RPG Maker VX Ace Full (with English translation)

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RPG Maker VX Ace Full (with English translation) (Size: 244.19 MB)
  English Install.exe 49.15 MB
  Instructions.txt 560 bytes
  RPGVXAce.exe 6.47 MB
  RPGVXAceJPN.dll 2.82 MB
  RTP Install


This is the full application, I am not sure whether this works for upgrading the trial as I only tested clean installs.

Update: Fully translated database is here
Note: To change the in-game title go to database manager > system

As posted in the Instructions file:
1. Install the RTP (setup.exe in the 'RTP Install' folder)
2. Open 'English Install.exe' and follow the instructions
3. Copy the crack (RPGVXAce.EXE) over to the installation folder

(Optional) If you want the English version: Copy 'RPGVXAceJPN.dll' to the
installation folder

4. Open 'RPGVXAce.EXE' and enter anything for all of the boxes
NOTE: The English file only works for the actual program; to export the
in-game with English vocabulary you will have to manually change the
details (main changes are in options > vocab, database > terms)


The credit for the crack is unknown (anonymous)
The credit for the translated application goes to Esrever
The credit for the full english database (here) goes to Archeia Nessiah

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244.19 MB
RPG Maker VX Ace Full (with English translation)


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Torrent hash: EFD7480C428C3552CDE1DD34A1AAD9CB2B9E5494

Uploader Comments

anonymous • 05 Aug 2012, 07:39
I downloaded these files and followed the instructions. Everything else seems to work perfectly fine, but unfortunately the context help is still in Japanese. Is this normal?
gazza-91112.95K • 05 Aug 2012, 21:02
torrent downloaded
Unfortunately no-one translated them, sorry.
anonymous • 21 Aug 2012, 00:21
Help please! The program works fine, I can open it and it's translated. But when I try to run a game I just get the message: "RPGVX RTP is not found". What do I do?
gazza-91112.95K • 09 Sep 2012, 00:23
torrent downloaded
Install the rtp from the rtp install folder
anonymous • 07 Sep 2012, 16:32
I put the RPGVXAceJPN.dll in RPGVXAce Folder. But still it's in japanese! What should I do??? Please please reply. Please!!!
gazza-91112.95K • 09 Sep 2012, 00:27
torrent downloaded
A) Restart it
B) Copy it again - You may have to click confirm to override it (and you may have to be admin) please do this.
C) Not everything is translated, only the actual exe, i.e file, edit, mode is translated; see the description for english template database (all of the weapons/armor/etc info)
anonymous • 13 Dec 2012, 17:56
Is there a way that you can make the troops names in english?
gazza-91112.95K • 16 Dec 2012, 22:59
torrent downloaded
Use the template file here

Last edited by gazza-911, 2 years and 7 months ago

FRoZeNxs0uL1 • 01 Oct 2013, 00:49
So this is in English right? (I know a stupid question but some of the comments say its not)
gazza-91112.95K • 09 Oct 2013, 09:05
torrent downloaded
Installer, context menu (i.e file), database containing sprites (the objects you create) with the use of the file in the description are all English.

Only the help menu isn't translated (unless you download the trial and manually copy over the file)

Top Comments

gazza-91112.95K • 05 Jan 2012, 23:36
As stated in the instructions, you can type anything in the boxes and it will activate.

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anonymous • 24 July 2015, 18:19 Show comment
RGSS300.dll is missing how do i fix this?
anonymous • 22 July 2015, 22:29 Show comment
An easy way to fix the install problem is to not install the Japanese version, instead install the English version and copy over the exe crack from this torrent into the English version. Then rename your RGSS301.dll and RPGVXAceENU.dll in your English installed Maker to RGSS300 and RPGVXAceJPN.dll problem solved.
anonymous • 22 July 2015, 22:30 Show comment
Correction what I meant was install the English trial of RPG Maker VX Ace.

wassupman21000 • 05 July 2015, 11:43 Show comment
what am I doing wrong? I can't press the "OK" button.
wassupman21000 • 05 July 2015, 12:01 Show comment
Never mind. I'm such an idiot. *facepalm* it's five letters.

anonymous • 05 July 2015, 09:52 Show comment
I'm following the instructions (even the ones here that say the last product key box must be numbers) but the Ok box under the product key is still not letting me press it. I can only press Cancel. Please help.
anonymous • 11 May 2015, 02:07 Show comment
http://download643.mediafire.com/pyclafh5gefg/sugbbbb3tpzu7gt/ScriptRemake.rar here is an english translation file!
anonymous • 12 April 2015, 15:28 Show comment
Everything is OK. But the problem is. When i opened it says. Activation which i need code for help please?
anonymous • 17 May 2015, 04:26 Show comment
enter anything

anonymous • 29 March 2015, 10:33 Show comment
Hi, the .exe works perfectly, but it is not tranlated in English, i copied the .dll to the installation folder. Help !
anonymous • 24 March 2015, 08:36 Show comment
Internet security issue. How can i fix?
anonymous • 21 March 2015, 23:58 Show comment
I think, if you want to translate the japanese "help" section. applocale can do this aswell. applocale, if you select japanese (bottom selection) i the language translation screen, will translate anything in japanese and anything that it doesnt understand will be left in japanese (or, for more sense, the english words will stay english and not transfer). the bottom line is applocale MIGHT fix the "help" stasis
anonymous • 08 February 2015, 06:19 Show comment
What do you mean by"Copy the crack (RPGVXAce.EXE) over to the installation folder" does that mean when you`re downloading it you download it to that file?
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