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Mod achievement! Deleted over 1000 torrents.

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Mr.Pink147.14K • 14 May 2013, 07:33
All members that are not moderators and abuse this system to gain achievement will have it removed and be dealt with accordingly!! Be warned.
Nakzz1540 • 28 May 2012, 06:08
PPL reports torrent and they deletes them ..i guess ...Caz most of them are Kat staff ,Moderator ,Assistant Site Builder an all ....
theDROID266283 • 23 May 2012, 03:46
mmmmmmmmmmm whats with the gatekeeper achievement? how is this done?

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Hawzerstar41.38K • 24 September 2014, 18:39 Show comment
Mr.Pink147.14K That's right mate,tell 'em!lol
thePiratePimp61.88K • 07 June 2014, 14:19 Show comment
What the heck happened!?!?!?! How'd I lose this???
There are ton of non mods on this list!!!
thePiratePimp61.88K • 31 March 2014, 19:32 Show comment
Well, I will admit that this was quite a pain. I actually started going through my torrents deleting ones that I could no longer seed due to a Seedbox issue, sadly it's A LOT, and I am still not even done yet.
I challenge other uploaders to actually go through their torrents and do the same. Relying on everyone else to seed your junk really isn't the answer IMHO.

Thanks again KAT.
Mughal12518.7K • 02 January 2014, 07:10 Show comment
congratulation to all those achive this
paul walker710 • 22 December 2013, 13:38 Show comment
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