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[youtube][/youtube] Enjoy the freedom and long live piracy!!:lol:
neoisfreedom3080 12 hours
Holy goodness whare did you get that from , cool!!!:lol:
neoisfreedom3080 4 days
wow thanks dude nice one!:inlove:
neoisfreedom3080 1 week
you are welcome here even though i dont know you but seen like a nice guy!
neoisfreedom3080 2 weeks
Hi, i will be uploading 720p for fan of this tv drama!
2 weeks
Hi all, my next upload will be.... 1) Wind and Cloud 2 (2004) 2)My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (2010) Complete 720p
neoisfreedom3080 3 weeks
Hello guys, i will be uploading 3 movie tonight which are A Millionaire's First Love (2006) Cyrano Agency (2010) Zen (2009)
neoisfreedom3080 3 weeks
torrent downloaded
Excellent point thanks
4 weeks
I really enjoyed this movie and it is so emotional with beautiful cinematographic throughout!:wave:
1 month
Mister bone what game version is this?
1 month
Most people think when they have 64GB of ram they don't need pagefile wrong call because some game use more pagefile just check it out with afterburner!
1 month
The CPU is the King the Ram is the Queen an finally the Pagefile are the advisor or minister and workers!
1 month
You should increase you pagefile and never let window manage it but do a system restore point before changing your page file setting in case something goes wrong and then blaming me for it!Whatever ram you got X2=pagefile minimum X3=pagefile maximum Let me know if it work for you, it should work plus windows load faster! Let me explain what page file does, basically it store and prepare file to be sent to the ram so that the ram doesn't have go and look for it!
1 month
This game require you to have lot of pagefile otherwise it will lag on you no matter how much ram you got!
1 month
torrent downloaded
right click on torrent you want to download faster and look for bandwidth allocation set it to high!
1 month
You are the most welcome and thanks for sending me a friend request!:lol:
neoisfreedom3080 1 month
Get more subtitle at: Don't forget to rename the subtitle file same as the video file and right click on video while it is playing to choose your subtitle prefference!!
1 month
hey, nice to meet you! thanks
neoisfreedom3080 2 months
the video quality is below 720p but watchable, I have 720p version but much bigger file size.
2 months
I hope so!
neoisfreedom3080 4 months
Is this any good because I only upload torrent that I have seen and that I think people will like!
POTATO STAR (2013) Korean Drama 4 months
ok I will boost it!
4 months
ok will do but I need leechers to be there!?
neoisfreedom3080 4 months
Thanks for your friend request, nice to meet you! I saw your wall paper art, really awesome!
salshk1748 4 months
You are the only Trojan here dude, for Christ sake stop using antiviruses, antiviruses have subcontract with company to remove cracks! I only use malwarebyte because it focus on real viruses and malware!
5 months
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