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Digital Music for Christmas - Cover Art and Sound Spectrum Visuals - What a Joy!

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I love looking at new album art! I use Windows Media Player still, because I can watch each new album cover pop up on the screen as the album plays.... and I can look at ALL the album art for all my songs on the Media Player database display. Album art can be so awesome... sometimes it's awful, of course, but mostly, it's just awesome.

A few days ago, I acquired a new skill! I learned how to put the album art into every song file! I use a program for that... "Tag & Rename" .. but I can also do it from inside my Streaming Audio Recorder app, which lets me add the album cover to each song as it records them. Then I can choose a cover for the album as a whole (if I'm doing a whole album). Digital heaven! Every song pops its cover in Windows Media Player as it plays. Love it!

But right NOW, my newest toy for the Media Player is the Sound Spectrum "Winter Wonder 2015" Visualization program! It's made to run with Windows Media Player, but it will run solo on my desktop too, if I want.. with a strip down one or both sides of my monitor running the visuals. Sound Spectrum runs their audiovisual programs from their computers, so it has to connect to their website (no sweat), but the visuals are computer generated, using algorithm-based digital variations. I know y'all know about that stuff... it's been around awhile, but I think it's still the most amazing thing to watch. This season's "Winter Wonders 2015" app generated a great variety of visual scenes, some whimsical, but most of them just plain beautiful to watch... some with photos of snowy mountain scenery and snow falling, some with ethereal Christmas trees with a star on top.. all kinds of stuff. The program was inexpensive to buy (and I can't imagine bootlegging it, frankly, cuz it has to run thru Sound Spectrum's server, so I don't think you can get the "handshake" for that without the license). But anyway, it's great fun to watch, and I just love the Album Art popping over it for a minute. Fun fun fun!

I can feel the Spirit ! Suddenly this morning... uploading Music Box Nutcracker Suite, and...

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It hit like a snowball in the face this morning.

It's cold ... real cold here... and we've had snow on several days lately, the mountains are covered. (ok, that's "relative".. I am feeling the cold .. but I am sure some of you would think I'm a whiner)

I've received a "Reseed request" for my Porter Music Box "Sounds of Christmas" torrent this morning, so I uploaded the Porter Music Box "Nutcracker Suite" album, as well as restarting the "Sounds of Christmas" torrent. But to do that, I had to look up information on Tchicovsky's "Nutcracker Suite" history... and BOOM ... the "spirit" just came in with a rush. ***sigh***

SO.. we now have 2 music box collections for the holidays up, before long, we'll have Windham Hill's "Thanksgiving" album ... a classic that I was able to buy NEW from Amazon yesterday. I'm waiting for that to arrive around November 30th. I'll upload it soon as I get it. I was pulling together all my Windham Hills music albums yesterday, to see what I got, and I discovered that I now have 25 Windham Hills albums. I tried downloading the Windham Hills Chill (2 CD) album from KAT yesterday, but it's a dead torrent, so I went to Amazon, and "Amazing Grace !!!" they have the CD (used). I'll hve that one soon here, and I will re-upload that album here to replace that defunct torrent.

But what I'm really excited about is uploading my entire Windham Hill collection. I think I'll upload that today separately from the Thanksgiving and winter "Chill" albums. Can't wait for those to arrive, but since they won't be here for a week or so, I'll share what I have for the moment..... Oh! And many thanks to SirSeeds for sharing with me his Windham Hills First Ten Years (2 CD) album - that I discovered 2 days ago (but he uploaded it back in January). I'm a little slow sometimes here.

Coping with my VPN - a new lesson in Torrent Design (or.. "NOT AGAIN!")

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Okay, so I've been around and around on this weird little problem with torrent corruption... you know.. where you create a nice torrent to share, then you upload it to KAT, and then you discover it got corrupted going from A to B?... Then 15 minutes later you start getting complaints, and requests to Reseed?

Well, I have sorted the issue out! I use PIA VPN... like most of us here, I suspect. Sugar, let me share a little secret with you about Private Internet Access VPN. It's a good VPN service. No complaints there... but I think they are overwhelmed by SO MUCH interest from the KAT community...

