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The name speaks for itself.

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Kickass Translator

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For anybody wondering so do you have to be an Translator to get this Achievement!
Information about how you can become one can be found here.

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Feeling privileged after getting this achievementsmile..!..Lets put in our efforts unitedly to make a GLOBAL BRAND!!lovelinesssmile
o dear,its been mentioned above in top comment that only translators get this achievementsmile..there's no other way!!smile
Another guy join the team biggrin
Thanks for the achievement smile

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got it 2-3 weeks ago !!!
Thanx 2 KAT Achievement Developer Team 4 Kickass Translator thump_up
clap Thanx 2 Mr.Black205.37K I am a Translator now!
This is probably the best Holiday gift that I have received! biggrin
got it just 1 hour ago
I speak English, Hindi, Urdu,wait A communicative Chinese and a few more but not that goodsmile.
What is the requirements of this category?think
Is there any chance for me?! shocked tongue loltittertitter

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Hello there, if you take a look on this thread so will you find much information about how to potentially become one :)

Thank you, I am happy to join the team. clap
BTW this cheevo used to be a Gold one

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I am now officially a former translator..too bad, can't get internet around here..anyways thank you very much..*waves goodbye*
i speak english and bad english. and have secret language as well as sign language with my wolves.

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