
F644EB529268AEA4EABC86CD97C3BB1D47ED4089 - Lou Reed - Best Of Greatest Hits
5B19DAE8237894B62FB31DFD6AFE1511ECC65B87 - Lovin' Spoonful - Anthology Greatest Hits 
F7B6956838B697B0349157BDFED7F17162EB50AA - Lynyrd Skynyrd - Icon 2: Greatest Hits 2CD
003d0cbb872a918c82c19c1229f7229eefc907f8 - Madonna - Celebration 2CD
6EA97470B1E3DDF70DE3179B03203E37FE5EBA56 - Madonna - The Immaculate Collection
BBD9FB3EC03376C35067929536E0B1A553C9013E - Mariah Carey - #1's Greatest Hits
2F61C0A24CDE4FDF5F87C40778C4B20C76F793C4 - Martika - Best Of Greatest Hits Toy Soldiers 
E23861067F833055BC34BBA48B0944DD3C3C4220 - Marvin Gaye - Motowns Greatest Hits
a74814bf25ef6047670ff9dcbd8a12950b16826e - Megadeth - Greatest Hits
07ECB29F6783ACEF208879E5575604B92078123C - Melissa Etheridge - The Road Less Travelled Greatest Hits
C32F7F7423C845498C8F0430374A3A1063D78803 - Men At Work - Essential Greatest Hits
C89F3B834E4E0C7B5177FD38DF8E0D203C1BA3FC - Mentals As Anything - Essential As Anything 30th Anniversery
2DD91332C69BE2E1E9DBFBC8ABED8CE4292AB28C - Merle Haggard - Greatest Hits 2CD
a13e67696b6c28f302b019285c15436987cd47bc - Metallica - 2CD Greatest Hits
586CD1AA1CC11938B6FA041A6D2DB4517DEF7A7D - Michael Bolton - Gems Very Best Of: Greatest Hits 2CD 
DFAEA6A3A1F342371F85058BAF9E23DD817170B2 - Michael Jackson - Essential 3.0 Greatest Hits
d1e7ff904599814b8cef170562da71832cccc5a8 - Michael Jackson - This Is It 2CD
F18E6CF4CC9160D3180BB7A398CFF4DAF88C6D26 - Midnight Oil - 20,000 Watt R.S.L. Greatest Hits
FD82CF7BC75FEE4F367B7DF3DE3B7AB11C317674 - Monkees - Singles
24A70FF62FF57F10E4BAB4575F0B7C22C470CDD1 - Moody Blues - Greatest Hits & More 2CD
815367E32D1AB985DEA31962DCF7961911B9490D - Motley Crue - Greatest Hits
017450F3A1342A7EAF6F1BD089EC50D2F014D1B8 - Motorhead - Deaf Forever Greatest Hits
0B37343C0C69DC8E4924EBF1745B74B0B9B42551 - Nazareth - Best Of Greatest Hits 
5A29F62C197834FEF580395B7A79F27063B0E83D - Neil Diamond - Greatest Hits2CD
7E95FF1C316B87DF6A92D261E0961C9555B890AB - Neil Young - Greatest essentials Hits 40 Songs
D997BFA5F47959D83304B4C13388464697E47CC3 - Neil Young - Greatest Hits
81A1A4F5463FDD97D84CE826877763E91A2C8B99 - New Kids On The Block - Greatest Hits
4fd00f9fb390119728a160c320100a459a45bc61 - Nirvana - Greatest Hits
49C5BC7B0C02624FC28CE42AEB208A2ECEEAF709 - Noiseworks - Essentials
7A0EEB20AAF5B1BE8F624751B40A0869F254644A - Notorious B.I.G. - Greatest Hits
08E8D969BB7BA76F2D7A3A514005CDE6E8835EF6 - Oasis - Time Flies... 1994–2009 Greatest Hits 2CD
A8F00C83279703258C2721361CCBBD3C6EBC5DE7 - Offspring - Greatest Hits
1971A5CE8D6CB525A2322E102603316FBE3C611A - Olivia Newton John - Greatest Hits Singles 1971-1992
4C5C42615DB3E002918D4D224CAB00717AD6233E - Ozzy Osbourne & Black Sabbath Greatest Hits 4CD
AEA3A4FE9E3B4C805EB2129703188351A172BE7E - Pat Benatar - The Greatest Hits
C6D3FD161B4E0AF7AD5CB93E119AC353C698A238 - Patsy Cline - Definitive Collection Greatest Hits 
84984B7089B6CC9C2951CBA41BF3629B4FB5DE81 - Paul McCartney - All The Best
8593CD1DE4C33DD3F777C034E84AFA1B9471F396 - Pearl Jam - Rearviewmirror 1991 - 2003 Greatest Hits 2CD 
