December upd.3 - https Setting and Downloaded Torrents

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Another small update!

1. The https browsing option can now be disabled in your settings.

2. The downloaded torrents are shown different.
And the usual extra-large bugfix!

December upd.2 - Browse Movies by Actor and More Security for Users

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We got two new updates this week!

First - you can browse movies by actor. (The actor page will also get some updates soon)

And second, from now on after logging in, all users automatically switch to https protocol, which makes 100% safe!

Stay tuned for more upcoming updates!

December upd.1 - Privacy and Report a Bug

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With the beginning of the winter we already have some new features for you!

First of all - new privacy features that allow you to hide your: recent searches, profile info, online status and disable friending.


Second is our new bug report system that you can use to report all the bugs that you can find, tech or translation. So if you see a bug, scroll to the bottom of the page and click "report a bug".


Then just select the area where you see the bug by clicking and dragging a box around it, enter the bug subject and description and then click submit, to send us the bug.


November upd.2 - Advanced Search, New Type of Media, Uploader Comments, etc.

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It's been a while and we have a lot of new stuff for you!

1. First we added the advanced search pop-up right below the usual search.

2. We added a new media type: Games

3. Lots' of minor style changes, you'll surely notice them here and there.

4. We made some changes in our community:
- The community threaded view was removed;
- The first post in a thread got a new visual style;
- The XXX sub-forum is re-opened but has age validation, so be sure to set a proper age!

5. The report system is now better and faster!

6. Uploader's comments can now be seen in the upper part of the comments page on every torrent.

American Censorship Day!

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Today on November 16th, 2011, we are officially joining the American Censorship Day and we encourage all of our users also to join the protest!
American Censorship Day Website

November upd.1 - New Rules and Appeals!

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In November we decided to make something new in the rights section. First of all we have re-written the rules (they will be online in 12-24 hours) and second we added an appeal option for all banned users. From now on if you were wrongfully banned, you can appeal to our mods and might get the ban lifted!


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In approximately 45-90 minutes some of our users may experience problems in accessing the website! But this disturbance in the Force will last for 30 minutes tops.

Regarding The Latest Malware Issues

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You might have noticed that some time ago some websites and anti-viruses started labeling as a malware infected website. Unfortunately for a short period of time this was true. We were using the OpenX platform for showing our ads and at some point this platform became compromised and started replacing our normal ads with infected ones. In this difficult situation we decided to stop using the OpenX platform, so from now on the website is officially 100% safe!

We want to apologize to our users that suffered damage from this issue and we will do our best to avoid such problems in future.

Thanks you for your support and understanding!

Global Language Change

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We've noticed that some of our users are experiencing problems with their default language of The thing is, that today we changed the way the languages are displayed and what is most important switched from sub-domains like to the use of cookies. So that is why some of the users have the website in the wrong language! But this can be easily fixed - just scroll down to the bottom of the page, click the change language option and select the language you want.



Current Avast Issues

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Our users that are using the Avast anti-virus might have noticed that suddenly became labeled as a dangerous website for users that are not logged in. We want to assure our users that KickassTorrents has no malware or viruses of any kind and it is absolutely safe to use our website. We already contacted Avast and currently we are trying to find and fix the cause of this problem. You will help us if you choose the "Report the file as a false positive" option if you get the alert.


If you are interested in the issue, or want to support us feel free to participate in the discussion on the official Avast forum.

Thank you!

Update: Avast just notified us that everything is fixed! If you have avast please check if the issue is gone!
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