The Bourne Conspiracy [X360 - XGD2 ~ ENG ITA FRA DEU ESP][Allstars][Colombo-BT]

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  • Genres: Driving/Racing, Shooter, Brawler
  • Languages: English , Italian , German , French , Spanish (Spain)
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    Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Conspiracy, gives players the experience of becoming a 30 million dollar elite agent, fusing an experience that delves deep into Jason Bourne's character with gameplay and game presentation inspired by the aggressive filmmaking and frenetic action found in the films. Only by playing Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne Conspiracy will players discover Bourne's true identity and experience the very moment he became a malfunctioning weapon, first hunting targets around the world as a deadly government assassin then marking himself as his agency's most wanted.
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The Bourne Conspiracy [X360 - XGD2 ~ ENG ITA FRA DEU ESP][Allstars][Colombo-BT] (Size: 7.3 GB)
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  The Bourne Conspiracy [X360 - XGD2 ~ ENG ITA FRA DEU ESP][Allstars]



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Nome Originale: The Bourne Conspiracy
Dimensione: 7,3 GB
Publisher: Vivendi Universal
Sviluppatore: High Moon Studios
Data Rilascio: 27 giugno 2008
Genere: Azione
Lingue Disponibili: English, Italian, French, German, Spanish
Modalità di gioco: Giocatore singolo
Fascia di età PEGI: 16
Region: Free
Release Group: Allstars


Lo scrittore di Best Seller Robert Ludlum e il film campione di incassi The Bourne Conspiracy sono finalmente pronti per un gioco di azione per Xbox 360 e Playstation 3. Diventerete la più famosa spia dello scrittore, quel Jason Bourne che è diventato sinonimo di spionaggio e cospirazione. Il gioco non intacca l’incredibile tensione dei libri e del film con uno stile aggressivo per un gioco di azione veloce e avvincente.

- Diventate Jason Bourne, un uomo da 30 milioni di dollari in incredibili missioni ispirate dal film Bourne Identity

- Entrate dentro al mito di Bourne come non avete mai fatto prima, vivete le sue esperienze contro gli assassini che lo vogliono morto all’interno della sua stessa agenzia

- Combattete le vostre battaglie con sequenze adrenaliniche sia con le armi che a mani nude

- Usate tutte le tecniche dell’agente, dall’uso delle armi all’improvizzazione, l’unico vero obiettivo qui sarà sopravvivere





\\//\\//\\//\\//\\/█\\//\ \ \/ /┌─┐┌─┐┌─┐\\//\\//\\//\\//\\//\\//\\//\\//\\//\\
//\\//\\//\\//\█▀█\█▀█\█▀█/ /\ \ ─┤├─┐│ │//\\//\\//\\//\\//\\//\\//\\//\\//\\//
Checking for updates to GameNameLookup.csv and abgx360.dat...
Downloading GameNameLookup.csv
100% [================================>] 47,547 82.6 KB/s ETA 00:00
 GameNameLookup.csv was downloaded successfully
 Server file abgx360.dat no newer than local file - not retrieving
C:\uTorrent upload\The Bourne Conspiracy [X360 - XGD2 ~ ENG ITA FRA DEU ESP][All
stars][Colombo-BT.i2p]\The Bourne Conspiracy [X360 - XGD2 ~ ENG ITA FRA DEU ESP]
[Allstars]\Bourn.dvd is valid

Checking Game
 ISO: "\The Bourne Conspiracy [X360 - XGD2 ~ ENG ITA FRA D
EU ESP][Allstars][Colombo-BT.i2p]\The Bourne Conspiracy [X360 - XGD2 ~ ENG ITA F
RA DEU ESP][Allstars]\Bourn.iso"
 Size: 7835492352 bytes
 Files in ISO: 2356, Folders in ISO: 11
 Total bytes used: 5353683881 (73.35%)
Game appears to have random padding

Checking default.xex
 Original PE Filename: Translated-XenonLaunch-BourneGame.exe
 Original PE Timestamp: 2008/04/12 02:06:09
 Min Kernel Required: v2.0.6683.0
 Game Name: The Bourne Conspiracy
 Developer: High Moon Studios LLC
 Publisher: Vivendi Games, Inc.
 Genre: Cinematic Action Adventure
 No Avatar Awards
 Achievements: 49 Achievements totaling 1000 Gamerscore
 XEX CRC = 666F86CF
 XEX Media ID: E6BD34F76F3EAFD2A57BFC02-36BCBAA4

Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Conspiracy

Region Code: 0xFFFFFFFF
 Region Free!

Checking SS
 Timestamp of Authoring: 2008/04/16 00:00:00
 Timestamp of Mastering: 2008/04/30 13:57:42
 SS Version: 1
 SS CRC = FC19AC3B (RawSS = C56EA3E8)
 SS Media ID: E6BD34F76F3EAFD2A57BFC02-36BCBAA4 (matches game)
SS looks valid

Checking DMI
 Timestamp of Authoring: 2008/04/16 00:00:00 (matches SS)
 DMI CRC = 9E55A99F
 DMI Media ID: E6BD34F76F3EAFD2A57BFC02-36BCBAA4 (matches game)
DMI looks valid

Checking PFI
PFI matches known data (2nd Wave)

Video partition found
 Video CRC = 91410773 (V0 = 81DF6964, V1 = E47F6A94)
Video partition matches known data (2nd Wave)

Basic Stealth check passed!

Starting Verification
 Looking for FC19AC3B666F86CF.ini in the online verified database
 There is no verified rip of this Xex/SS combination in the online database
Failed to find a verified ini file for this Xex/SS combination
Attempting to at least verify the PFI, Video and game data
 Looking for Xex_666F86CF.ini in the online verified database
 Server file Xex_666F86CF.ini no newer than local file - not retrieving
 Looking for 1739B7D9666F86CF.ini in the online verified database
 Server file 1739B7D9666F86CF.ini no newer than local file - not retrieving

 Using 1739B7D9666F86CF.ini (325 bytes)
 Video CRC matches
 V0 CRC matches
 V1 CRC matches
 PFI CRC matches
 DMI is unverified
 SS is unverified
 Xex CRC matches

Checking Game CRC... (press Q to cancel)
 Percent Elapsed Estimated Time Average Current Errors Total
 Done Time Time Left Speed Speed Recovered Retries
 100% 3:11 3:11 0:00 36.4 MB/s 24.9 MB/s

 AnyDVD style corruption was not detected
 Game CRC = 73734E5B (matches)

Game data was verified but stealth wasn't
Verification failed

Set AutoFix Threshold to Level 3 if you want to try and find a verified SS and
Stealth files that match the Xex, and automatically patch them if found.

Press any key to exit . . .

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