F5ADEA31146215EC3DB1BA8C78213494C67D15A8 - Peter Gabriel Shaking The Tree Greatest Hits 
6504B1A7A95BCF4E3F14BB765BCCF3EBAAEF58E3 - Peter Wolf - Double Parked On The Highway Of Love - Best Of 
1250C4F469DC3713D18A1EC89B248D3DEA82ACC9 - Petula Clark - Songs Of My Life: Greatest Hits Essentials 3CD 
ec2ff85e8e33c8a89a6c5a25ac17c15c9cbe9185 - Pink (P!nk) - So Far!
FB7BB392452D48F50D288AEBBAE95D41D620B3D3 - Pink Floyd - From The Vault
24e427785e532890c13bfb87e4a455ef4277f746 - Pink Floyd 2CD - Echoes The Best Of
B5A7730A64F84BEEE769ABC92CA248EB0C5F195C - Pointer Sisters - Jump: Greatest Hits
4FBB6B4C92DDC81B359EEE4D2A4A0F7F2977BBB7 - Poison - 20 Years Of Rock: Best Of
CAD859C5AC2B6891B6B10E668A7CD874BEF0340A - Police & Sting Greatest Hits 2CD
6832E6D552A063D08D34F702083222526F7639F8 - Police - Greatest Hits
E5F9A0E7E7029CB37913F310AA4D6CF650C4661C - Prince - Greatest Hits
9ca6de04b305daa0bd8e0a6d515eed3454a55be1 - Queen I and II - Greatest Hits 2011 Remasters 2CD
C8E20701C8CB6A373904E803EC3BF2EE3104B07C - R.E.M. - Greatest Hits 1982 to 2003 2CD
F8E6682496FF62AC94C84A6247C073488A5BB037 - Radiohead - The Best Of
06B1F6437FE2279443C96593DD19505E4C053A0F - Rainbow - The Collection Greatest Hits
4BF163FA533B3A8C6180B08B3397470163D58A2B - Ramones Greatest Essential Hits
08CC4BD62A644205728F2A874027A1184ED3E422 - Ratt - Ratt and Roll 81-91 Greatest Hits
38979EE94106A4F586AA024649B0ABE331F49141 - Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Greatest Hits + eXtras
C42DC8579B132BBCDD0ED34B3E736248C5076F05 - REO Sppedwagon - The Greatest Hits
878E9DB081861B53DC3F3B4718FF00ECD14A8DC3 - Richard Marx - The Greatest Hits
AACC0D418770EBEEEAA1C89440B091E857528C23 - Righteous Brothers - Best Of Greatest Hits 
08F10C45739BC3873993832315DCED044DB77D22 - Rihanna - The Greatest Hits 2011
FE14486867473DEA7C3A7E2417C0A3D858CE4D4A - Robert Palmer - Addictions
6ba177ac380d97b1e5410074150f9077653262b4 - Rod Stewart - The Definitive Collection
619695dc6e4b9df6961c87f39beffde6cef106d9 - Rolling Stones - Jump Back
41A179E3AECF5C8FD31128C2460FB4B7F7DB58EF - Rolling Stones Greatest Hits Essentials 3CD
774DCBF4A291FD8BD790215344C1E74416C02969 - Ronan Keating - 10 Years Of Hits
864646DA776947E46340E12CCDC010403820FA6A - Roy Orbison - Monumental Greatest Hits
E9A433D776C17B1D98767C4E35D48EFCDA98028F - Rush - Spirit Of Radio Greatest Hits
267AD23AEB661DBF273DC04379B0D7D1BFDE8C30 - Ry Cooder - River Rescue Very Best Of Greatest Hits
3AB93750AF8556034A91033EF54F73355E231F7D - Sade - Best Of Greatest Hits
A100E3268A76D597B5C11D0459ED1C1B7CCFCB1F - Santana - Essential Greatest Hits 3CD
7C865E813A41B012A72491D6AAF943CEC4BFC507 - Scorpions - The Very Best Greatest Hits
FFF162A899BCA290DCCADC526C5214E6F925097E - Sean Paul - The Singles Collection Greatest Hits 2013
5306F671A41B639ABF1C4924C7EC397D9D383011 - Sex Pistols - 25th Jubilee Greatest Hits
96938A8ED16E6F4B45A732DC98E648BF9CCF638F - Shakin Stevens Greatest Hits Very Best Of 
38A0FEC7DA0709F2832F212E9FDD7CFA8FFEAA9A - Sheryl Crow - Best Of Greatest Hits 
