How To Download Torrent File using IDM ( without Torrent )

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How To Download Torrent File using IDM


Downloading torrent files with IDM is a very good trick to increase your download speed(Especially when you torrent has less seed) but unfortunately torrific.com which is a key website in this trick is taken down


1. First of all , you have to download the torrent file(.torrent) which you want to download.

2. Then just go to the website www.torcache.net and upload the torrent file that you have just downloaded and click on the cache! button.


3. This will give you a new torrent file . You just have to copy the link of the new torrent file from the opened window.

4. Then go to the website www.torrific.com and create an account there(in case you don’t have) and login to your account. Then paste the address of the new torrent obtained in step 3 and click on Get button.


5. Now you will get the list of available files present in that torrent file. Then click on the initiate bittorrent transmission button. This will give the full option to download the file. Just click on any link and you can see the download manager-IDM popping out for downloading the file.

Now enjoy the ultimate Speed of IDM for downloading torrents too…

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Blog: How To Download Torrent File using IDM ( without Torrent )

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thi is gold! Maybe a full forum, written by guys like you, who have a great handle on all things torrent related, could write primers for those of us less educated. i'm learning but am behind and am afraid that by the time i catch up, we'll be on to something entirely new.
what ungodly reason would anyone have for spending thge time to do all that when downloading a torrent file is so damn easy as it is .just hit download and go play a game
On my ISP speed, I could play a test match at lords and still get home before the download is complete.

Thnx gr8 tutorial!!
Sounfs good, lets hope it lasts
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