The Wall

attackjap11 • 18 May 2015, 23:12 Show comment
Thankyou so much for all your efforts!
kidneedsmore101 • 10 Feb 2015, 13:02 Show comment
Thank you so much, especially the ETTV. Coming here everyday hoping to find new monthly torrent. Bless you.
Hirschfeld0 • 03 Dec 2014, 00:55 Show comment
Tthank you so much for the Eckhart tv uploads. I guess that's your part in creating the "New World" as Eckhart calls it. Really really appreciate it! Many thanks from Bosnia!
bodhimind0 • 30 Jun 2014, 08:17 Show comment
nice job . The world loves you
justiz4 • 19 Jun 2014, 06:39 Show comment
Hello One_World:

If it isn't happening right now, I am asking for you to seed the current (June 2014) ETTV. I've been stuck at 69% the past few days and I need a little more juice to grab the whole thing. Thanks again for continually giving us the reminders to be present. :)

Abe25117 • 24 Jan 2014, 03:35 Show comment
My seedbox has been down for a day, it's back up again. Here's a screenshot of my progress:
The month after next I will be re-subscribing to Eckhart Tolle TV, I might need some info on how to make a torrent of the content. Can you help with that? I an not completely computer illiterate so I'll just need a few pointers.
Stay in "The Now" my friend,
One_World786 • 04 Feb 2014, 06:22 Show comment
Hi -
Very nice. :)
Sure, I'd be happy to help, it is really easy so no worries.
Abe25117 • 14 Apr 2014, 08:10 Show comment
I've resubscribed and I've purchased for download a back issue I wanted. March 2011, "The Teachings of Meister Eckhart". I'm going to try to put that one up as a torrent. If I run into any trouble I'll drop you a line.

Peace, One_World

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