VPN can't keep up with the traffic well when I upload a LARGE... (we are talking BIG here) collection of books (not sure what they do about music, videos, etc.).... repeatedly here lately, I've discovered my torrent corrupted, books dropped... Go figure! Also, I've had some complaints about my torrents uploading at "snail speed". I have a fast ISP... when the VPN is turned OFF, it works like a charm! (My security and safety from the Inet Copyright Pol Hounds is non-existent, but my torrents upload like rockets). Sigh.... moving right along, I can't go without the VPN (for which I am paying every month *grrrr*). SO... I have found a solution to this issue.

I DON'T create book torrents from INSIDE my Calibre database files! And I don't create large scale torrents anymore. I do more work, and I put the torrent file (meaning the file with the books in it) ON my DESKTOP. I'm not certain how much faster my uploads may be with the VPN in between Points A and B, but I am hoping that my torrent flow is better now... and MOST importantly, that my torrents are not being corrupted by the VPN. Waiting to see how it goes from here. PRIVATE INTERNET ACCESS needs to deal with their servers, or their network protocols, or something~ to improve their traffic handling!

Knowing when to quit - The heartache of "hoarding"

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Here lately, I'm feeling the chill a lot more than I used to, when I was young and vibrant. I think that the problem is I'm too sedentary... need to get up and go do stuff.. get the blood circulating. But it's hard to get motivated sometimes.

Here lately, I've come to the realization that I just have way too many books, way too much music, and not enough time in what's left of my life to ever read them all, listen to them all, or even manage all the stuff I've got in my PC hard drives.

It's awesome to be able to find so much that looks interesting here at KAT. I've loved tons of it. But after all the issue I went through with Blue Screen crashes here lately, I realize that having all the stuff on my PC that I have doesn't mean I will be able to get into it, actually read it or listen to it - especially if the PC fails. I can't save everything to DVDs or CDs - that would just move all the stuff from one box to many in my house. Time to make some tough decisions, and delete some stuff. For the last few days, I've been going thru all my ebooks (and MAN do I have a lot of them) - deleting duplicates (triplicates, multiples). I've sure made a lot of work for myself. I'm having to give some serious thought to what I really want to read here lately. And the same applies to music. Gonna toss all those trance albums. I'm way to old for Trance & Dance music. LOL Sigh... Is SO easy to become an "info hoarder". (I'd like to think I'm NOT a "hoarder personality," but as it turns out, I have an addiction here that I have to deal with. I'm not in favor of addictions. They are a bain of existance, I think - a sign of something wrong somewhere in one's spirit that needs attention, and fixing.

Fall is my favorite season - I love Halloween, and Thanksgiving

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I wish I could say the same for Christmas ... I certainly used to love Christmas, but over the years (lots of years), as my family faded away into the distance, and I don't see them during the holidays because their lives are too "full" with "important activities, and important people".... I have become lonely at the Christmas season. Here lately, I've stopped putting up a tree, or doing anything for the day, except that I still pray, and thank God for my life. Yes, I am still Christian, no I don't think you need tinsel and presents to be thankful for all the joys you've had in life, and some of the sorrows (not all tears are for losses).

Anyway, Fall is the season when we can go outside comfortably in light jackets and sweaters... the flies and mosquitoes are gone (mostly)! And the trees are turning glorious shades of red, orange, yellow... gold! Halloween candy is everywhere.... and if you like cooking, there's caramel popcorn balls, and candied apples, and chocolate candy.. all kinds of great stuff! If you're into dressing up weird, or funny, or sexy, or whatever, you can even get away with that in public view (once in awhile). And it doesn't require your whole family to be there with you. You can celebrate anywhere, with anyone. So I love Halloween. And Thanksgiving here in the USA is the season of family love (supposedly), and even mutual positive regard at work... Great food, great get-togethers. Sigh.... who doesn't like that!

Making Friends on KAT - Not easy from behind a wall

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Okay, I know we're all scared here.... we're afraid that people will phish out our log-in data and use it to invade our PCs, our private lives, and our bank accounts. We're afraid we'll be pestered by people who want to pinch our wallets, our identities or our backsides.... or change our religion. Some of us are just afraid... period! SO.... how do we handle the fear on this totally In-Your-Face KAT website, where the next person you talk to may not understand your language, your values, or your video & music preferences?

Well.... we hide behind our Profile Wall with the blank surface on the front, and post up Avatars of beautiful women, or zombies with blood on their faces, or corny cartoons, and then we pretend to be.... (pick 3 words to describe somebody you never met). Now, let's all be friends.

