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Mod achievement! Deleted over 1000 comments.

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U will lose 1000 reputation for this achievement [:Qblink]
this is disgustingdizzy.........instead of an eraser i would love to be a pencilloltittertonguewinkboo
I have to say the same
You have to Delete your own 1000+ Comments, Its Massive !
Loss your weight to get this lol

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Come out, Come out wherever you are bandit
Thank you KAT for this cheevo.
Spammers beware...
I'm watching you evilevil
how i get this achievement ?
you should have put period to make it look meaner

I love Mod Cheevo's inloveinloveinlove
Ha i really would love to go on one but you know you deserved it

as for the tart trying to make money:

U must be a giant douche for cuttin a girl for a few bucks.************************* Enjoy your day ass****

man it felt even better after that message!

we need a recount ?
i think that was 2,000 comments .
Hahaha, thanks to that idiot spammer who kept coming back for more last night boo. You coming back for round 2 or what? rofl
Anyway you qualify because your status... you MOD youlol...

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