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Anime Releases, Requests?

56 views    40 comments posted 03 Jul 2013, 19:12    

Check our releases out:

Our New Home Page: zombirg.biz

zombiRG is now bigger with cool encoders r00th4ck3r and ronthepirate! We are now on
which is a huge community for pirates and RG's alike, so there is another way to connect with us if irc is giving you issues.
Efnet server : #zombiRG <irc
Join either one or both to chip in or chat with us. Going to have an RG page here soon already got on on tpb and uploading to it as you read this. Our team release thread is here: zombiRG Team you can follow it for reases on kat as well. Thanks to our dedicated seeders for helping us get this stuff out to you without them a lot of this would be stuck because of all the leechers. Seed and Enjoy!~zombiRG

I'd like to thank Esoess [random] and Dethholly as they have helped us out so much :)
Cheers to them for putting up with our insanity

We are currently uploading older horror and sci-fi films go give a looksie

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