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The Wall

BeanDip434491 • 14 July 2015, 00:57 Show comment

I'm watching you....
ZombieQueen61.44K • 21 July 2015, 12:23 Show comment

Me too.....

BeanDip434491 • 28 June 2015, 14:08 Show comment
Left you a note on suicyco41.35K 's wall....

Hugs and kisses bitch....shockedlolwink
eviljesus6671767 • 29 June 2015, 08:26 Show comment
Ditto boo
BeanDip434491 • 02 July 2015, 13:49 Show comment
Dildo?!!?shocked Well, purple fuzzy vaginal back at you....
ZombieQueen61.44K • 21 July 2015, 12:20 Show comment

pityrules11.76K • 24 June 2015, 11:21 Show comment
lol nice username lol
eviljesus6671767 • 25 June 2015, 08:32 Show comment
Why thank you PR, it goes back to a "joke" when people first started setting up email accounts.
My gf (at the time) messed up the original creation, couldn't get back on it so set it anew as 667 & thus my false accounts were born!

MarisaM10.89K • 22 June 2015, 13:09 Show comment
Come on, let it all hang out...
eviljesus6671767 • 22 June 2015, 17:31 Show comment
What happens if every day is a no panty day for me?
MarisaM10.89K • 22 June 2015, 22:50 Show comment
I would call you very fortunate then.titter
eviljesus6671767 • 23 June 2015, 11:05 Show comment
Only if I'm real careful with the zipper...then it's not so fortunate funk

Last edited by eviljesus667, 1 month ago

BeanDip434491 • 28 June 2015, 14:05 Show comment
My tongue tingles everytime I see this photo....

ZombieQueen61.44K • 21 June 2015, 09:03 Show comment

Happy Father's Day EJ, the bad news is it won't be all about you for another 20 years or soroflroflboo
Love from Aunty ZQlovelinessboo

Last edited by ZombieQueen, 1 month ago

eviljesus6671767 • 21 June 2015, 13:02 Show comment
It's been that way for a long old while ZQ but you know what? So long as my kids are smiling & my gf is happy, that's all that matters.
I am a very, very lucky man. x

eviljesus6671767 • 20 June 2015, 19:49 Show comment
Sorry, had my dad round today wait
There's a few stories I could share on your thread but I want it to be the most amusing...We've been keeping a list of "Jared'ism's", maybe I can share one or two of those tomorrow

Thanks for the recognition of (good) Dad's, we love you too Aunty ZQ x

eviljesus6671767 • 12 June 2015, 17:41 Show comment
Y'know, since Silent Hill & Resident Evil got crap, (I lost total interest after RE5 & SH:Homecoming) I was really holding hope for the Alone in the Dark franchise.
Personally, I thought AitD:Inferno (2008) was by far the more superior "Surivival Horror" of it's generation.

Didn't even know they had a new one in the pipeline & what a piece of shit it looks!!!
RIP Resident Evil, Silent Hill & Alone in the Dark cry
RIP Survival Horror
ZombieQueen61.44K • 17 June 2015, 14:31 Show comment
What you going on about?titter


edwin2226671 • 10 June 2015, 16:21 Show comment
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