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Ordo Argentum lux Lucis library updated (Size: 31.13 MB)
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This is a torrent of the official suggested reading list of the Ordo Argentum lux Lucis. This list has been updated to include the recent publication of John Uri Lloyd's Etidorhpa by the OALL.

It contains the following files:

Aldous Huxley
- The Doors of Perception

Aleister Crowley
- Knox Om Pax
- Book of Lies
- Eight Lectures on Yoga

Andrew Chumbley
- Qutub

Austin Osman Spare
- The Zoetic Grimoire of Zos
- Anathema of Zos by AO Spare

Emanuel Swedenborg
- Heaven and Hell

John Dee
- The Hieroglyphic Monad

John Uri Lloyd
- Etidorhpa

Joseph ben Gikatilla
- Sha'are Oraḥ (Gates of Light)

Peter Carroll
- Liber Null

Raymond Salvatore Harmon
- The Magickal Lantern Collection
- A Journey Without Form
- Invocation of the Dweller
- The Veil of the Beyond

Terrance McKenna
- Food of the Gods

Thomas Vaughan
- Lumen de Lumine
- Aula lucis

Various Anonymous
- Sepher Yetzirah
- Sepher Raziel
- Book of Enoch
- Cloud of Unknowing

This list consists of the material listed on the Library page of the occult organization Ordo Argentum lux Lucis, or the Order of the Silver Light. This list is the basic reading before entry into the Order.

more information about the Order can be found here:


Knowledge should be free, wisdom should be required by law. Spread these files as far and wide as possible. Believe in open source illumination, create light in the world.


PLEASE NOTE - One file is missing from this edition: Joseph ben Gikatilla - Sha'are Orah (Gates of Light). If anyone has an english translation of this book please let me know.

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Ordo Argentum lux Lucis library updated


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