I don't buy it.... I get friend requests from all kinds of folks. I love meeting people, and I like having friends, don't get me wrong here. But after accepting everybody as a friend for years here, I finally learned that I can't be friends with everybody, and still have time for sharing music or books, or talking about what's meaningful. I had to find a way to reduce the flood of requests to something I can handle, and still be sincere, kind, and a decent person.

So I started visiting the profile pages of people who ask to be my friend. That's when I discovered that half of us here are hiding behind walls. Worse yet, everybody wants to be a girl? Well, if you look at all the silly, girly avatars with bare body parts, that's the impression you get. I AM a woman, and I swear it would be a cold day in a very hot part of *ahhm* a metaphysical domain that none of us really wants to end up in...* before I wannabe a guy! I am not impressed by this! I am not impressed by unfriendly walls with gun ports and some guy up in a corner turret shouting down to me, "WHO GOES THERE?" .. and then shouting down, "Oh.. it's YOU!? Wannabe my friend?" Nope.. not today! When you visit my Profile Wall, what do you see? You see a wonky looking pirate chick, and a woman who is a woman. You see a person who has preferences, values, a birthday (Oh My Gawd) and a sense of humor. You see a person who has opinions, and is wrong sometimes, crazy sometimes, and (I hope) funny sometimes. But you don't see some guy (who wants to be a girl?) up in a turret yelling down over the wall, "WHO GOES THERE?"

SO... if you want to be my friend, before you send me a Friend Request, best think about whether you're gonna come out from behind that wall you're hiding behind... and whether you're really a woman, or NOT. I like my guys to look like guys, and my gal friends to look like gals. I'm sorry, but I'm just not impressed by guys in "drag". I am impressed by gun turrets and 20 foot high walls with blank facades, but not "favorably impressed," and I tend to go away (not mad.. just ..... AWAY).

No more Blue Screen crashes - Solution found

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I read all the commentary on my previous BSoD issue, and I DO appreciate everyone's thoughtful (and occasionally thoughtless) attempts to help, and to suggest ways to cope with it. I will acquire the NirSoft "Blue Screen View" app to read and review the issues it identifies. However, I think that, as some pointed out, the major issue with my old PC is probably that my MotherBoard is old and tired, and simply not up to the task of coping with Windows 10 and DirectX 12. It's years old, it's a Dual Core, with Intel processors, and I really need to upgrade it.

My RAM sticks are 2 different ages - the older 2 are rather old indeed (I don't know how old, had them a LONG time). The newer 2 are .. meh.. last year's sticks? Anyway, replacing the RAM should help, I think. So, I will try to do those things in September.

I'm NOT getting Windows 10 installed. Not this year anyway. I'll wait to see how it goes for awhile, as I usually do with Microsoft Windows. Every Other Version is usually okay. Inbetween upgrades have generally stunk, in my experience. Sometimes it's every 3rd one that's okay. We may be at that point here. Whatever the case, I don't think Microsoft has had sufficient time to gather in the 3 million complaints, demands and requests for fixes to improve Windows 10 where it's trustworthy for my PC. So I will wait. HOWEVER..... the solution to my Blue Screen Crashes turned out to be simple. I removed Microsoft Security Essentials! And I installed Malware Bytes Antivirus app (RETAIL, REGISTERED, NOT BOOTLEG). END OF BLUE SCREEN CRASHES! I did this at the suggestion of a dear friend here, MisterGaga, and I am so relieved that it is NO LONGER a problem.

For all those who have asked, are you running a registered version of Windows, or a pirated version .... I may be dumb sometimes, but I am not totally crazy. my Microsoft Windows is retail, registered and genuine. No way am I going to run a bootleg version of Windows, when I am NO kind of IT expert (either hardware or software), living alone with no IT expert in my household... or even my neighborhood!

I very well may have some Windows app garbage on my machine causing problems - the Windows.old program is still present. I will take my PC to a shop on the 3rd, where I am assured the technician is a certified IT specialist (I'll examine his credentials on the wall), and have my hard drive reformatted, my registered Windows 7 64-bit Ultra program reinstalled, and the RAM sticks replaced. (Can't afford a new MB right now... need time & $$$ for that. Reinstall Malwre Bytes, NOT install Windows Security Essentials, TEST TEST TEST .... and hope for the Best. Thank you all for your concern and your help. (Yes, some of your advice helped, and much of your commentary was instructive, and humbling! And a few of you can go soak your heads in vinegar (because your personality, and your egos, need some adjustments. :)

BSODs continue - Microsoft memory test detected nothing

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Still running diagnostics trying to find the source of the problem. Device Manager does not detect any failed devices. So the Ethernet Adaptor is still running. Hard drive processing seems slow, so I think it's failing (pity - it was installed new in July). I'm out of ideas. Time to take the rig to a shop.

