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The Wall

shebra11.81K • 02 Sep 2015, 17:22 (3 hours ago) Show comment
Someone is bound to match these with human equivalents…let's get creative guys……!
Bubanee175.18K • 02 Sep 2015, 12:23 Show comment
I only came here searching for tit pics...
SirSeedsAlot112.35K • 02 Sep 2015, 15:19 Show comment
sorry, only fuzzy bootie pics today!! and kittens!!
ZombieQueen67.1K • 02 Sep 2015, 17:59 (3 hours ago) Show comment

Wait for it, wait for it....honest just keep waiting....lolloltongue
SirSeedsAlot112.35K • 02 Sep 2015, 20:34 (48 min. ago) Show comment
i met a lady with tits bigger than those on saturday..i mistakingly ignored her when she was leaving :( i think i hurt her feelings. was debating whether or not i wanted to titty F those titties lol

p.s. the way that girl is holding her arms she appears autistic or something

Last edited by SirSeedsAlot, 47 min. ago

big_tuna6401 • 02 Sep 2015, 05:54 Show comment
A little eye candy Seeds my good man cool

SirSeedsAlot112.35K • 02 Sep 2015, 05:59 Show comment
poor thing she's gonna be covered in carpet fuzzies
Secludish14.02K • 02 Sep 2015, 08:14 Show comment
Is that what we are calling it now, carpet fuzzies?facepalmchuckle
Bubanee175.18K • 02 Sep 2015, 12:22 Show comment
nice carpet...
SirSeedsAlot112.35K • 02 Sep 2015, 13:46 Show comment
i doubt she has any carpet lol

SirSeedsAlot112.35K • 02 Sep 2015, 05:36 Show comment
This is going to piss of those do-gooder Berkely fuckwits who don;t really care about liberal philosophy as much as they care about telling others what to do

Last edited by SirSeedsAlot, 15 hours ago

big_tuna6401 • 02 Sep 2015, 06:32 Show comment
I like it Seeds ...mad props son! piratepirate
Secludish14.02K • 02 Sep 2015, 08:17 Show comment
This IP has been automatically blocked. If you have questions, please email:

Oh ffs.. Guess pissed someone off and dont even care enough to switch proxie.
Bezerkly has been outta touch and only IN TOUCH with its founding members social fascist dogma since the mid 70's.
Well said Seedsthump_up

Edit: just for a goof, went ahead and emailed.. said the email had been banned and bounced it.. lol.. fuk stix!

Last edited by Secludish, 13 hours ago

SirSeedsAlot112.35K • 02 Sep 2015, 13:47 Show comment
sec, must have been some wild ass drunk nights surfing cgraigslist. you dont even remember what you did to get blocvkedlol

SirSeedsAlot112.35K • 02 Sep 2015, 05:24 Show comment
RiverCoyote40.87K is back PM him to give him shit for leaving without a word!!!huffyhuffyhuffylollol

Last edited by SirSeedsAlot, 15 hours ago

SirSeedsAlot112.35K • 02 Sep 2015, 05:20 Show comment
Torrent: Yo‐Yo Ma; Orchestre National... Classical 1980 Japan Import
SirSeedsAlot112.35K • 02 Sep 2015, 00:38 Show comment
Some person with the username of GunsofDestiny just asked where I was located..they are interested in the kittens. wtf I'm not replying to GunsofDestiny that is just fucking crazy!!


Last edited by SirSeedsAlot, 20 hours ago

ZombieQueen67.1K • 02 Sep 2015, 03:30 Show comment
They are so CUTE!!!!inloveinlovelovelinessclapclap
SirSeedsAlot112.35K • 02 Sep 2015, 04:32 Show comment
yep, so cute they can barely see out of those blue eyes....still nipple feeding much like myself
Secludish14.02K • 02 Sep 2015, 08:20 Show comment
Guns and kittens dont go well together... sling shots on the other hand.. ;) Soo tender

shebra11.81K • 01 Sep 2015, 23:32 Show comment
…I hear you give these out as prizes…….titterwink
SirSeedsAlot112.35K • 02 Sep 2015, 00:25 Show comment
lollollol I date them too or else they get the dumpers :)~

Last edited by SirSeedsAlot, 20 hours ago

big_tuna6401 • 02 Sep 2015, 04:45 Show comment
Prizes!! Seeds you holding out? funk

floofiness4040 • 01 Sep 2015, 22:32 Show comment
Better than kittens?

shebra11.81K • 01 Sep 2015, 23:31 Show comment
Hey - I recognize you/me………….great find Floof!!….biggrinsmilethump_up
every morning……..looking in the mirror…..and thinking…..who the hell is that guy on the floor behind me?titter

Last edited by shebra, 21 hours ago

SirSeedsAlot112.35K • 02 Sep 2015, 00:26 Show comment
guy on the floor?? lol i dated a woman recently and she took me to her house in the country with a mattress on the floor..I feel so used!!lollol
Secludish14.02K • 02 Sep 2015, 08:23 Show comment
What kinda dating you been doing? I have been that guy on the floor saying "Enough, its broke.. ok?!"facepalmrofl

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