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little lis is very sad sad an needs cheering up,because this community goddess has just turned into the community nightmare crysadcry and i needs some help to restore order and balance in ones life all i think right now is this....fingerfingerfingerfinger
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The Wall

DrBN13.82K • 30 June 2015, 14:29 Show comment
Don't be sad! Cheers. wink
LisaLeo97.51K • 01 July 2015, 07:31 Show comment
thank you for your words mate,loveliness just gettin over a naty illness and iam feeling sorry for myself crytittercry

quantiques777 • 28 June 2015, 15:33 Show comment
Thanx for add me

Last edited by quantiques, 2 days ago

Black_Mask4669 • 28 June 2015, 08:18 Show comment
I'm Hungry, are you too ? Well watch how i Finish this real quick



Last edited by Black_Mask, 3 days ago

LisaLeo97.51K • 28 June 2015, 10:47 Show comment
Omg omg gimme iam starving to lol ill give ya minions powers if you bring that too me!!! Right this'll instance lol

ba5672750 • 27 June 2015, 06:33 Show comment
Have a nice weekendwave


Last edited by ba567, 4 days ago

Dante20.72K • 25 June 2015, 02:17 Show comment
you have just been cuted by LisaLeo97.51K

lmfao rofl lol Thanks for dropping by lisa loveliness
Sality55.72K • 24 June 2015, 19:03 Show comment
Hello Lisa Madam smile
How are u ?wavewave
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