10 Tips on How to Make People Love You

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1.Have an open, loving attitude. If you want to be loved, love everyone. Be nice, gentle and friendly toward everyone. No one can find fault with the kindest person. 'Espoir Smart English through Love & Romance' is a fantastic guide to develop an attitude towards compassion & inter-personal skills. Speak in a gracious way. Be respectful to all.

2.Do the basics. Personal hygiene. Dress appropriately. If you respect yourself and take pride, people will notice. Having confidence is the easiest way to draw people to you, yet it is one of the hardest things to have.

3.Speak up! Live by your morales and ideals. Do what you say. Always be learning.

4.Smile, and be approachable. Be full of compassion.

5.Surround yourself with what makes you happy. Consider your body a sponge absorbing everything around you. You can only have so much happiness before you will start to give it off to those around you. Same with anger, sadness, jealousy. It is a way to keep our emotions balanced.

6.Have time. The greatest thing you can give is your time and energy.

7.Notice your thoughts as they happen. Half of what we say is through our bodies, which begins by what we are thinking.

8.Always be yourself. You want people to like you for who you are- not for who they THINK you are.

9.Have fun and relax. When you are around others, don't be uptight or nervous. Make sure other people around you see that you are relaxed and happy- not stressed out and upset. If people think you are carefree they will want to be around you more than if they think you are nervous about everything.

10.Be confident. When someone has low self-esteem people usually don't want to be around them. If people realize that you are confident, while at the same time being selfless they will want to be around you.

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Blog: 10 Tips on How to Make People Love You

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1.Have an open, loving attitude. But if defecation is her "thing", ditch the bitch!
2.Do the basics. Scrubbing-brush and industrial-strength bleach, methinks!
3.Speak up! If you are wearing a gimp mask, you'll have to shout though!
4.Smile, and be approachable.
Failing that, try Rohypnol!
5.Surround yourself with what makes you happy.
Get your porn stash out from under the bed!
6.Have time.
Do remember to remove your watch though!
7.Notice your thoughts as they happen.
What you are doing may be illegal, so always listen out for police sirens approaching.
8.Always be yourself. Dressing up as Mary-Lou whilst trying to be a dom master doesn't really work.
9.Have fun and relax.
Try swinging from the chandaliers every once in a while!
10.Be confident.
Make sure you know how to untie those knots you used to hog-tie her with!!lollollollollollollollollollol
well i cannot comment b/c i think the source article is a load of superficial crap. The premise of "make people love you" is only possible with voodoo...and that big cock thing perhaps....
Works like a charm on the ladies...lollollol

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I'd love someone who I could booty call to get me food... and well, you know the rest.
1 tip to make people hate you: Steal someone else's hard work and claim it as your own, then turn it into a blog so everyone can ridicule you.
5.Surround yourself with what makes you happy.
That it then weres the chocolate perfect excuse titter
Works like a charm on the ladies...lollollol
I'm already very beloved person lol tittertittertittertitter
I mostly just try to make sure the bodies are hidden when companies over. Works for me.
In short, do the complete opposite of what normal people do...
You can get people to love you all you want, but just because you think they love you doesn't mean they do.
Perhaps love you is a bit strong but if you follow those steps people will definitely like you.biggrin
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