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Visited Kickasstorrents over 200 times.

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Kickass True Fan

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Im sure ive visited Kickass more than 200 and I'm still not getting the badge.
If you notice this notice you will notice that this notice is not worth noticing.tongue

--Staff Edit--
Just gonna steal this notice and add my own titter.
This achievement requires you to have come on to Kat on 200 different days. That's right, one day = one "time".

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shockedHave they always had where you comment under achievements??? Or I'm just slow??
5)one visit= one day= one login is for achievements ! so to get this achievment you need to log in once a day for 200 days !(it's not the other way around, if you log in 200 times a day you will not get this achievment)
The days in this case don't need to be consecutive.
I hope this was helpful

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On my profile page there is this thing that says "216 days proudly seeding with KickassTorrents" and I observed that this number increases every different day in which I log in. I still haven't got this achievement. Is something I'm missing? Halp! :D
pues en seis años ya me direis si no he entrado más de doscientas veces… no ha forma de ganar este :'(
Didnt even realize this badge existed...didn't realize its been 200 different more badge under my belt...ON TO THE NEXT ONE!!!!
I visited more than 200, wtf is happening duhhhhh and where is my badge lol
Thanx KAT Achievement Developer Team 4 Kickass True Fan ! thumb_up

Got it around a week ago! biggrin
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