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It's liquid luck!

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Felix Felitis

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Oh oke i just need solid luck ! lol
how do i get it :@
I wish my life achievements were like those with KAT cry
hmmmm lucky??

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bijinius6 Show comment
is there any possible way that if someone were, say, at the end of his ####ing rope with these stupid goddamn Kat "Achievements" and thus wanted to permanently shut the ####ing things off, keep his head down, and download, seed, repeat WITHOUT automated acknowledgement of dumb s--t like DOWNLOADING the sixth 'HARRY POTTER' FLICK!!? ... i received a similar "achievement" notice when i too downloaded the LAST 'Harry Potter' movie, and it pissed me right off then, too. i realize the makers/keepers of this excellent site are (I GUESS) big 'Harry Potter' fans, but i DON'T need a reminder of that fact every time i get the urge to view one of the movies. (which are ALL pretty great...with the rather notable exception of the fifth and -especially- second one.)

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crystalskye209 Show comment
Felix Felicis* hehe. Thank you :)
ZeroCOOL_1897 Show comment
Torrent: Harry Potter and the Half-Bl...x265 10bit AAC 5.1 Joy)[UTR]

Download this and you will get this achivement
have fun with need to say thankscoolcool
LeordxZ18.63K Show comment
lol Thanks for the cheevo.
TheWAQARnator444 Show comment
tofei3424 Show comment
And here's the recipe in case you forget;

1. Add Ashwinder egg to cauldron, then add horseradish and heat.
2. Juice a squill bulb, add to the cauldron and stir vigorously.
3. Chop up anemone-like growth on the back of Murtlap, add to mixture and heat.
4. Add a dash of tincture of thyme and stir slowly.
5. Grind up Occamy eggshell and add to mixture.
6. Stir slowly then heat the cauldron.
7. Add a sprinkle of powdered common rue.
8. Stir vigorously then heat the cauldron one last time.
9. Wave wand over potion in a figure of eight and say incantation ‘Felixempra!’

What are you waiting for? Hurry and make your luck! titterlol
Ammosh930 Show comment
Thanks :3
NotHARD_CoR3835 Show comment
You should get this, and all other harry potter cheevos when you download complete set of harry potter movies...
J.Jay545 Show comment
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