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Twitter Victim

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Edit Status, write something and then copy, paste, paste, paste........PASTE (100 times)
COngrats you are twitter victim !!!!!!!lol
when status changes,it has to be told,that made me twitter victim..tittertongue
it took almost 2 years for me to get this.... so in another 8 I should have the gold crytitter

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Was done with Twitter anyway. wave
#Lying #MissIt facepalmfacepalm

Last edited by Zodiac987, yesterday

Guess that story I am doing on my status is really helping! Don't use twitter. I use something better...KAT! Thank you so much KAT!! Only took me 7 months of writing to get it, so maybe another 7 months to get the gold? Again thank you KAT!!

Last edited by Forestheart, 4 weeks ago

Oh no!
I never used twitter though...
So, Ffingerck you for telling me lies.
lollollol I'm all a'twitter…many thanks KAT Staff/admintitter
Thanks KAT! I guess I'm a victim. lol
Twitter Victim

Last edited by Vishnu639., 2 months ago

I never registered in twitter. First time I heard about it I thought it was a joke - a social site with no pictures, no texts, no videos, where you can say only 140 letters per post. WTF, humans, come round! Are you degraded and formated so much that 140 letters is enough for you? Even this my comment contains 355 symbols and I don't feel I said enough.
i'm not a victim crydizzymad
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