The Metal Foundry

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The Metal Foundry (Size: 39.1 GB)
  Instructions - Read First (To make the correct setup).txt 675 bytes
  Extra Programs
  Superior Drummer 2.0
  The Metal Foundry - Disc 1
  The Metal Foundry - Disc 2
  The Metal Foundry - Disc 3
  The Metal Foundry - Disc 4
  The Metal Foundry - Disc 5

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39.1 GB
The Metal Foundry


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anonymous • 29 January 2015, 05:41 Show comment
please seed!
anonymous • 01 September 2014, 08:04 Show comment
will it work on windows 8.1??
anonymous • 27 April 2014, 05:12 Show comment
If you are using mac book pro retina with osx mavericks 10.9.2, do not bother downloading this. Your computer id is not compatible with any superior drummer keygens. There is absolutely no getting by this problem. I am sure this is done as a safety measure. Nonetheless, if you are using the for mentioned, there is absolutely NO WAY to get this to work because your computer id is not eligible for keygens, so there is no way to authorize the program.
anonymous • 18 June 2014, 07:23 Show comment
there is a keygen by R2R for SD 2.4.0 and the SD/TMF keygens both work!!!
anonymous • 26 July 2014, 22:34 Show comment
After 3 months straight of trying every possible method to make The Metal Foundry work on my Custom Spec'd 2014 Macbook Pro 15" Retina, running a purchased copy of Superior Drummer 2.0 combined with a purchased copy of Logic Pro X, I can guarantee you, absolutely void of any doubt, that there is no possible way to run this program. I have successfully made TMF work on other operating systems and various other builds, but with the most current Macbook Pro, you are completely sh*t out of f*cking luck if you think you will be able to get this to work. There is no keygen, no mac specialist, no hacker or mac elitist that can get it to work.

anonymous • 04 April 2014, 13:37 Show comment
seed yo guys seed plox i need this bitch! :D
anonymous • 14 March 2014, 04:40 Show comment
When i run the installer for The Metal Foundry Disc 1, it keeps telling me to insert SL-Foundry DVD1 even though i have it mounted.
SullyCortez154 • 11 February 2014, 20:53
torrent downloaded
Show comment
Help!!! I can't get the keygen to work.... there is no option for 'The Metal Foundry' in the keygen... I already keyed superior drummer so I don't understand where I get the metal foundry key from.... theyre not the same are they? please help!! Mr anonymous, where did you get the key for Metal Foundry??

Last edited by SullyCortez, 1 year and 5 months ago

anonymous • 19 February 2014, 02:56 Show comment
If you have already installed Superior Drummer use that Keygen...u shud find The Metal Foundry in the drop down list. Good Luck.

anonymous • 03 February 2014, 06:11 Show comment
Having trouble finding the midi files? I just copied them to the EZ-Drummer midi map. It seemed like all my grooves were stored there. And what do you know? They nicely appeared in superior as well. Works great for me now!
anonymous • 01 February 2014, 19:43 Show comment
Here's how I downloaded The Metal Foundry and got it working on my mac with Logic 9 and Superior Drummer: I downloaded from the pirate bay: I DIDN'T use the installers that came with the folders (Disc 1, Disc 2... Disc 5...) When I tried the installers, it said I needed to insert the DVD which I didn't have. But to even get the installer started I had to change the destination folder to the right one, which for me, was in my EZDrummer sounds folder. I had to use 'basic installation' but even that wouldn't finish....So fuck it... I just opened up the folders and copied all of the files into my sounds library, by manually dragging them in there. Then I added the path in SuperiorDrummer from the settings menu to that sounds folder where I put all the files. Then... I also couldn't get the KeyGen to work. This happened with installing Superior drummer as well. If you used an update to your Superior then some keygens might not work after the update. I had to do the keygen crack BEFORE the update was installed. What I did to solve this was I uninstalled Superior. I then reinstalled without the update. I entered the keygen serials for Superior and Metal Foundry. Voila. THEN I updated Superior Drummer. It works great now. I mention this because I'm no hacker and this downloading stuff has taken up way too much of my time so I hope this helps someone. By the way, I'd say the Drum Kit From Hell sounds better than Foundry BUT the Foundry cymbals sound better, so I'm mixing and matching. And there are some good midi files in there as well.
anonymous • 01 February 2014, 19:45 Show comment
Also, Metal Foundry is 40 freaking gigabytes so if you don't want to run up your internet usage limits then you can use this program and operate in DNS tunneling mode. I also used this software to get past the torrent block at my school so I could download to my heart's content. Take that establishment ha.

anonymous • 09 December 2013, 23:07 Show comment
It contains only DVD 1 of 5 DVDs of the Basic Superior Drummer Installation! Metal Foundry seems to be complete but can´t check it til i got the 4 other SD2 DVDs!
anonymous • 03 August 2013, 13:43 Show comment
Installs fine but no keygen so it's useless.
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