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Mod achievement! Deleted over 1000 torrents.

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All members that are not moderators and abuse this system to gain achievement will have it removed and be dealt with accordingly!! Be warned.
PPL reports torrent and they deletes them ..i guess ...Caz most of them are Kat staff ,Moderator ,Assistant Site Builder an all ....
mmmmmmmmmmm whats with the gatekeeper achievement? how is this done?
No, anyone can get it. I just did. All you have to do it delete and re-instate one of your own torrents 1000 times. Easy. Only takes 30 minutes if you can click 4x per second. :)

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My precious cheevo cool
I'm really liking this Cheevo lollol
Mr.Pink57.57K That's right mate,tell 'em!lol
What the heck happened!?!?!?! How'd I lose this???
There are ton of non mods on this list!!!
Well, I will admit that this was quite a pain. I actually started going through my torrents deleting ones that I could no longer seed due to a Seedbox issue, sadly it's A LOT, and I am still not even done yet.
I challenge other uploaders to actually go through their torrents and do the same. Relying on everyone else to seed your junk really isn't the answer IMHO.

Thanks again KAT.
congratulation to all those achive this
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