8668BD46B9FC05D310A3556B37384FA6D69A52B1 - Simple Minds - Glittering Prize (81-92)
0418C47AC1367BF539EECF6029FE13A5A24D3F3B - Simply Red - The Greatest Hits
DD403AEA2F9ACCF57A040A011AB9CC4A0DFC27DA - Skid Row - 40 Seasons: The Best Of
1E1F0E177E82348117BFA19812875E6E7118C76F - Sky - Masterpieces: The Very Best Greatest Hits 
EECD9DA5A10DAFACB9A391AC3662BE6958A558CD - Slade - Greatest Hits Feel The Noize
EFD853AA0F1AE98E2C300233BD346D95495129BE - SLIM DUSTY - The Very Best Of Greatest Hits
C04850AD2558964582D637F723302C88A655128A - Small Faces - Essential Collection Greatest Hits 
27F214478CBC87A66089C6B170F607E4A66B8319 - Smashing Pumpkins - Greatest Hits
D4D1F9E564236764D8E68EC18CAAB6C5319667AC - Smokie - 14 Greatest Hits
1363AC41199A4772F0079A3B684A010E47CCF941 - Snoop Dogg - Best Of Greatest Hits
E1FDBCDF34E6D9F2DFB466AC788500060C83250D - Soundgarden - Telephantasm Greatest Hits
31791460D49F061CBCA86F76C6A69D4126080320 - Split Enz - History Never Repeats: Best Of
371D50FE4CC9D32D60B27319956299BF121B96F5 - Status Quo - 12 Gold Bars
D0153A4867D06421C09C189944B1DEFAE6243A72 - Steely Dan - Best Of Greatest Hits
86A7FD0C4BE5CADC614295282C8B53FC7BDCF660 - Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel Greatest Hits Make Me Smile 
d109cdaada792ccf5485a2fa2236d311195b1a27 - Steve Miller Band - Young Hearts: Greatest Hits
042BA8AB1828B436F5AD46819B9C7074A705D40D - Steve Winwood - Revolutions: The Very Best Of
D5F805131F97D4F87CE3C1D901632AFBDF972B2D - Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble - Essential Greatest Hits 2CD
FC34760BC0646555D0BDEDD7753C45E835A63F1D - Stevie Wonder - The Definitive Collection
5014C589BD9FD05EB7E34216727A78B819B50449 - Styx - The Greatest Hits
CF20332C1B555467C18357179A1C3A52C271E728 - Suicide Tendencies - Prime Cuts Greatest Hits
84753952f03d635e3435705686f3f5cb4c70dd04 - Supertramp - Best Of
342D6883E7D1066604454942B404B9DDDEF65EB2 - Suzi Quatro - A Little Taste Of Suzi: 10 Of The Best
1907D5EAA92D2553C1B0809B7033CAC8FFB6D023 - Sweet - Greatest Hits 
0BA05FCEC94F827F8607A2F18BDF361A76F9F2C2 - T. Rex - Essential Greatest Hits
CFAF1F447D65ACAE976D0BCF020DD9A56F871DB5 - Talking Heads - Best Of: Once In A Life Time
3B339EADC2673B834258E0797E7CD3D72F968C60 - Tears For Fears - Tears Roll Down Greatest Hits 82-92
9D31E6DF3DC7F9D46C9172D70620307A0B056A4F - Ted Nugent - Great Gonzos Greatest Hits
20E37CCD647CC2CC111A30C1E86331FC1ADA4A88 - Terence Trent D'arby - Greatest Hits 
FB33998E7416DF58B29024B8C4DE2EA6EAC2396E - Texas - Greatest Hits
D4437BAB84883F11A1738830CBB53CCE38562163 - Thin Lizzy - Wild Ones The Greatest Hits
CEC044A3432F09276D32DFBCA98D7A1D8F39025C - Thompson Twins - The Singles & Remixes Greatest Hits
C7E98CB184123472D48B5A693D1642A354EDF9A5 - Tina Turner - Tina!
605B6C93B575BDE28AF1BA8D3A32EDFD8B9165DE - TLC - Playlist Best Of Greatest Hits 
7E458CCB37BEC5A797F6D1E33E04907212AF3C3E - Tom Jones - Best Of Greatest Hits 
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64AED27642CFD3BD823E7778CAA17AD170471211 - ZZ Top Very Baddest Of 2CD Greatest Hits 

