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 SS:::::::::::::::S 4::::::::4 A:::A 
 S:::::SSSSSS::::::S 4:::::::::4 A:::::A 
 S:::::S SSSSSSS 4::::44::::4 A:::::::A 
 S:::::S 4::::4 4::::4 A:::::::::A 
 S:::::S 4::::4 4::::4 A:::::A:::::A 
 S::::SSSS 4::::4 4::::4 A:::::A A:::::A 
 SS::::::SSSSS 4::::444444::::444 A:::::A A:::::A 
 SSS::::::::SS 4::::::::::::::::4 A:::::A A:::::A 
 SSSSSS::::S4444444444:::::444 A:::::AAAAAAAAA:::::A 
 S:::::S 4::::4 A:::::::::::::::::::::A 
 S:::::S 4::::4 A:::::AAAAAAAAAAAAA:::::A 
 SSSSSSS S:::::S 4::::4 A:::::A A:::::A 
 S::::::SSSSSS:::::S 44::::::44 A:::::A A:::::A 
 S:::::::::::::::SS 4::::::::4 A:::::A A:::::A 



+ + M A G N i T U D E + +

++S! ++b5! ++Ix


SUPPLIER...: Team MAGNITUDE 2011 DATE......: 22/08/2011

CRACKER....: Team MAGNITUDE 2011 SIZE......: 1 DISK


Edit video and create DVDs. Fix and enhance photos; create photo
slideshows, cards, and panoramas. Copy music; digitize LPs and tapes.
Convert audio and video files for mobile playback. Burn, back up, copy,
and preserve files to CD, DVD, or Blu-ray Disc. New features include
video stabilization and rotation. Plus now you can access the media on
your home PC--from the Internet--while you're away from home. Built-in
video tutorials make it easy to learn everything that Creator can do.

1) unRAR and burn.
2) check "install.txt" from "\MAGNiTUDE" dir on the DVD.
3) enjoy another fine MAGNiTUDE-release!

Magnitude, a measure of the brightness of a star - the Ancient Greek
astronomers divided the stars into six magnitudes. First-magnitude
stars were the brightest, and sixth-magnitude stars were the
faintest. This system has been kept in modern times, when the new era
of MAGNiTUDE has started.

If you feel like you have the power to face first-magnitude stars
contact us at:

Ascii by the Dynamic Trio: S!, b5! and Ix - (c) SAC 2005


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Top Comments

Phreak7667 • 27 Jun 2012, 13:29
IDIOTS! All keygens or most anyways report as a virus! And usually report as a Trojan. Doesn't mean it is a virus. I've been doing this since the good old 2400Baud and BBS Days, which just lets say way before the internet was even available to people other than profesionals ie Teachers, Gov't etc. And it was completly text based. Which by the way 1995 was when the internet was commercialized. POINT BEING! 20 years ago when we used 360KB 5 1/4" Floppies Disks, KEYGENs reported as VIRUS's. It's how the virus scanner picks up the programming code in the keygen. It detects what it does as malicious, and hence it thinks it is a threat. Always disable scan inside of archives on your AV. And make sure that your AV is not set to auto delete infected files, at least have it set to ask you before it does anything with a infected file, or even have it just put them in quarantine.. Anyways just thank the uploaders and stop bitching. If ya don't take my AV advice you may be downloading files twice. Be smart, or at least be dumb (someone learning) but don't ever be an idiot. It amazes me how much information we have at our disposal (ie Google, Wikipedia, etc.) and people still shit out their fingers . Take a minute and search a question you have or even ask your techno friend that everyone has at least one of. Well Unfortunatly I am the one that gets calls at 3 am. about things , but anyways. My all time favorite is the call. Caller: my drink tray is broken. Tech: what drink tray ? Caller: The one that comes out from the computer. Techie: (still confused asks) What happened. Caller: Well I pushed the button and the tray came out , but I spilled my coffee in it last nite, and today it won't open. Techie: ( UHM this idiot means the CD-Rom, you have to be joking) " Uhm, Sir that is your CD-Rom drive, that's was meant for CD's. Caller: Oh, would that be what that silver round thing is I got, that was labelled system restore? Techie: Yes,--pause -- Sir, I would probably keep this incident to yourself. Caller: Oh, well our entire office staff uses it for a drink holder.. Techie: Banging head off desk... Mind you this is back in 93 - 94. My first CD-rom yes it only played CD's was 300$ and was only a double speed. My first burner was a plextor 4x4 meaning Read/write. and only did CD's it was a SCSI interface and cost 1789$ + tax/shipping. So you kids that were born in early 90's stop taking for granted what you have at your fingertips. A MB yes Megabyte of ram was 100$ You can get 4GB sticks for 40$ now.. My entire first meaning my own and not the households, ran DOS 5 and the HDD was 40MB, I think windows 7 farts that in a log file. lol.. Anyways I am high, sorry about the blog.
And hopefully there will be at least 1 less Idiot on this site.
anonymous • 23 Nov 2011, 08:30

