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But you have to pay for those right ?
3 days
Finally !! What took so long ? Thanks a ton !! :D
3 months
Please do Big Hero 6 too...Thanks !! :D
3 months
Genre ?
3 months
torrent downloaded
Doesn't work on my Nexus 5 running lollipop :(
6 months
My ps3 doesn't read .mkv...Please upload Godzilla in mp4 ? Please ? Why have you switched to DTS anyway...there is almost no difference ?
tomcat-1235.44K 9 months
Where is Amazing Spiderman 2 ? I can't find it anywhere :/
tomcat-1235.44K 9 months
Please do Amazing Spiderman 2...Thanks !! :D
tomcat-1235.44K 10 months
Yo! Need For Speed me B*TCH ! Thanks TOM!!!!! :D
10 months
Hey Thanks man!! World Cup fever ! :D
11 months
I hate you! Just kidding. Anyway this is the 2nd time I've mentioned it..I won't bring it up again. :\
11 months
Yo! For your fans, please please upload 300 rise of an empire. The story may be complete rubbish, but do it for your fans mate! PLEASE! Thanks :D
11 months
Lol! Hey tomcat....while you may think differently about 300, nobody here (including me) really cares about the story....In act the only reason we want the movie is because of the blood, gore and nudity. Also the fact that all of that in full HD would look awesome !! We would really appreciate it if you did 300 Rise of an empire... Thanks ! :D
tomcat-1235.44K 11 months
Please upload The Lego Movie !!
tomcat-1235.44K 12 months
You SoB!!! I love you !! Thanks :D
1 year
HAHA! Same here!
I just shot my load 1 year
Got it ! Thanks !! :wink:
theB.O.B6623 1 year
Sorry mate, don't mean to bother you, but now I'm stuck at 93%...Could you seed a little more... Once I'm done I will seed for sure. Thanks!
theB.O.B6623 1 year
Mate your uploads are top notch! Could you please seed Zomboy a little more ? Stuck at 87% :( Thanks!!
theB.O.B6623 1 year
Phonic funk - Save This City (Club Mix)
What are you listening to right now? V4 2 years
FIFA 13 ;)
2 years
When You Log In Say Hello When You Leave Say Goodbye! V2 2 years
Most embarassing thing you've been asked to download 2 years
torrent downloaded
Could you please s33d this!! Thanks!
2 years
Could you upload Life of Pi in m2ts too ? Thanks a ton!! :D
LEON5KI252 2 years
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