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The Wall

Secludish10.49K • 04 Aug 2015, 05:08 (4 hours ago) Show comment

Been thinkn 'bout changing nick to Engineer.. now have a reason.
Secludish10.49K • 04 Aug 2015, 04:51 (4 hours ago) Show comment

Last edited by Secludish, 4 hours ago

shebra7346 • 03 Aug 2015, 17:19 Show comment

Naturally, I thought of you…...titter

Last edited by shebra, 16 hours ago

SirSeedsAlot110.09K • 03 Aug 2015, 22:52 Show comment
ZQ falls for that every time lol
Secludish10.49K • 04 Aug 2015, 04:59 (4 hours ago) Show comment
crycrylol You are so in for it now. lol

1fastmr216.91K • 02 Aug 2015, 17:46 Show comment
Bubanee168.26K • 02 Aug 2015, 23:53 Show comment
Yeah, but fuck walking down that long road, come pick me up it's cold lol
SirSeedsAlot110.09K • 03 Aug 2015, 04:13 Show comment
Secludish10.49K • 04 Aug 2015, 05:04 (4 hours ago) Show comment
High heels arent helping either..facepalmrofl

shebra7346 • 01 Aug 2015, 23:29 Show comment

Have a good weekend, SirSeedswink
SirSeedsAlot110.09K • 01 Aug 2015, 23:35 Show comment
those fruckers stealing our puns!!
ZombieQueen61.89K • 02 Aug 2015, 02:11 Show comment
SirSeedsAlot110.09K • 02 Aug 2015, 04:44 Show comment
of course you are, Titsout!!

BamSec13412 • 01 Aug 2015, 13:04 Show comment

Hello SirSeedsAlot110.09K
Hope you'll have a nice Augustus Caesar's month. yeswink

Sextilis had 30 days, until Numa when it had 29 days, until Julius when it became 31 days long.
Augustus Caesar clarified and completed the calendar reform of Julius Caesar. In the process, he also renamed this month after himself.
Luke Bryan - Kick the Dust Up

SirSeedsAlot110.09K • 01 Aug 2015, 05:06 Show comment
SirSeedsAlot110.09K • 30 Jul 2015, 05:23 Show comment
picked up that AV123 center speaker at thrift store for $6 oh yeahhhh. The AV123 owner is a crook and the business is shut down but the speakers are amazing and the real wood veneer makes for beautiful.

For a center speaker it is HUGE. Big enough to be a TV stand lol Trying Furious 7 on it tonight and the movie really comes to life. It's odd that these brands I have never heard of have the best sound. When thrifting always google...avoid "white van" branded equipment at all costs...the whitevan gear is solf off the back of trucks...the gear has high specs and looks pretty but it is junk

Last edited by SirSeedsAlot, 5 days ago

Secludish10.49K • 31 Jul 2015, 03:13 Show comment
Dig the grain.. $6 .. SOLD!
SirSeedsAlot110.09K • 31 Jul 2015, 05:15 Show comment
it is very beautiful does not do it sounds amazing too...really brought the surround sound to life
Secludish10.49K • 31 Jul 2015, 08:28 Show comment
Did a class as a journeyman Carpenter boocoo moons ago and they gave me 2 full 5/8 sheets of oak to make some cabinets. Had already been Carpenter for years and didnt want to waste the nice lumber on a cabinet so.. built speaker enclosures for my Marshall amp.
Man .. My guitar never sounded better. Was such a magnificent deep full sound unlike the store bought speakers avail. Went to military and when came home, they had been turned into a dog house. mad
Hard Wood rocks! especial in the morning Great for sound.
SirSeedsAlot110.09K • 31 Jul 2015, 20:40 Show comment
lol dog house,.,..
ZombieQueen61.89K • 31 Jul 2015, 20:41 Show comment
Never mind Sec and his 6 lousy bucks, I call dibs AND I'll throw in my sister!!tongueclaptitter
SirSeedsAlot110.09K • 01 Aug 2015, 16:15 Show comment
it takes you and your sister to handle a hungry man titter

LadyMads21.22K • 30 Jul 2015, 05:10 Show comment

tongue Just a quick hi. My boxes got the better of me. Next pic will be some boobs seeing BigTuna is missing in action again.titterwink
SirSeedsAlot110.09K • 30 Jul 2015, 05:11 Show comment
lol looks like moving day...p.s. that's a good way to get shagged in a pile of boxeslollol

Last edited by SirSeedsAlot, 5 days ago

LadyMads21.22K • 30 Jul 2015, 20:15 Show comment
Hmmm. I have never done that. Must be freaking uncomfortable. Yikeslol

Last edited by LadyMads, 4 days ago

F1_Dance2700 • 31 Jul 2015, 01:16 Show comment
Yay for boobs! These walls are about the only place I see boobs anymore. Jeeze.
Secludish10.49K • 31 Jul 2015, 03:18 Show comment
Kat has an extensive pron side as well.. so I have been told ;)lol

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