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Active member for two years, earning at least 2k reputation.

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Old Timer

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Just made "Old Timer" and all I have to say is WILL YOU KIDS GET OFF MY LAWN!!biggrinbiggrin
god i love this site
You're not alone, dude... You're not alone !
Two years and counting.... thanks KAT its been great and I`m still not going anywhere else! Thanks to all who make this site so great and to those who keep it that way :)

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im so freakin old I feel as old as the universe itself im freakin ancient :D

Last edited by SuBoWiZo, 1 week ago

i have been around since before dust was invented

Feeling even older now.
After a long time... just reached... Thanks a lot. clapthumb_up
2 great years of motor sport movies and app`s thanks kat team and uploaders and seeders
KAT is one big family. Thank youuuu!
I am so proud of being a KAT member for 2 years!
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