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No more Blue Screen crashes - Solution found

440 views    33 comments posted 01 Sep 2015, 11:40    
I read all the commentary on my previous BSoD issue, and I DO appreciate everyone's thoughtful (and occasionally thoughtless) attempts to help, and to suggest ways to cope with it. I will acquire the NirSoft "Blue Screen View" app to read and review the issues it identifies. However, I think that, as some pointed out, the major issue with my old PC is probably that my MotherBoard is old and tired, and simply not up to the task of coping with Windows 10 and DirectX 12. It's years old, it's a Dual Core, with Intel processors, and I really need to upgrade it.

My RAM sticks are 2 different ages - the older 2 are rather old indeed (I don't know how old, had them a LONG time). The newer 2 are .. meh.. last year's sticks? Anyway, replacing the RAM should help, I think. So, I will try to do those things in September.

I'm NOT getting Windows 10 installed. Not this year anyway. I'll wait to see how it goes for awhile, as I usually do with Microsoft Windows. Every Other Version is usually okay. Inbetween upgrades have generally stunk, in my experience. Sometimes it's every 3rd one that's okay. We may be at that point here. Whatever the case, I don't think Microsoft has had sufficient time to gather in the 3 million complaints, demands and requests for fixes to improve Windows 10 where it's trustworthy for my PC. So I will wait. HOWEVER..... the solution to my Blue Screen Crashes turned out to be simple. I removed Microsoft Security Essentials! And I installed Malware Bytes Antivirus app (RETAIL, REGISTERED, NOT BOOTLEG). END OF BLUE SCREEN CRASHES! I did this at the suggestion of a dear friend here, MisterGaga, and I am so relieved that it is NO LONGER a problem.

For all those who have asked, are you running a registered version of Windows, or a pirated version .... I may be dumb sometimes, but I am not totally crazy. my Microsoft Windows is retail, registered and genuine. No way am I going to run a bootleg version of Windows, when I am NO kind of IT expert (either hardware or software), living alone with no IT expert in my household... or even my neighborhood!

I very well may have some Windows app garbage on my machine causing problems - the Windows.old program is still present. I will take my PC to a shop on the 3rd, where I am assured the technician is a certified IT specialist (I'll examine his credentials on the wall), and have my hard drive reformatted, my registered Windows 7 64-bit Ultra program reinstalled, and the RAM sticks replaced. (Can't afford a new MB right now... need time & $$$ for that. Reinstall Malwre Bytes, NOT install Windows Security Essentials, TEST TEST TEST .... and hope for the Best. Thank you all for your concern and your help. (Yes, some of your advice helped, and much of your commentary was instructive, and humbling! And a few of you can go soak your heads in vinegar (because your personality, and your egos, need some adjustments. :)

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The Wall

Dr.Atiq12.59K • 04 Sep 2015, 10:35 (1 hour ago) Show comment

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DJ84012.18K • 02 Sep 2015, 15:17 Show comment
Best wishes Bayfia24.77K smile
Have a nice day loveliness
Hawk-071057 • 01 Sep 2015, 13:41 Show comment
Nice to meet you too
TrainMen28.21K • 01 Sep 2015, 12:36 Show comment
Dear Bayfiawavei wish you a happy Tuesday.
TrainMen28.21K • 21 Aug 2015, 16:47 Show comment
Happy Weekend dear Bayfia.
Please don´t worry,i´m fine.

Dr.Atiq12.59K • 24 Aug 2015, 12:20 Show comment
Bayfia24.77K • 01 Sep 2015, 12:13 Show comment
Another awesome picture - such a lovely gift. Thank you, TrainMen28.21K !

Dr.Atiq12.59K • 21 Aug 2015, 15:38 Show comment
Peles Castle, Sinaia, Prahova County, Romania

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Bayfia24.77K • 01 Sep 2015, 12:11 Show comment
Oh what a beautiful castle.... nestled in the countryside. I love it!

1stGen_Dude2158 • 20 Aug 2015, 20:24 Show comment
Everybody else seems to be asking? nerd
Albert1764723 • 19 Aug 2015, 22:21 Show comment
Thanks for being my friend!!!
Don.Quixote3619 • 19 Aug 2015, 05:34 Show comment
Thanks so much for accepting my friend request.
saifsmailbox1418 • 18 Aug 2015, 17:12 Show comment
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