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anonymous • 05 Feb 2015, 06:31 Show comment
Way to go ! ! Phreak76 You tell them.
anonymous • 05 Dec 2014, 17:03 Show comment
Can someone please tell me how to get this to open because I cant seem to get it to work.
cartmansdad798 • 03 Oct 2014, 22:33
torrent downloaded
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Mount the image using PowerISO. Burn to a DVD. Run the disk. Add the serial... done. Absolutely perfect. Thanks so much for the upload. Its much appreciated.
Partheon1305 • 29 Aug 2014, 08:43
torrent downloaded
Show comment
Works as intended. Thanks.
Moviekee124 • 28 Aug 2014, 01:08
torrent downloaded
Show comment
i personal cant get it to open, but that because i keep basic software on my computer thanks for the upload anyways
kalilgibran92 • 25 Aug 2014, 20:28 Show comment
Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
anonymous • 09 Aug 2014, 03:01 Show comment
1st comp. TRS-80 no HD and 6k of ram....gotchya by about 8yrs. previous ;P oh and no floppy it used cassettes....actually got it to run Dos v0.02 and it was hangman all day long from there!
putnamehere509 • 06 Oct 2014, 20:51 Show comment
holy shit! i thought i was the only one who used cassettes. lmao. i used to sit for hours with a pc magazine typing a game into my atari, spending yet another hour or so saving it...then hoping like hell you didn't miss a character and the game didn't work.
putnamehere509 • 06 Oct 2014, 20:53 Show comment
atari 400 i believe if memory serves.
anonymous • 11 Dec 2014, 17:50 Show comment
Atari 2600

bobwarez1009 • 08 Jun 2014, 21:10
torrent downloaded
Show comment
works great-thanx uploader
ptyght47 • 26 May 2014, 20:13
torrent downloaded
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where is the serial?
anonymous • 25 May 2014, 00:14 Show comment
"HATE" to tell you bud, but no matter how much you "Think" you know computers... My computer "DOSENT" Lie!!! That software gave my computer some "Serious" Virus... Which was hard to get rid of... People if you read this DO NOT Download this worm!!!
anonymous • 08 Jun 2014, 02:31 Show comment
thats weird because everyone else here downloaded the same file and say it works fine. He's is exactly right. I am no expert like he claims to be, but if your going to download hacked software you have to be aware of the fact that you may get some viruses. You also have to be aware that anything that is hacked must have a keygen in order to activate the software and keygens ALWAYS show up as a virus to any kind of security, warning others is awesome but when only one person says they got a virus and everyone else says it worked great, they are usually freaking out because their antivirus said it was a virus. But he is right, it is un believable that people think they can download hacked software for free and then freak out that it had a virus. It's a risk, you don't want to get a virus then go pay for the software legit.
anonymous • 24 Jun 2014, 01:07 Show comment
Tell them like it is!
thegogofiasco291 • 18 Aug 2014, 20:07
torrent downloaded
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What did you download? 'Cause nobody else got a virus. lol

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