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Has been visiting kickass each day for a month.

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Kickass Daily Dose

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wow! spent the last 30 days on my pc and here on KAT! i have no life! lol
yeh get mine! titter
first gold...I"M PROUDbiggrinbiggrinbiggrinboobooboo

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at last i got it after tried for almost 2 months.thanks kat
Kickass Daily Dose niagara69280 I like experimenting: apps "I state that I am not a hacker", and share, download tv series etc etc. What should I say ?.... thanks Kat!
TY KAT....need more doses
Not sure if I should be proud or not..
Finally, 30 days roflroflrofl
I have been here every day since sign up (31 today), shouldn't i get this cheevo?
Do I have to sign in separately each day to make it count? Because I just stay logged in but I visit every day & I don't think it's working.
I'm also automatically logged in and just received the achievement.
Maybe you missed a day?

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