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 in Books requested from KnittingLady52.21K

Hi! Hoping for Cascadia, a knitting book by Cooperative Press. Thanks!!

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Feel the Lean by Loni Jane

 in Books

If anyone could upload the ebook Feel the Lean that would be fantastic!!! Thanks!!

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VRC PRO [PC Steam Game]

 in Games

I'm shocked to see absolutely no credible torrent sources for this yet. If anyone can help out it would be seriously appreciated, I check multiple sources for this daily...

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Breaker Morant: The Retrial HDTV/DVDRip/WEB-DL

 in TV

Breaker Morant: The Retrial explores the origins and the character of Harry ‘The Breaker’ Morant, the Englishman who became an Australian legend. From his origins in England where he claimed to be the illegitimate offspring of a titled admiral, through to his exile in Australia where he established The Breaker legend as a hard-living larrikin bushman, to his work as a famed poet alongside Henry Lawson and Banjo Patterson and finally as an Australian soldier serving in the Boer War.Featuring Australian actor Ben Wall as Harry ‘Breaker’ Morant and using dramatic re-enactments shot on location in Australia and South Africa, Breaker Morant: The Retrial finally uncovers what really happened over a century ago.Morant, along with fellow Australian soldier Peter Handcock, was tried and executed by the British Imperial Army in 1902, for shooting Boer prisoners while serving during the Boer War in 1901. But new evidence examining the way the trial was conducted reveals serious errors in the legal process.
This is a two-part miniseries and would love to see someone upload it. Please DO NOT confuse this with the 1980 biopic 'Breaker' Morant.
Breaker Morant Retrial DVD Trailer

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Asset Request 3d runner

 in Applications requested from Zorro52.09K

Any chance of uploading 3D Infinite Runner for Playmaker please?!/content/31139

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farcry 4 repack

 in Games requested from FitGirl20.77K

please can you upload a repack version of far cry

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Video Aided Instruction - Writing the Perfect College Admission Essay

 in Other

Writing the Perfect College Admission Essay

Writing the Perfect College Admission Essay
2 DVDs · 4 hrs. 7 mins.
free study guide online
item #VAI-1655 price $99.95
isbn 9781573851657
upc 600459165598


Learn to choose the right essay topic for you – and recognize which topics to avoid
Master foolproof techniques for expressing your ideas clearly, correctly, and creatively
Develop a personal writing style so your essay will stand out from the crowd
Organize your thoughts so your writing flows logically and effectively
Discover insider secrets about how your essay will be evaluated

Even if you’re Class President, the star of the basketball team, and a nursing home volunteer, you’ll probably find a rejection letter in your mailbox if your college admission essay is boring or poorly written.

Now you can make your college application stand out from the crowd – and end up at the top of the pile – with Video Aided Instruction’s Writing the Perfect College Admission Essay!

From advice on picking a topic to tips for sounding smart, this fun and easy-to-use program will teach you how to turn your admission essay into a showcase that really lets your personality shine through. Writing the Perfect College Admission Essay can help you craft a memorable and impressive personal statement that sparkles with polish and panache!

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Get Hard 2015 720p or 1080p

 in Movies requested from YIFY2.86M
Would be much appreciated if you could upload this in 720p or 1080p

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ESO Tamriel Unlimited

 in Games requested from FitGirl20.77K

Love your work! Really wanted to give you that compliment before asking for something. biggrin

Is there any chance you can get your hands on Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited?

Would love you even more! loveliness

Thank you for anything you can do in regards to this request.

1 comment    6 views    Requested by Devilbrat, 1 month ago    

Need for Speed (2014) 720p

 in Movies requested from YIFY2.86M

I really want this but every copy i find is like 2 to 5g download.

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Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief - documentary

 in Movies

The HBO documentary

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microsoft flight simulator x

 in Games requested from VIruz31.52K


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Asset: Inventory Master

 in Applications requested from Zorro52.09K


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The Hobbit: Trilogy

 in Movies requested from YIFY2.86M

May you please upload these movies in 720p:

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

Thank you so much!

1 comment    6 views    Requested by ftnn, 1 month ago    

remy lacroix

 in XXX requested from iNova267.74K

Please upload the video of Remi Lacroix IR Anal by in at least 720p

0 comments    17 views    Requested by hon3ylover, 1 month ago    

Virunga (2014)

 in Movies requested from z0n321336.42K

Oscar nominated documentary about a group of individuals trying to save the last of the world's mountain gorillas.

If you can upload this in HD quality that would be great!

0 comments    3 views    Requested by dumbl3, 1 month ago    

knit.purl summer/spring 2015

 in Books requested from KnittingLady52.21K

Dear Knittinglady,

Do you perhaps have knit/purl summer/spring 2015 available for download?

Many thanks.

0 comments    0 views    Requested by Lily55, 1 month ago    

The Hobbit:The desolation of Smaug 3D

 in Movies requested from YIFY2.86M

Not sure if I'm going blind, I can't find it or it's not posted yet. Would love to grab this one to complete the set of The Hobbit 3D


1 comment    8 views    Requested by hudge, 1 month ago    

2 Broke Girls

 in TV requested from DeeJayTyrion31.81K

Please upload the tv series "2 Broke Girls" in the 1080p or 720p 5.1ch audio versions. There are no good uploads of this show.
P.s your uploads are Excellent, Keep up the good work

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Planetary Annihilation V79600

 in Games requested from VIruz31.52K

Game Link:

would really appreciate if you can upload this version ^_~
keep on infecting, Viruz!

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''Rewarded with a blowjob'' video form Xev Bellringer?

 in XXX requested from mayacar26.39K


I saw you uploaded a few Xev Bellringer videos and I was wondering if you could also upload this video from Xev Bellringer:
"Rewarded with a blowjob''.
I cannot find any websites that has this video for free.
You can find it on this site:

and this site

Could you reply to this request to make clear wether or not it is possible?
Thank you for reading and keep doing the good work!


0 comments    5 views    Requested by Seek66, 1 month ago    

Red Faction Guerilla - Steam Edition

 in Games requested from FitGirl20.77K

Hi there, I'm a huge fan of your work, I tried to find a reasonably sized torrent for this game, but all of them were over 11GB, I loved Red Faction Guerilla, the destruction physics were awesome, and I heard they fixed a lot of issues in the steam version (starting with removing the dreaded GFWL), I'd really appreciate it if you could provide a repack with an awesome compression like you always do.

many thanks in advance.

0 comments    1 view    Requested by Spidy09, 1 month ago    

Engineered Seams

 in Books requested from KnittingLady52.21K


If you would have this, that would be amazing!

Engineered Seams

Thank you!

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Lucy Neatby Knitting Essentials 2

 in Other requested from KnittingLady52.21K

Your uploads are amazing - thank you for all your hard work. I have the 1st dvd, and would really like the 2nd one. Thank you.

0 comments    3 views    Requested by Teac7, 1 month ago    
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