Spek - Acoustic Spectrum Analyser and a Rant

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Been awhile since i have a made a Blog, firstly hello to all, hope you are well and all

First thing is first.. How is everyone coping with DMCA lol.. I myself have lost a shitload of content and i'm guessing i'll eventually lose more. That's luck of the fkn straw, right ?

Anyway how about Transcodes and checking that evil shit, lately i have seen a ton of that crap and people still falling for so called 320mp3 encoded from a lower mp3. People it doesn't sound any better you know !

here's an example..

Ripped the first one from a FLAC file to 128


Totally shit right as you can imagine a 128.. Now i took this 128 encoded it to a 320 mp3..


WOW ! can you spot the difference ! totally off this planet right but it's a 320 so it has to sound good, right......

Wrong ! turning low 128 into a higher 320 will same the same (as 128) and lets not mention the SIZE difference of wasted MB's !


here's the original FLAC


This time i encoded it straight from the FLAC to MP3 320..


OK, short and sweet and you do get the picture, right ? but your wondering. How can i check this myself from items i have bought, how do i know the 320s are legit..

Well more info and a link right here and best of... it's free and a small program and one you can drag and drop your audio,

Visit: Here and click the 'Free programs' and you'll see the post..

Anyone remember me...

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Alright, last night my family was released and me being forced back to be on the team was a success for KAT. I endured hours of pain negotiating with Mr. Pink while Mr. Red had a target on me, i refused at first by saying

"How fkn dare you do this while there is no coffee, don't even start talking till something is brewed up and make sure the bacon isn't burnt, i ain't talking till then"

So Pink proceeded the coffee and talks began.

At this time Red who had managed to smash my front garden trying to sneak through the side window, i wasn't fkn impressed as the Peppa Pig garden gnome got smashed, again no talks until the Pig was fixed and for the fuck around i expected a free 2nd gnome, so that worked out well as well, i now have Peppa and George sitting nicely..

Anyway i can rave on and write more fantasy bullshit, but what they didn't know was when holding my family for ransome i had 3 highly trained donkeys awaiting for a full breach attack on my command, i had a device in my hand ready to push the button, but i just wanted to hear what they had to say and the fact i was to lazy to get up and make my own coffee and lashissssh (picture Sean Connery saying that.. his S is Shh lol) of bacon, thanks to Red for George


On a serious note, i'm back as many have said "Where i belong"
These days i do have a Life outside of KAT and i can pitch in where i can, if it's questions that anyone can answer, seek there firstly..

and i bet the winner of this years Staff award was happy that my bloody name wasn't in the Poll..

That's is all..

oh a free tip: Pink and Red, next time don't borrow Sirseeds car again, i heard it a mile away back firing and splutting it's ars end out and playing The Xerovy Express on low quality tape is a kick in the guts.. LOL

I'M BACK !!!!!
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