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Okay - So you found an old torrent (a dead torrent, no seeders), and you want it...

731 views    posted 21 Jul 2015, 15:10    
What do you do? Do you try to hit the "Please re-seed" button? Does it even HAVE a "Please Re-seed" button to push? No? Well then, did you go searching for it all over the Net to see if anybody's got a seeded copy of it? Assuming that didn't pan out well for you, what did you do about this conundrum?

Did you send the uploader a PM to ask them to re-seed it or re-upload it?

Or did you just Neg it, and go away (mad, maybe)?

Assuming that you tried all the usual methods to get something that is here, but "not here anymore", have you checked to see if the uploader is still active on KAT? Did you try to go to their profile page and see if they've put in an appearance in the last 6 months or so?

I think we all need to realize that torrents have a shelf-life, and it's NOT a long shelf-life! It's short, sometimes it's so short, it winks in and then winks out, because of DMCA copyright issues. But rarely, if ever, does a torrent remain active here more than 6 months. A few do, yes... because the uploader is still active here, and knows which torrents are in long-term demand. The rest - well... the only way you are going to get a dead torrent to magically reappear is to contact the original uploader (if you can), and ask .. politely -- for a reupload.

I got another Neg (Thumbs Down) this morning from someone who didn't like the fact that my 3 1/2 year old torrent didn't have any seeders, and she couldn't get the music. I saw her Neg vote in my Rep List, and sent her a msg to let her know how we do things around here (or how we should do things around here). This is a recurring problem here at KAT because newcomers don't know the "ways things are", and how to get something they want. But I think the real issue is that people look at torrent titles, but they don't look at the age of the torrent, or check the uploader (to see if there even IS one still active here). Details, details! If you really want something here, sometimes you have to ask for it... especially if it's an old torrent with no seeds.

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The Wall

1fastmr216.66K • 29 July 2015, 01:57 Show comment
Abeck971 • 28 July 2015, 13:29 Show comment
Hey there Bayfia, thanks heaps for accepting my friends request!
Have a great day smile
Secludish9729 • 28 July 2015, 02:40 Show comment
Just found out I can play a neeked Lady in a few older RPG's.. hrmm.. might have to give this a shot haha.. Hope all is well w/ you ;)

Bayfia24.44K • 28 July 2015, 16:34 Show comment
LOL.. and why the HECK would you play a nekkid LADY... is that less embarrassing for you than playing a nekkid dude? (I would imagine it is... I am thinking you are playing Conan?)
Secludish9729 • 29 July 2015, 01:27 Show comment
Thats a good question.. I dont see me behind a neeked man with a remote contro. Might get awkward.. Besides, is there a male version? lol.. You seem to know alot ;)

Tuneyloon3756 • 26 July 2015, 19:47 Show comment
Another re up for you
Torrent: Pale Blue Dot - Carl Sagan.epub
Torrent: The demon-haunted world_ science as a ca - Carl Sagan.epub
Torrent: Cosmos - Carl Sagan.epub
Torrent: Contact - Carl Sagan.epub
Enjoy your books!

Last edited by Tuneyloon, 2 days ago

Bayfia24.44K • 28 July 2015, 12:23 Show comment
Awesome! Thank you SO much for making the effort to re-upload these books for me!

Tuneyloon3756 • 26 July 2015, 18:54 Show comment
Hey Bayfia,
Nice to hear from you again!
As you mentioned the reseed didn't work, so I reupped for you wink
Torrent: Star Wars (Reup)

EDIT Since posting another user has pointed out their up to date collection of books in the StarWars universe should you want a more complete collection
Torrent: Star Wars Novels 274 in mobi formatStar Wars Novels 274 in mobi format
May 5, 2015 in Books > Fiction.  202.44 MB3D1845B7EA08D9CFF149FB42A1D5C838748F7F077  010/10
I'm working on the others right now for you.
Have a great one!

Last edited by Tuneyloon, 2 days ago

EmeraldArcher8433 • 26 July 2015, 17:07 Show comment
Dear Bayfia,
I hope you are doing fine, It's been a while
have a good daywavesmile
DickCheny7982 • 26 July 2015, 08:36 Show comment

Have a nice day mate :)
FanaticSpidey597 • 25 July 2015, 20:33 Show comment
for adding as Friendddddd!!!!biggrinlovelinessshy
TrainMen26.2K • 25 July 2015, 14:30 Show comment
Dear Bayfiawave
Do you like cacti?

Bayfia24.44K • 25 July 2015, 15:13 Show comment
I love cactus flowers! They are beautiful. Thank you!

DickCheny7982 • 22 July 2015, 06:53 Show comment

Thanks for the add mate... Nice to meet you too! shy
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