Osprey books - 1800+ books - NOT rared or zipped

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Osprey books - 1800+ books - NOT rared or zipped (Size: 38.86 GB)
  1_1 - Antiquity - Dark Age - 1600BC to 1000 AD
  1_1_1 - Greek & Macedon & Persia
  1_1_2 - Rome Byzantine Topics
  2_1 - Middle ages Topics - 11th to 16th century
  2_1_1 - Crusades and Islamic Armies
  3_1 - 16th to 20th century (mixed)
  3_1_1 - 17th century
  3_1_2 - 18th century
  3_1_3 - 19th century
  3_1_4 - 20th Century
  7_1 - World War I
  7_2 - World War II
  7_3 - World Wars (mixed)
  7_4 - Post WWII Topics
  7_4_1 - Israeli Wars
  7_4_2 - Vietnam war
  American Topics
  Battle orders
  British Commonwealth Topics
  Chinese Topics - 1500BC-1949 AD
  Japanese Topics - 710-1877 AD
  Modelling Series
  Napoleonic & Revolutionary Wars - 1792-1815
  No category
  Russian & Slavic Topics
  Scandinavian Topics


This is my entire Osprey book collection.

It is NOT rared or zipped. You can download whichever file you want from this large torrent.

I\\\'ve tried to sort it as logically as I can in specific era folders. This sorting might not be to everyones liking but I couldn\\\'t give a rats ass of your opinion.

Anyways, my collection is by far the most complete collection of Osprey books that I\\\'ve personally come across on the internet as of 2011-05-03 when I\\\'m writing this description. I do not claim this collection to be complete, only very extensive as compared to whats out there as of this date.

The contents of the torrent is sorted by specific areas of interest rather than filenames. (the Campaign files arent in the same folder for instance but in World War 1 and 2, American Civil War, Japan/Samurai, 18th century wars, etc etc).

Apologies for any duplicate files that might have slipped through.

Also note Osprey released several books on how to paint era-specific plastic models, several of which is included.

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38.86 GB
Osprey books - 1800+ books - NOT rared or zipped


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TheNobleWolf3791 • 25 Aug 2013, 07:02
Can't wait to download this grand collection. Thanks a ton !!

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anonymous • 24 Apr 2015, 16:16 Show comment
please no seeders /leechers . help me please :( i want it too.
lykourgosf4742 • 18 Jun 2014, 21:56
torrent downloaded
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Great Job, thanks!
sandy_one2022 • 10 Jun 2014, 06:33
torrent downloaded
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Thank you very much.
superuk10.17K • 27 Apr 2014, 16:48
torrent downloaded
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Just downloaded the Modelling books....Good books thanks
anonymous • 17 Feb 2014, 13:30 Show comment
where did all the seeders go? only on 60%!!!!
TheNobleWolf3791 • 25 Aug 2013, 07:02 Show comment
Can't wait to download this grand collection. Thanks a ton !!
infolove1899 • 11 Feb 2014, 15:13 Show comment
same here!!! This is an amazing collection! lol

anonymous • 31 May 2013, 13:55 Show comment
it need a password? can you tell me? thanks
anonymous • 24 May 2013, 10:20 Show comment
Great, great collection. Thanks a million for uploading this!
anonymous • 02 Mar 2013, 09:13 Show comment
great files, thx you !!
TempDude2917 • 14 Jan 2013, 21:38 Show comment
Hey guys!
Like I said earlier in the comments my computer crashed and I lost alot of the books featured.
I have since managed to redownload lots of those same books as listed in this torrent.
I will in the near future upload these books in individual torrents corresponding to its category: "Campaign", "men at arms", "Elite", "Fortress"... (etc etc).
Keep watch! I hope I can get at it sooner rather than later.
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