Fixed my PC somewhat - Still getting Blue Screens

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UPDATE: As I continue to restore my torrents to active seeding process, I may have identified the cause of my Blue Screen interrupts. Someone kindly suggested that maybe I'm having a program conflict with an app running in the background. I discovered such a program! I use Maxthon Browser. When I reinstalled it after my Windows crash & burn, it had "added on" a new "service app" - a prog that was scanning my programs and "updating" some of them, in the background. (Freak Out Time!) I stopped the process, but it restarted, the minute I reopened the browser. I have REMOVED this invasive "service" from my Program Files, and turned it off in the browser (Crossing my fingers here! I haven't had a Blue Screen Interrupt since I did that yesterday afternoon.)

Just an update here to let y'all know that I have been working hard to restore all my torrents to seeding status. I am now reseeding most of my recent torrents, including the collection of music by Musical Blades, recent Hearts of Space collections, the Firefall and Dan Fogelberg Discographies, and the Cascades album that is so popular. They are seeding. The collection of Various Inspirational Instrumentals is seeding 100% now, as is "In Search of Sunrise 13.5".

Windows 10 - Was it all simply an Operator Error?

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Having read the comments on my commentary on Windows 10 - I should have titled that Blog "The Perils of Pauline" - I have the worst luck sometimes. I've finished sorting out the mess on my PC, and I can play my favorite games again. But what struck me about the discussion was the mixture of sympathy and disdain in the blog. It was interesting that some people understood my personal panic over the failure of my OS. But quite a few were frankly incredulous that I had not backed up my hard drive before Windows 10 took over my PC, while some sounded off about how stupid I was for not doing the "obvious" to restore my data. For the record, like most KAT members, I collect a LOT of stuff here! I don't always put it on disks and store it. So I have a lot floating on external and internal drives. I have 4 of them.

Allow me clarify something about PC users, in a world now full, apparently of IT experts. I believe there are a lot more "users" out here who are not IT experts! And since computers have been around since I was in my 20s, there's a lot of us older users out here too! Furthermore, there are a lot more of us who live alone, have little or no access to expert advice at home, and who know little or nothing about Windows applications. We are in the majority. Experts are, and have always been, in the minority.

Apparently some of you think I had a hardware issue because I have old junk sitting on my motherboard. Let me clarify that misconception. Back in mid-July, I had my PC rebuilt - new internal hard drive (1 TB), new high end graphics card (nVidea GeForce 750TI), new Windows app (for me) - WIN 7 64-bit (Ultra), and all my drivers upgraded. Intel Pentium 4 motherboard is only Dual Core, but with 8 gig of newer RAM - and "if it ain't broke, don't fix it," my father often said - I didn't "fix it".

I think before we all make assumptions about what's at issue when someone has a bad experience with an OS, or hardware, we should ask a few questions first, before assuming the problem as presented is all a matter of "Operator Error". That's what I got out of the discussion about my Windows 10 mishap. It was NOT "operator error," it was NOT worn out hardware - it WAS, in fact, a problem caused by Microsoft Windows 10. I don't care if you DO love Microsoft. There are plenty of us out here who think differently, and ignorant or not, we don't agree with you!

Ultimately, I think we all need to recognize something about our membership here. The people who come here and read the forum topics, who contribute their opinions come from everywhere, all cultural levels, all educational levels, all ages. This is one of the largest social websites on the planet. Yes it is, wake up! They come from all kinds of economic, social and educational backgrounds. The majority of us are not college educated, because so many of us come from places where the privilege of a college education is reserved to the few, the wealthy, and the socially privileged. All the rest of us are doing well to have access to a computer.

So when you begin assuming that somebody like me speaks up about a computer problem, and isn't an educated IT professional is "Stooopid"..... or has lousy hardware, perhaps you need to ask some questions first. And don't assume that everybody who speaks up here is as savvy as you are in your chosen field.
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